Monday, August 22, 2022

Caramel and Copper; Mica's Bag, Part 4

Happy Monday, my friends! Today I have a caramel and copper outfit for you, plus another update on Mica's bag, which I worked at on Sunday afternoon while L was busy. 

But first - outfit! 
One of my favourite VPs was in today so I thought I'd look profesh for her. 

  • Crocheted vest - Active USA, Powell River; first worn here in January over a sweater and suede dress
  • Blouse - Nanette Lepore, thrifted; purchased here for $7.50
  • Trousers - BCBC Max Azria, consignment; first seen here (4th outfit) in July
  • Sandals - Chie Mihara; last worn here (4th outfit) in the same outfit as these trousers

I'm done with this crocheted vest thing. 
I liked it with this outfit, but it's a little too bohemian-flavoured for my taste. 

It was fine layered over this new-to-me blouse for its first outing. 
But I have to really work at styling it. Clothing shouldn't be that challenging! 

And I don't like that low back - the shoulders tend to fall off my shoulders.
I only paid $12.00 for it, and I wore it twice, so I'm totally okay with letting it go to a new home. 

Masked up.
I liked my outfit overall, though. All these caramels and coppers are my jam. 

The weather's settled into pleasantly nice and warm, with cool ocean breezes at night. 

I like a bit of fall colour in my summer wardrobe. 

  • Scarf - Lanvin, vintage 70s, consignment
  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

The stuff: 
I laughed when I realized I'd paired these shoes with my swooshy caramel pants last time too. They're meant to be! 

Copper bling: 
I think I wore most of this copper with that last outfit as well! 

  • Red enamel/copper bracelet - Matisse by Renoir, vintage 50s, vintage expo
  • Ball ring/aqua ring - vintage, consignment
  • Earrings - vintage, vintage expo
  • Chain/pendant necklace - Bell Trading Post, vintage 50s, consignment
  • Ball necklace/cuff - vintage expo

Why mess with a good thing? 

Art Project: Mica's Bag, Part 4

I'm still not finished the bag, but I'm getting closer. A few more sessions - one with colour, then a bit of detail work - and then I'll be done. 

In case you missed it, we all agreed: "Nice Bottom." 
Link here (scroll way down) to see pics and previous updates.

The back of the bag has stymied me for a while. It's got these black-edged seams, same as the front, but that little pocket features so predominantly. What to do with it? Well, Mica told me that she refers to herself a "crazy bag lady" to other people.
There is a faint outline of my plans above - the paper has a small drawing of the design I was playing with. All the brush-strokes are from cleaning the black ink from my coloured pens (gotta keep them clean). 

If she wasn't Certified Absolutely Official Bag Lady before...she is now! It mad me giggle, and imagine how fun it will be for Mica to show this off. Below is my rough line drawing to get everything where I want it. 
It's a shield (meant to look like a plaque or award that you might get), with a scroll across the top with "Certified" on it. I decided to do a different font, and I KNOW, it's messy in the "Bag Lady" area, but I'll clean that up before you know it, and no one will be the wiser. 

I hid "Crazy" under the flap! Crazy doesn't advertise! 
I'll clean up the little rainbow there  - that was my original test spot for how colours would show up on the bag. 

My alphabet guide for the font - I changed it up slightly. 
Darkening up the lettering to make it look better. I got to this point a couple of weeks ago, then stopped.

I tend to "visit" the bag while I'm working on it - I draw on it here and there when I have a few minutes. One day I decided it needed a couple of crests to make it look more official. 
The one on the left says "Institute of Bagology, Aus. & Canada, Est'd 2008." Of course, I am in Canada, and Mica is in Australia, and I'm pretty sure we met through blogging in 2008 (I've lost track!). The other circle says, "Purse Division, 2022" (as there are other kinds of bags, like knapsacks, luggage, etc.). 

This past weekend, I spent time getting most of the back done - I had help from Vizzini. 
"I'm essential to the process."

He's lurking in the background of the below pic too - such a funny kitty.

I completed the lettering (see? it looks much better!), and added some more details to the shield. I added an exclamation point to "Absolutely!" to make it more balanced.
I drew a little replica of this purse with an "M" on it. A purse...on a purse! Ha! 

I added a little leaf detail under the flap too. 
A better look at the crests there. 

More cat help. 
"Wait, you need even more assistance than my magnificent tum can provide."

And so I did! Vizzini plopped himself down on my lap while I worked. 
"Isn't this better?"

I rested the bag on his back and kept going. 
"Now, don't move for at least two hours."

This is why my knees hurt today! 

Two hours later...all the detail and darkening has been done on the roses, leaves and vines. 
I darkened up the lettering on the crests and added some more detail there. 

Now, it's time to colour this, and then a bit of final detail and I'll be done. L is impatiently waiting for me to start a leather jacket for him, so I'm hoping that the coming weekend will see the purse finished. 


  1. The bag is coming along great. I can't wait to see the coloured version. I love the colours in your outfit.

  2. Profesh and delicious, with more than just a hint of Autumn. Totally hearing you on the crocheted vest thing, particularly that low back, although I do have to confess it looks absolutely perfect with this outfit. I hope your VP was duly impressed!
    I am duly impressed with how Mica's bag is coming along - loving all those little details like the crests and the tiny M bag - and I see you got a helper too! xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Ann! I know, if the top didn't have that low back, I'd be tempted to keep it...but it does...and it annoys the heck out of me! Yes, my VP loved the look. :)

      Thanks! My helper would like more credit, ha ha!

  3. The bag is FANTABULOUS! The shields, the mini-purse, the hidden “crazy” just waiting to be upturned and shown off, and the overall detail…I continue to be agog at your creations! Also am psyched that your next project will be for L. ❤️

    Am in agreement with Polyester Princess regarding the crocheted vest and outfit. Curious about the low back on the vest…feels like it was made that way just because it could be made that way.

    Cheers, Laurie

    1. Thank you, Laurie! I'm excited to get it to the next stage of colour to really make this side of the bag pop. L is very impatient for me to start on his jacket!

      I know - it feels too skimpy for me to wear without layering, but that low back makes it harder to layer.

  4. Ha! Love the humor of the bag. And I'm always intrigued by the design of female clothes that have no male analog, like a low back. It and other designs (e.g., halter top) have practical difficulties that no man would endure. I wonder why women put up with those.

    1. Injecting humour into my work is important to me (as I'm a silly/funny person), so thank you for pointing that out, Ally!

      There are so many non-male-analog things in women's wardrobes! We put up with them because "that's the way it's always been." You know, that good ol' entrenched patriarchy.

  5. Sheila what a great colour palette- you're giving me all the Fall vibes. It's lovely! And that bag! You should make this your sideline business. YOu're amazing!

    1. Thanks, Lucy! Gawds, no, I could not sell the bags/jackets/art for the money that would pay myself for all the time I put into them. Plus, I like doing them for people and giving them away!

  6. I love, love, love this color and I would so wear this outfit, but I might fall off the shoes. Isn't it nice when you can get help from the cat with your creations. My cat is not allowed in the shop, but she does try and sneak in every once in a while.

    1. The shoes might be tall, but they are basically flat if you subtract the platform, Kim! Ha, yes, Vizzini loves "helping" me - that's funny that yours wants to as well!

  7. WOW! That bag is amazing...What a fun project! The mesh vest looks cute but if it falls off your shoulders that would be annoying...I can understand why you are "done with it!"

    1. Thank you, L! It's been a blast to work on it. Yup, annoying clothing has no place in my closet.

  8. Sheila, you constantly amaze. That bag is so cool! I love seeing your works in progress, and admiring your skills :)

  9. Love the cool colours of today's outfit Sheila and the copper jewellery is fab. And woweee - look at that handiwork of yours! How clever and confident and creative you are. I'm in awe of you. Totally fabulous! xxx

    1. I liked this outfit a lot too, Anna. Thank you so much - I'm loving doing this bag for Mica.

  10. I love the layering in your outfit but also know you well enough to know that if you are not enjoying wearing a piece it doesn't deserve to stay in your wardrobe.

    I am struggling to pick a favourite part of the latest bag update that I love the most to point out to you Sheila - it's all so perfect! Especially the little crazy addition - crazy doesn't advertise made me giggle. This is going to be such a fun bag to wear, I can't wait, and I'm so impressed with how quickly it has all come together for you! I love it so so much!

    1. I liked the layering too, but I can't handle that vesty thing any more.

      I'm so glad you're enjoying it - I know you have a good sense of humour and I wanted the bag to reflect that! It'll be done soon!

  11. Her bag is coming along. Your outfit is cool. I'd love something like that for the office. The colors say fall is Coming.

    1. It's getting there, Sam! Thank you so much - I love fall colours!

  12. Mica's bag is an triumph, I love it! All thanks to Vizzini's halp, of course.
    Loving the 1970s vibe of your outfit and that stunning copper jewellery.
    Those crochet-y type things are a challenge, aren't they? I've got the most amazing 1960s maxi dress in gold, it's constantly falling off my shoulders, what to wear underneath is a challenge and it has an annoying habit of catching on doorknobs but I can't bear to part with it! xxx

    1. Oh yes, he gets full credit (snort). Thank you, Vix, I loved this look, but the crochet has to go! I also snagged it on a few things - arg!

  13. Looking fabulous in these caramel and copper shades and Love particularly your jewellery and the 70's vibe. So elegant and cool!
    Actually, I give up when some clothes take too much effort to be styled. Life is short!. Totally understand that feeling! and crochet can be so damn tricky!
    And I've been catching up with the work of art you're creating on that bag! so Fantastic!

    1. I loved the 70s vibe of this look too, Monica, thank you! Exactly, those clothes are not worth the effort.

      Thank you!

  14. I'm am absolutely ASTOUNDED at the amazing artistry of that bag design! You are utterly amazing! Cannot wait to see it finished (and keen to see what you do for L!)
    I really love the outfit with the crochet vest but do agree it looks difficult to style. I ALMOST bought a crocheted granny square top in France last week but in the end, didn't, for similar reasons though I feel I may regret it!
    Love the copper vibes!
    I'm ALSO known as The Bag Lady but mainly because I am usually laden down with many, many bags, (not stylish ones)- it drives my husband MAD. A family friend, who I hadn't seen for years, saw me walking up his garden path and his opening repartee was "You're still a bag lady then!" Humph!x

  15. You are an artist, like your mum.
    The outfit is very seventies and also very fashionable. I am not a fan as I was around in the seventies and didn't like the crochet thing then either. Sorry.

  16. The "Bag Lady" bag is awesome - nice work! I get you on the crocheted vest thing - if a piece only works with one outfit it doesn't justify the real estate it takes up in my wardrobe. You have a spectacular copper collection.

  17. All those coppery colours look amazing together!

    The bag is looking amazing! What fantastic ideas! Funny and arty!


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