Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Zoom Slip Dress and Reumah Flashback

I woke up today with the resolve to get dressed. Some days, that's more of a challenge than others, so I took it slowly. My back is feeling better, so nothing too active was in the cards. And I had my weekly Zoom call with Mom to get dressed up for. I do like a goal. 

Oh, and today is May the Fourth, so Happy Star Wars Day (get it? "May the fourth be with you"? har har). I usually dress up for it, but nothing can top last year's adventure (seriously, have a giggle and check it out here), so I didn't bother. Next year, when I can enjoy it again with my coworkers! 
To tell the truth, I'd forgotten I bought this dress! It's a modern bias-cut dress and perfect for layering, so just right for some sitting while Mom and I caught up. 

  • Top - Plum, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in April for Easter at Mom's
  • Dress - Sam Edelman, consignment; purchased here for $40.00
  • Shoes - Faiths Low Reumah, Fluevog; last worn here in July 2019 with my orange jumpsuit

I spent most of the 90s in my 20s, so I did the t-shirt under slip dress look back then - I remember thinking it was so new and different.
It's so handy for making a slip dress more casual than it would be otherwise. 
I would totally wear this to work, but it would also be cute for brunch. 
The two little straps with the pearl beads hanging down the back are a nice detail. 

As are the two side slits. Good for striding about! 
It was a really comfy dress to wear, with no wrinkling at all. I love this colour too. 

I didn't want to take my shoes off for my Stuff picture, as the straps are a pain. 
I do like that they weave across the top of the foot - this makes the shoes really secure and comfortable. 

They are a fairly high heel, but are very secure on my feet - I can actually do a lot of walking in them. They have a padded insole on top of the wooden last. Yes, these are real wood! 
All that complicated strap business does up with two buckles on the ankle. There is also a floating "comfort pad" of leather on the back of the ankle, so that the straps don't rub. We'll be having a Flashback on them shortly - I've had them for nine years! 

Bold bling: 
I like how this necklace works with the shoes - they've been worn together before. 

  • Necklace - All Saints, gift from Dominique
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Wooden ring - Dots
  • Gold hoops - 5th anniversary gift from L

I also wore this bead choker, which used to be Mom's - I had this in high school in 1984-85, but it's from around 1974-75, when Mom bought it from a "chill hippie guy" who was trying to sell his beaded chokers to the Museum Gift Shop (now the Royal BC Museum) where she volunteered. He claimed he'd bought the beads from a camel driver on his travels around the world.
She recalls paying about $5.00 for it. I have another choker with amber and sandalwood that Mom bought at the same time. I was around 7 years old then, and home with my younger brother being babysat by my Grandad (a picture of me as a baby with him here, and enjoy all the old pictures of me in that post!), so that she could be her own person. Mom went back to university shortly after this - such an inspiration of an independent woman! 

And here she is, showing off her top that she bought when L and I, Mom and L's mom were in Cinque Terre (here) in October 2014. She was cleaning out her closet and found it, unworn, and was thrilled to find it fit her! Well done, Mom - she's been working for over a year to slowly lose weight to ease her joints. 
As you can see, I am fortunate to have inherited Mom's va-va-voom hourglass figure! Thanks, Mom! 

I also appreciated that she accessorized. 
A wonderful homegrown vintage necklace, a gift from my Grandma J, who died in the late 90s. There are matching earrings.

We'll be visiting Mom this weekend for Mother's Day and her birthday, so see you then, Mom! 

Flashback: Faiths Low Reumah

I pulled these out of the giveaway pile/Fluevog Swap & Shop bag recently, as I missed them in my closet. These hold the honour of being the cheapest retail Fluevogs I've ever purchased - I bought them here in October 2012 for a whopping $54.00. 
Apparently I've been getting the proper name wrong for all of the years that I've owned these shoes, but I double-checked on the Fluevog site (here) and we'll just correct that going forward! 

Fluevog made these in green suede and black suede variations, with a limited line in this floral leather for stores that sold a small selection of their shoes; I bought these prior to the Fluevog store in Victoria, at Heart & Sole (in their old location!). I also have a pair of lace-ups here, that are the same leather - I bought them at local menswear store Outlooks. 
They've gotten rather dinged up over the years, so I'm happy that I took all these pictures when I bought them! Look at all the layers of wood!

I even took a picture of the receipt. 
They were around $200 retail at the time. 

Having bought them in October, they weren't weather-appropriate for several months, so didn't make an appearance until May 2013. For styling, I've always picked out the colours in the leather, here the teal and green. 
My long-gone green culottes that I wore for years before they finally came into fashion again. I loved that turquoise sweater, but that shape is tricky on me.

The shoes (and today's gold hoop earrings) are the only things remaining from this June 2013 outfit. 
Ah, the cold-shoulder. I'm still sad that belt snapped and broke for good. 

August 2013 - I had that orange wool tweed skirt for many years. 
I still have the belt and the buckle. I do not miss my neighbour parking his bikes in "my" stair area. 

The first time I discovered that my Ralph Lauren scarf goes really well with the pattern of the shoes, in September 2013. 
I still have the skirt, although I rested from it this past season in my winter wardrobe. 

Showing some of my copper jewelry in July 2014. 
Vizzini ate the ties off that copper leather belt. Monster! 

A previous version of the Best Red Dress, also in July 2014. 
That necklace was swallows flying - I wore it to death. It was another gift from Mom. 

Wearing the RL scarf in my hair here in May 2015. 
I miss this wonderful teal vintage 1950s sweater - I wore it so much, it wore out. 

A rare miss - this is not a great outfit in July 2015.
You won't be surprised to know that the dress went in the giveaway. I'm wearing the scarf in my hair again here. 

And the RL scarf is trailing down my back here in July 2016. 
That's my Valentino suit skirt (Flashback here). I think Yvonne has that top now? 

Another Best Red Dress, seen in September 2016. It was destroyed when I caught a buttered roasted potato in the skirt one Christmas. Never could get the stain out.
I briefly had a belt in the same leather, but it was cheaply made. 

I hadn't realized that I'd worn this Chinese brocade top with these shoes three times...in a row! 
This is from July 2017, worn both for Canada Day and to take an expedition of coworkers to the newly-opened Fluevog store. 

This was in July 2018 - note that I always wear my Grandma J's gold/jade necklace with this top! 
Vizzini looks unimpressed. I still have that L.A.M.B skirt - hmmm, I should wear it soon. 

Showing off all the accoutrements here in September 2018, on the way to celebrate Vero's birthday with our pals at Glo. 
All the matchy things! The RL scarf and the top! I like the addition of the blue tulle skirt (Flashback here) and my Desigual coat (Flashback here). Isn't the purse cool? 

And here we are, the last time I wore them, back in July 2019, and wearing today's necklace. 
I'm glad I have restored these to their rightful place in my closet. I did miss them, and I like a lot of these outfits. 

Mathy stuff: Today marks the 15th time I've worn them, bringing my cost-per-wear down to $3.60. I actually can't wait to wear these with my current Best Red Dress! 

Do you have a favourite outfit, Vizzini? 
"This one will do."

He consented to being hoisted up on my lap to sit in the early afternoon sun. 
"Yes, this is my favourite outfit." 

Are you sure it isn't that you wanted to sit on me, bud?
"Of course it is, Woman."

I hope your day is full of sun and warmth. 


  1. I'm glad that you were feeling better today. And I'm glad that you've decided to keep those fabulous sandals. They had a wonderful pop of subtle color and boho vibe to your outfits.


    1. They are really fun, aren't they, Rena? Thanks so much!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better, Sheila! Hello to your ever fabulous Mum! I love the colour of that slip dress and clearly Vizzini agrees. Your wedge heels remind me of a tiki bar. They've certainly earnt their keep in your wardrobe.
    Your Mum's beads (now yours!) look like African trade beads so if the cool hippie was trekking across the Sahara on a camel that's where he'd have got them from. xxx

    1. So am I, Vix! Scary when our bodies start to give out on us! I know I'll wear that dress many times, and I'm so glad I rescued the shoes.

      African trade beads, yes, that sounds possible!

  3. Hip hip hooray for muscles that are feeling better! I always admire your resolve to dress for/on non-office days. I imagine your Mom takes much pleasure seeing you wearing family jewelry. For me it has always felt that jewelry, clothing and accessories gifted by (or lifted from ;)) family is imbued with a sense of that person. Memories are evoked and usually a smile follows. :)

    The teal slip dress outfit looks smashing on you; the color is fabulous! And so many of the shoe flashback outfits have a similar sense of strong color that complements you. And to think the shoes were responsible for many of the outfits! Definitely love the color and pattern but cannot imagine walking on wood and with that heel height!

    Yay for Vizzini basking in the sun, sitting on your lap. ❤️ Your side porch renovations have paid off handsomely. :)

    1. Hooray indeed, Laurie! Getting dressed on an 'off' day was hard at first, but now I look forward to it. It's a little structure in my day, which I've discovered I need.

      I know Mom loves seeing all of the old jewelry, whether hers or one of my grandmothers'. Ha, "lifted or gifted" is appropriate!

      Thank you! Yes, I agree - these shoes really do add an extra punch to these outfits. The wood is really more comfortable than you might think - that heel too! I don't do really high heels much anymore, but it really depends on the quality of the shoe.

      Isn't he happy-looking? I am so thrilled with our deck.

  4. Great shoes. And I like learning the history of the other pieces. There's a lot of meaning in objects if we look close enough.

    1. Thanks, Ally - they are very "you"! I love learning about the history of my clothes and jewelry - it's fascinating.

  5. So glad your back is feeling better! For some reason, the t-shirt under slip dress thing back in the 90s completely seems to have passed me by. The colour of this one is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the necklace and choker combo. But the real stars here are the shoes. I'm sure you've worn them on the blog before, but how stunning is that wooden wedge heel! I'm glad you decided to pull them from the giveaway pile.
    Your Mum looks sounds like quite an inspiration, and well done for her slowly losing weight. You're very lucky to have inherited her genes, and you are so, so lucky to have her in your life. I miss mine more than I can say. I admit I did get a bit sidetracked looking at your old post and the photos of young Sheila! And of course, it's always lovely to see Mr. V. appear in your posts. He's such a character, isn't he? xxx

    1. Same here, Ann, phew.

      Lol, well, I was right on that bandwagon back then - I thought it was a great way to hide one's bra straps! I love the colour too. I haven't worn them in nearly 2 years (as they have been sitting in a giveaway bag for a year), so you might not remember them.

      I am really proud of Mom, and yes, very lucky to have her here with us, hopefully for many more years (our family lives a long time). Glad you enjoyed those very old pics!

      Vizzini is so funny. What a silly cat.

  6. I love the color of your pretty slip dress and how you styled it! Those shoes are such a fun statement. I also enjoyed looking through your Star Wars post from last year, lol! I also went all-out for Star Wars day last year (what else are you gonna do during quarantine?), and like you, I knew I couldn't top it this year. Plus, I'm not really a Star Wars fan anyway... I'll just take any excuse to dress up in a costume!

    Miles of smiles,


    1. Thank you so much, Grace! Glad you enjoyed my Star Wars post - we had a lot of fun creating it! I'm with you on dressing up, though!

  7. I had to revisit that post and enjoy those photos again. You have acting talent, Sheila! Your poses on those Star Wars actions photographs are so in character.
    Your outfit of the day is fantastic as well. The slip dress look fantastic on you. I love shoes made from wood. I only own a pair of two (sandals) at the moment, but I had a few in the past and they always proved to be comfortable. I wish there were more wood sandals on the market. Once when I was helping my friend clean her house (back when we were teens) we found a pair of her mother's vintage wood heel sandals- and I still remember to this day how gorgeous they were.
    Anyhow, your wedges are fantastic. I love the multiple stripes, they are great for providing more support to the leg. I enjoyed your fashion flash back with them, I always do enjoy seeing multiple way to wear something. It gives me more inspiration to shop my closet as well.

    1. Oh, I'm so glad you had fun going through that post again, Ivana! L and I distracted ourselves with a few fun posts like that last spring.

      Thanks so much! You don't see very many wooden shoes, mostly just clogs. I like them too, and I'm glad I pulled them back into my closet.

  8. The spaghetti strap dress or top layered over other garments is a standout 90s (and very early 2000s) style for me as well. I remember rocking it fairly often at the time. Likewise for fitted tees over fitted long sleeve thin knit tops (including henleys).

    What a fantastic story behind the beaded necklace that your mom bought in the 1970s. And how wonderful that it now resides in your wardrobe.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Did that style continue into the early 00s? I guess it did, as I can now remember wearing it then too! Styles didn't seem to change over as quickly as they do now, don't you think, Autumn? I totally did the tee over long-sleeved look well into the mid-00s and beyond!

      Isn't that awesome? I've been making a point of wearing some of Mom's stuff during our calls and getting the info from her on the pieces.

  9. Oh gosh, I love those shoes! I have a pair of sandals with a wouden heel that you would love, need to show it to you. Surprising that wood is so light isn't it! That slipdress had a gorgeous color!

    1. I'd love to see them, Nancy! I know, they look very clunky, but they are so easy to wear. Thanks so much!

  10. Glad you are feeling better and you were able to dress up for the zoom! I love those wedges on you and it's so nice to look back on all the ways you wore them! You got them on such great sale!

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! I love getting dressed up, any excuse will do! I know, such a super deal for Fluevogs!

  11. I was surprised that those sandals go with as many outfits as they do because of the print on the leather. I noticed that Vizzini's fur looks chocolate brown when the sun hits it, just like Sylvester's!

    1. Same here, Shelley! I have been leery of print shoes in the past because of worrying how to match them to outfits, but these (and the matching leather lace-ups) have been surprisingly versatile.

      Yes, like many black cats, they are more like dark brown in the sun. Still feels wonderfully warm and soft, though! :)

  12. Lovely shoes, they look fabulous with these rich rusty orange, burgundy and teal, all of them so lovely colours!. And you rock in this slip dress, so 90's but still lovely style (I also remember thinking it was such a new thing, these were 'Buffy' times!)
    This is a gorgeous necklace!

    1. Yeah, I'm glad I kept them after all. I know, I had that same feeling! Buffy!


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