Thursday, June 18, 2020

Etro Afternoon: Retail Therapy and Flashback

It was in the cards for me to go visit Karen this afternoon, but it was not meant to be. I did my Mental Health Walk early in the morning, had brunch and a shower, and then walked to town to get groceries. 
I'd planned my outfit for the potential visit, both with super-comfy walking shoes and a dress I could sprawl out in on a bed. Instead, I went for a bit of a wander on Fort Street instead of walking to see Karen.

  • Dress - Etro, vintage 90s, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in May 2019 with yellow flats
  • Cardigan - Ports, vintage 80s, consignment; last worn here in April with primary and madras
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in July 2019 for pre- and post-Ulti

I adore this stretchy soft dress - isn't that an amazing print?
It actually has tiny "Etro"s all over it, so I know that they created this fabric themselves. It's nylon/elastane but is soft as silk, and was made in Italy.

I'm wearing a navy blue vintage slip under it for smoothing and a bit of extra warmth.
It was sunny today, but not too hot, just below 20 degrees.

I hate wearing sunblock, so I'll always try to find a jacket or something to cover myself. I did 'block up my chestal region.
Also, this lovely vintage cardigan/dress is like wearing a security blanket. It's a wooly hug.

I tied this vintage hand-rolled silk scarf and used it to cover my chest from the sun.
Ready to go be around people! Keep your distance!

The stuff:
I've had these shoes for over 6 years and wear them frequently in the summer. Shoes that work barefooted are the best.

Blue bling:
Some favourites.

  • Eelskin cuff - vintage 80s, thrifted (mine, donated decades ago, and re-found!)
  • Glass earrings - local
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

I had a good look around Vanity Fair Antique Mall on Fort Street - it's full of cases of things that local folks and vintage dealers sell. There's a mix of jewelry, household items, clothing and memorabilia and collectibles. It's a wondrous array, and I nearly always find something.

I spotted these black leather boots and gasped. My size! Also, that is a GREAT walking boot.
Over the knee and covered in buckles and zippers, be still my heart. I know, I have OTK black leather boots (these ones), but they're a dressier style, and are slippy to wear in the rain.

These have been resoled with Topys, either from wear or to keep them from being too slippery.
Their previous owner also loved them, obviously. Based on the style, I think these are from the early 00s. I used to have a very similar pair (not over-the-knee) of black leather boots from Aldo that I bought second-hand and wore until they cracked.

Here they are on. They are going into the fall/winter stash for wearing with tights and miniskirts. The outer zipper is decorative (the inside zipper is for getting them on), and the upper buckle is adjustable.
 They were $69.00 and are by Steve Madden. I'm sure they would have been well over $300 new.

I'm begrudgingly giving L first dibs on this suede coat.
On me, it's a bit big in the shoulders, long in the arms, loose in the chest, but snug in the hips.

It's totally going to fit L. SIGH.
 Aren't the details amazing? Very cowboy-ish vibes. I'd rock this, right? Maybe it won't fit him.

Snaps down the front.

This dotted trim is a kazillion little metal studs.
 More snaps on the cuffs. SWOON.

It's by Cripple Creek, which is still around. This label was created in 1994, and they specialize in Western-themed apparel.
I'd place this as being from the 90s. It was marked at $125.00 but the lovely lady discounted it to $95.00. I'm quite sure it retailed for about 5 times that. Fingers crossed that it doesn't fit L!

Edit: Dang, it looked amazing on him. Well, Happy Birthday, love!

Flush with my therapeutic time looking at glittery rhinestone jewelry and other pretty things, I strolled home in the sunshine to blog. Blogging gives me routine and a sense of normalcy - it's a happy habit.



We're going to look at all the ways I've worn this dress since I first bought it here in October 2016 for $6.00. Yes, ETRO. They're one of THE big names in fashion and their dresses start at over $1,000 and go up to $4,000...I did not add an extra zero. I freaked out when I found this at the St. Vincent de Paul - I knew the name because I already had a jacket by them (this one).

It did not have an entirely successful first outing in October 2016.
The fabric is really stretchy, bouncy jersey, and doesn't work well for layering as structured as this vintage blouse. Those shoes were a Fluevog Fail - they killed my feet, and were too high.

Trying again in April 2017. Because this dress has so many colours in it, it's really easy to pick out different ones for matching to it.
 I still have that cardi, but gave those shoes to Cat, who wore them till they fell apart (awesome).

I often wear it with yellow - this is in June 2017. I'm wearing my navy vintage slip with it and ended up hoiking the dress up all day. That's a big neckline (very 90s).
We saw this outfit in the yellow Desmond Flashback (here).

Because it's a very light fabric, I only wear this in spring/summer.
This was in August 2017. As I discovered in the prior outfit, it's a very "Boobs Ahoy!" dress, so I usually wear a cami under it that covers me up, especially if I'm wearing it to work.

You'll recognize this from the Earhart Flashback (here) yesterday. This was in July 2018.
I picked a picture with my outerwear so you can see the full walking-around ensemble.

In September 2018, with my blue velvet boots.
"I protest the lack of Cat in this post."

I wore this outfit for a Winesday, and wore today's cobalt blue cardi with it.

And finally, last May 2019.
Another pair of my walking flats - this must have been a non-work outfit, as I'm cleavage-ing.

Including today's outfit, I've worn this dress 8 times, bringing it to 75 cents per wear. It still has lots of wear in it, though!

Before I left the house this afternoon, I went looking for Vizzini.

Ooh, someone's cranky! How about a nice head scritch, bud?
"Oh, very well."

I'll be back on Sunday - have a lovely weekend, everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by, and also big hugs for all your support and love. Much appreciated.


  1. Amazing how different your dress looks with different accessories -- just gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Cynthia - it's been a great piece in my warm weather wardrobe.

  2. Such a beautiful dress on you and I like seeing the different ways you've worn it, definitely getting good value from it! :) Those boots were a great find too! :)

    I did a double take at the St Vincent De Paul bit of your post - because we have the same opshops here! I've never noticed before because we don't call them that. We call them Vinnies, haha! I have some stuff to donate and Vinnies is closest to me so I had to google and see if they were open yet and of course the website is Vinnies but they have the full name on there too. I'd just checked it out yesterday so it was fresh in my mind - have never noticed before! I don't shop at Vinnies often as they can be a bit overpriced (labels are always without fail priced higher), but they are great for books and they have a really easy way to drop off donations so I'm a little sad they are still closed at the moment. I like to browse after donating and the other opshops I could donate to are closed for shopping and open for donation only on the days I can go and I'm not working.

    1. Thanks, Mica! I have really loved it since I bought it. I love the new boots!

      Ah, very cool! We no longer have a StVdeP store here, unfortunately - it was a great place for finding cool stuff. I got some real treasures there over the years. I hope yours opens up soon!

  3. OK, wow, wow and wow. Wow to the Etro dress. Wow to the boots (I can tell they will be comfy - great heal and lots of toe room). And lucky, lucky L - wow to the new coat.

    1. Isn't it cool, Nana? I am always wow'd by it too! And such a bargain!

      Yes, the boots are amazingly comfy and are going to be worn a lot in the fall!

      I knew it would fit him perfectly, that dratted man. He'll never let me wear it. :)

  4. I love how you find such versatility in items. I struggle with that and I wish I could switch things up more often.

    1. With patterns, I really try to find accessories that will change the look, and I always try to find things that match the colours in the patterns.


  5. The print on that dress is just fabulous and it does look like silk, doesn't it? Such a lovely shape on you and wonderful in every one of your photos.
    What a score with those boots and as for that Jacket, L is going to lok so good in it!
    Hope that cranky boy of yours enjoyed his fuss.
    Sending you lots of love. xxx

    1. It really feels like silk - it's a very high-quality fabric for a synthetic. Thank you so much, Vix.

      I love the boots and will enjoy wearing them in the fall. That rotten L is going to rock the coat, grrr.

      He always does - he only makes a show of being grumpy, but then he purrs and is good to snuggle.

      Hugs to you, thank you, Vix.

  6. That Etro dress is fabulous, in today's outfit, as well as all its previous incarnations. And you're right: shoes that work barefoot ARE the best! Oh, how I'd love to have a browse at an Antique Mall. Those boots are superb and as for L.'s jacket: that is totally swoon-worthy and will look absolutely fabulous on him! Have a lovely weekend, Sheila! xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! I had fun looking back at those outfits too.

      You would love this Antique Mall - it's amazing. Such a huge variety of things, and you would just die at all the amazing brooches!

      Thanks, you too, my dear!

  7. You never cease to amaze me with these cross references Sheila! The dress is gorgeous and offers so many options colourwise as you've shown.
    The Steve Madden boots were just too good to pass by weren't they? And extra Brownie points to you for buying hubby a stunning coat x

    1. Thanks, Anna! The Flashbacks have been very popular with readers and I enjoy doing them too.

      They really were! So awesome. And sigh, yes, he'll look great in that coat... ;-P

  8. It's a fabulous dress and how very versatile.

    Loved your finds; I bet L looks amazing in the coat.

    1. Thanks, Vronni! He does, rotten man! I'll take a picture of him in it when he wears it.

  9. The dress is gorgeous with that long cardigan! That is my favorite look. And the coat for L is perfect! I think it will look stunning on him.

  10. Etro is such a good brand. Unaffordable when new. You did very well.
    And the boots will serve you many times.

    1. Oh, I know, Greetje! I've been in their store in Florence, where L bought a pair of VERY expensive trousers. I know I'll be wearing the boots to death!

  11. Love your Italian made dress, Shiela! Oh and the knee high boots - they're great for winter when you want a bit of extra warmth.

    You will ROCK cowboy style jacket, definitely! X

    1. Thanks so much, Jess. I know, I'll be wearing those boots a ton.

      No, L will be rocking it, not me - dang! ;-P

  12. I would have snatched up those boots too - I wish I could find ones in that style in my size that have room for my bunions. The suede coat is a spectacular find, and you will have to post of a photo of L modelling it. I found a Suede and denim long coat by that same brand at a consignment store several years ago and even though it was too big for me I bought it because it was so unusual and inexpensive.

    1. These have so much toe room, Shelley - they don't bother my bunion at all. I will post a pic when L wears it - it's a little warm right now for it. Oh, nice, that sounds awesome!

  13. That's one beautiful vibrant dress. The whole outfit is very stylish. I love to wear slips under dresses too. I have a couple of vintage slips my grandmother gave me (that were hers) and I feel like they make every dress look elegant...or is it that I just feel more elegant knowing that I'm wearing something elegant underneath. That might be the part of it, but slip dresses were also invented for a reason and I do think they can make dresses look nice.

    1. Thanks, Ivana! I adore vintage slips - they are just so beautiful and make every outfit feel very feminine. How lovely that you have some of your grandmother's.

    2. Yes, I'm very grateful she passed them on to me. I will treasure them forever. I even did some embroidery on some of them and when I'm done done with it, I might share a sneak peak of the embroidery project.

    3. I feel the same about the things I have from my grandmother. How awesome that you added some of "you" to yours! I'd love to see it.

  14. That dress IS amazing and I love how you have styled it on all these occasions! The TARDIS blue cardigan is the best though!

    1. Thanks, Kezzie, ha, how did I know that would be your favourite? ;-P

  15. What a fabulous dress, its colors and its amazing print (Etro makes some gorgeous prints, isn't it?) and it fits you like a dream!. I love it styled with yellow accents but also love your blue long cardi, which enhances the print so nicely!

    1. Thank you, Monica - isn't is a fabulous print? I love that it's an original one to their name.

  16. Lovely layering in this outfit Sheila and you've certainly gotten a great cost per wear on that pretty dress.... ETRO for 6 ?! that's my kind of thing.

    1. It's one of my best deals for designer EVER. I love this dress, and it helps that I was so cheap!


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