Monday, August 8, 2022

Double Silk Velvet

I haven't had a good session of outfit-planning in my closet for a while. Instead, I've been relying on picking my outfit the night before.
It's usually reliable, and I find it soothing to create something I've never worn as an ensemble before. 

  • Kimono-that-used-to-be-a-dress - Hale Bob, Century 21, NYC 2007; last seen here as a kimono in August 2021
  • Top - J. Crew, thrifted; first worn here in June with orange and flounces
  • Skirt - Linda Lundstrom, thrifted; last seen here in May for Star Wars Day
  • Sandals - Wonders; last worn here in June with chartreuse and pink for strolling in Sidney

I split this silk devoré dress down the middle and turned it into a kimono last summer - I wore it once before packing it away for the season.

The dress is much more versatile as a kimono. You can view a Flashback of it as a dress here.

I started looking for a bottom to wear with it, and my eyes alit on my soft-as-kittens silk velvet 90s skirt.
There's a bit of blue in the kimono - I loved how these looked together. 

It was all very flowy - I swooshed all over the office.
This was a perfect outfit for the temps of 25+ that hit today. 

The top is 60% silk, so not too sweaty. I liked this top better than the first time I wore it.
I have a pair of cotton stretchy long shorts on under this for their anti-thigh properties.

Masked up. 
I had to a couple of errands today - the folks in the post office were still wearing masks. I still see lots of folks wearing them. 

The lady at the dry cleaners admired my ropes of necklaces. 

The stuff:
One of my favourite pairs of summer shoes. Metallic, pink, leather, wood, white-soled...they are all the adjectives! 

Blue bling: 
I enhanced the long-over-long look with three necklaces. 

  • Leather cuff - Rimanchik, thrifted
  • Bangle - vintage, Lazy Susan's
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Silver/sodalite ring - Scotland, 1996
  • Earrings - local
  • Bead/crystal necklace - vintage 90s/00s, thrifted
  • Serpentine gold chain - vintage 80s, Grandma J's
  • Open chain - Monet, vintage 80s, thrifted; purchased here for $7.95

I felt very 1920s in this! 


  1. Fabulous! If that skirt was slightly shorter you'd look like you'd wandered in from the set of Peaky Blinders and, as my favourite historical drama ever, that's a huge compliment! xxx

    1. We're binging Peaky Blinders right now! I love that era! Thanks, Vix!

  2. Oh, this outfit really makes my heart sing, Sheila! In my mind's eye I can see you swooshing all over the office. Love the kimono which used to be a dress. This is exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for. Perhaps I should start looking at "convertible" dresses! Not many people wearing masks here, and I saw even less of them (read: none!) when we hopped over the border with Holland last weekend. I still carry mine for whenever it's busy though. xxx

    1. I was definitely swanning about, Ann! I'm so glad I altered the dress - it makes me want to wear it more as a kimono.

      I think masks are here to stay, even if it's just folks who don't want to get sick/pass on germs if they are feeling ill.

  3. Hi Sheila! I've missed reading your blog- but am now back to it:) Loving this double silk styling. And I love that you turned the dress into a kimono. You'll get so much more wear out of it. Love that!

  4. I love the shimmer of that outfit, so pretty.

  5. I love the accessorises and the combination of the velvet with this sparkly material is just so pretty. I think the outfit is perfect and fits your style well.

  6. Ack, you beat me to my first comment in your parting sentence! I was going to comment how very 1920's you look. You just need a cloche!
    Again, very strokeable outfit with lovely textures.
    I think the adapted kimono is marvellous!!!
    Kezzie x

    1. I love the 1920s look - that long-over-long really appeals to me. I look terrible in cloches, or I'd be wearing one!

      Thank you, Kezzie!

  7. That dress does work so well as a kimono and I love that maxi skirt! All the textures in this outfit go so nicely together, and the colours are fantastic! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! Texture is just as important as colour!

  8. Definitely 1920s with a bit of Japanese influence! I admire that you can pull off wearing all these long lengths. I thoroughly enjoy the maxi dress purchased second hand last summer in WA (all thanks to your influence and encouragement!) but have yet to attempt a long flowing skirt. Still looking for a patterned jumpsuit!

    Cheers, Laurie

    1. Yes, I see that influence as well! The key with long shapes is that they need to be body-skimming - otherwise you get lost in the fullness and all that fabric. I'm so glad you are still enjoying your maxi dress! Jumpsuits are tricky - you have to try on a lot of "frogs" before you find a "prince." :)

  9. Ah, I like that…many jumpsuit frogs (hopefully) yield a prince. Will let you know if I find that prince!

  10. I adore this whole outfit! That dress is definitely better as a kimono! Luxe Vintage vibes!


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