Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Mom-Day and Jab-Day Greens, and a Fascinator Flashback


Today is a special day. Not only is it Mom's birthday, but it's also my first shot of the COVID vaccine. I never thought I would be so happy to get jabbed in the arm. So Happy Jab-Day to me! 

I would dress up for either occasion, so it's not going to surprise anyone that I pulled out all the stops. 
I dress up to honour the volunteers, nurses and medical staff, to thank them for all of their work. It's also armour, as I am a bit nervous. New situations are always laden with anxiety for me. 

  • Dress - Etro, consignment; purchased here for $51.00
  • Shoes - Channi B; last seen here in January with brocade and gold pleats

The fascinator is probably overkill, but eh, who cares? 
This is my first wearing of this dress, which I bought on deep clearance in December 2020 at Turnabout. 

I love that it has so many greens and blues in it, even a bit of grey/brown. 
As it's mostly silk (with a touch of viscose), and isn't really a layering dress, I had to wait for warmer weather to wear it. 
I really love the pattern, and was delighted to find I had the perfect belt stashed away. 
I'd planned to walk downtown in these shoes for my shot and then to walk home. 
But I gracefully accepted a ride from L in Vlad the Jag. It does save the wear and tear on my shoes, plus....vroom vroom!  

Outerwear - I need to have a bit of warmth for the small amount of time I'll be outside. 
And I need to keep my upper arm ready for the jab. Enter my faux fur stole. 

Outerwear stuff: 
Some coordinating favourites. I love the olive green snakeskin printed suede purse, found ages ago at Flavour Upstairs. 

  • Purse - vintage, thrifted
  • Mask - by Mom
  • Fascinator - Tierre Joline, 2011; last worn here for Diwali in October 2019

We'll be having a little Flashback on the Fascinator in a bit. I've had it for 10 years! 

I've had this stole not quite as long - I decorated it with some of my bug brooches. 
I don't want to catch the COVID bug, but I'm happy to wear them. 

  • Stole - Danier, thrifted; last worn here in March 2020 for theatre with Mom that didn't happen
  • Moth brooch - vintage fair
  • Bee pin - gift from Megan Mae
  • Beetle brooch - Le Chateau, c. 1999

The stuff: 
Comfy shoes. Teal is a really useful colour for footwear. 

Gobs of bling: 
Some of Mom's pieces and others that I've collected. 

  • Belt - Emmanuel, vintage 80s, vintage fair
  • Earrings - consignment
  • Brutalist ring - vintage 70s, vintage mall
  • Jade/brass ring - Mom's, vintage 70s
  • Leaf bracelet - vintage 60s, Trifari, thrifted
  • Green crystal bracelet - vintage 60s, Mom's (gift from Dad)
  • Gold cuff - thrifted, Sidney

Jewelry as Armour! 

While I set up for my Mom-Day Zoom call, Vizzini came around for a cuddle. 
"We should have some kitty treats."

He drooled all over my lap-blanket (aka my Ralph Lauren poncho).
"I heard it was a birthday."

He graced us a few times with his presence. 
"Can't you just let me sleep?"

No, I can't. I must take pictures. 
"You will pay for this...later."

Oh, you mean your 4:30am wake-up calls? 

Mom and I had a nice chat, catching up since Saturday. She'd been getting calls all day, plus a visit outside from a friend, so was feeling very "Yay, it's my birthday."
We matched in our teal outfits. Mom's also wearing a paua shell necklace she bought on her last holiday, in New Zealand in 2019. 

Modeling the jacket I bought her for her birthday. It's a perfect fit! 
It's red satin - a total Theatre Coat. Mom teased me - this is the 10th jacket I've bought her! 

Flashback: Custom Tierre Joline Fascinator

I met local hat-maker and artist Tierre Joline here at an art opening in a container in a shipyard in November 2011. L and I were going to a wedding later that month, and Tierre and I connected to design a hat for me to wear to it. She ended up creating two for me to choose from and I bought them both for $150.00 total. 
So this one is teal wool felt, with ribbon, bead and netting detail. It holds to my head via an elastic that hides in my hair.

There's her label. She now goes by Tierre Taylor (link here, 'cause I love) and is based in Toronto, making hats full-time since she was "discovered" in New York City and featured on Humans Of New York (HONY), here
The other hat I bought is this red one with the orange feather. I also have this beige/black one, bought from her at a booth at a Vintage Expo. I don't wear my hats nearly as much as I feel I should, so I guess that's something for me to work on! 

This was the outfit I wore in November 2011 to Steve and Celia's wedding at the Art Gallery. 
This was the first time I'd mixed teal and blue, and I felt very daring for wearing that denim Smoking Lily jacket to a wedding (Caro now has it). 

I wore my little hat to my company's Christmas party in December 2012. 
I forgot I owned that brown gown. It was boring and ugly and I'm glad I got rid of it! I still have the fur stole, and I'm wearing my Grandma J's parure of Sherman Aurora Borealis crystal jewelry there. 

I also only wore this black backless dress once, here in December 2014, to Nick and Karen's Christmas party. 
I loved this outfit, but it poured rain during our walk there, and my make-up and hair were drenched, and my nylons were wet and filthy when we arrived. Shoe Flashback here

I became totally discombobulated, and spent half an hour cleaning up when I arrived at the party, and had such a bad association with the dress that I gave it away. 
I looked so good before we left, too! I love the curls in my bangs there. I recognize most of that jewelry! 

I discovered that this fascinator matched my new Dots teal dress so I wore it to the theatre with Mom in November 2018. 
Walking shoes Flashbacked here

But it was more about the coat with this look. 
The shape of the fascinator is tricky. I've positioned it multiple ways and they're always a little odd. I'm okay with that, though. Coat Flashback here

And here's the last time I wore it, with my orange sari dress and fur bolero, for Diwali in my office in October 2019. 
If the shoes match...wear them! Flashback on the bolero here; shoes here

Mathy stuff: This is only my 6th outfit incorporating this hat, so not a great cost-per-wear at $12.50, but it's a distinctive hat requiring a specialized outfit. I'm okay with that - it doesn't take up much space, anyway. 

What would you wear with this hat? Are you into head-wear? 

Finally, wish me luck on my jab! 
And a very Happy Birthday to my mom! I love you, Mom! 

Vizzini, do you have anything to add?
"Kitty treats for all!"

Hear, hear! Kitty treats for all! 


  1. Happy Birthday to your lovely mother, I hope she had a wonderful day!

    Congratulations on getting your jab. I hope your arm doesn't feel too sore. Mine was pretty sore for a day and then it was fine.

    Such a pretty outfit. You are very lucky you look good in hats - not everyone does (like me for instance). Since they do suit you so well ... yes ... you should definitely wear them more often!

    1. Thank you, Nana, I'm sure she'll appreciate your good wishes.

      It's fine - a little muscle soreness today, but easily cured with an ibuprofen.

      Thank you! I do think it is more about just WEARING a hat and not overthinking how one looks in it. If you feel good in it, you'll look good in it. Or, maybe you just haven't found the right hat?

  2. Good morning Sheila, Happy birthday to your classy Mum and Happy jab day to you! Don't you feel relief once you get it done! Hope you are feeling ok. Love teal, green blue so today's outfit is a vision to me. Your vintage purse is so cute! Those shoes are amazing! Yes I agree with Nana not everyone can carry off hats but you rock in one. Have a fab day Shazxx

    1. Good morning, Shaz! Mom will appreciate that, thank you! I am so relieved now that my jab is done, and I'm doing fine - just a little muscle soreness today. Aw, thank you - I really loved wearing this outfit. If you like hats, then wear them!

  3. I bet the medical team were happy to see someone other than leggings and t-shirt clad! Your mom's jacket looks lovely. She has a sweet smile. Your steps closer to being safer.

    1. I got at least one "You made my day!" from one of the folks there, so I know my outfit was appreciated, Sam.

      Mom looks so good in jackets, doesn't she? No wonder I keep buying them for her.

      I know, it feels SO GOOD.

  4. Happy birthday to your mother! You look adorable in your matching teal outfits. How nice you dressed up with your fab dress and fascinator. SO nice you bought a fascinator from a local artists. I always say yay for supporting local artists.
    Congrats for getting your first vaccine. I hope you'll get the second one soon too and can feel safer. Remember to rest after vaccine!

    1. Thank you, Ivana, and I'm sure Mom will appreciate your kind words.

      I'm really glad I did dress up - it was very much a bright spot for some of the folks at the clinic. I always try to buy local when I can and to support local artists.

      I'm so relieved, but it will likely not be until August that we get our second shots. Yes, ma'am, I will rest!

  5. Happy Jab-Day, Sheila, and I hope all went well and you're not having side effects!
    One thing's certain: you must have been the best dressed person the volunteers have seen. I'm hearing you on clothing as armour. In spite of a certain excitement, I will be nervous too when it's my turn, and for exactly the same reason as you!
    The Etro dress's pattern and colours are gorgeous, and that belt is indeed absolutely perfect with it. I'm loving the purse and fascinator, but my favourite accessory must be the faux fur stole. And oh, you must have been quite the attraction arriving in Vlad the Jag dressed like that! I can see it now in my mind's eye.
    I can't get over Vizzini's 4:30am wake-up calls. And we thought we had it bad with Bess waking us up shortly after 6! xxx

    1. All good here, Ann, just a bit of soreness in my arm today. Nothing an ibuprofen can't fix. :)

      I definitely was (and L was still in his suit from work), and it was very much appreciated by everyone there. It was so easy, nothing for me to be anxious about.

      Isn't it a lovely dress? I really enjoyed it over my day. The stole is fantastic, and I should really wear it more. We did park the Jag and walk to the centre/clinic, so not like I was driving up to the door like a movie star, ha ha!

      He's a monster! Our old kitty Inigo used to pound on the door when we locked him out, so thank goodness Vizzini never learned that trick.

  6. Happy jab day!

    I thought you could have worn the blue fur rabbit stole with this dress, too. The green stole was very sweet and I loved the addition of the brooches. A lovely outfit and what a smasher of a hat!

    Hope your arm isn't too sore...

    1. Thanks, Vronni! Yes, I totally could have, but then I'd miss out on wearing this stole - and since it's been so long...

      Thank you! I had a bit of soreness in my arm today, but all good once I took an ibuprofen.

  7. Bellísimo! You look gorgeous! (No surprise :)) I am positive the jabbers were delighted to see you and am certain it added umph to their day. Speaking of the jab, hip hip hooray! Am certain you feel relief and a release. Ahhhh :)

    Your Mom’s warmth shines through in the photos. ❤️ This is not the first time you two are coordinated (I enjoy when you two do that) and she looks lovely. Glad her day went swimmingly!

    I quite enjoyed wearing hats as a teenager and now love elegant sun hats. Have never tried a fascinator but am going to find your hatmaker on the web and check out her pieces.

    Sending hugs for all the positive vibes of your week!

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Laurie! Yes, everyone was really happy to see me dressed up. I feel so relieved to have it done now. One more to go!

      We didn't coordinate on purpose, but we do share a love of bright and bold colours. I'm happy she had a special day.

      I really need a good sun-hat, actually. Tierre mostly works on custom orders - I lucked out in getting pieces by her early in her career.

      Thank you!! Hugs back, my dear!

  8. happy birthday to your mum! :) while I love your outfit (I bet you were the best dressed there for the vaccination!) I love even more that you've had your first vaccination, that's wonderful! :) Very jealous over here, haha!

    That hat is beautiful too, you have got a lot of good wear from it! I remember that HONY post too, it's amazing you got some hats, she is very talented!

    1. Thanks, Mica! I was definitely the best dressed, followed by L in his suit. I'm so happy to have gotten my first jab.

      That was the coolest thing - I was so happy for Tierre, and I'm really glad I have some of her earlier pieces.

  9. Happy birthday, Sheila's mom! Love the jaclet you bought her -- and of course, your jab outfit is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Cynthia! She looks so good in dark reds. Thank you!

  10. Love your jab outfit, lovely idea to dress up for the health staff. Your mother looked wonderful in the glamorous theatre coat. She's very lucky to have had 10 jackets from you. So happy to see you in the #WowOnWednesday link-up.

    1. Thanks so much, Gail! I wish I could comment on your posts more, but I don't have a Disqus account.

  11. Happy Birthday to your mother! What a very festive outfit to wear in her honor! And how good that you had your first vaccin. I think that would feel weird, but also very relaxing. I get mine this Sunday!!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! Good luck with your shot this weekend! Woo!

  12. Love the jab outfit, a fabulous tribute both the scientists, health workers and your lovely mum!
    I felt rather emotional after my jab, three weeks to go till jab number two! xxx

    1. And it's even Nursing Week in Canada this week - I couldn't have timed it better. Thank you so much - I am also feeling emotional about it. I wish my second one was that soon!

  13. What a head-turningly glam and gorgeous outfit!

    Huge congrats on getting your first shot! I would imagine there is an extraordinary sense of relief (and a widening of the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel) that one experiences when that blessing of a day arrives. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before those in my age bracket can start getting their C-19 shots here in BC as well.

    I hope that you don't experience any side effects from your shot and that the time between the first and second vaccinations will whiz by.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Autumn! I felt very fancy.

      I'm so relieved to have it over with, and know that I'm now 50% (or more) protected for myself and others. I'm sure you'll be able to get your shots within the next week (sending good vibes!).

      Nope, I just had a sore arm, and that was completely gone after a couple of days. Yay!

  14. No, the fascinator wasn't too much. A girl can never be overdressed. An Etro dress is always good. I think I would have left the belt off, but... your choice.
    I hope you felt OK after your jab.

    1. You're so right, Greetje! A gal cannot be overdressed! I love Etro, and can see where you're coming from re: the belt. There is a big seam at the waist that I don't like showing, though, so I prefer a belt to cover it. If the fabric was just solid neck to hem, I'd be more likely to skip the belt, but it felt like it needed something.

      I was very sore in the arm that night, but took a couple of ibuprofen and was fine within another day. Yay!

  15. wowww, so much fabulousness!, and so lovely that you dressed up for the ocassion!. I love particularly your fascinator/hat, and matchy shoes!, and jewellery!. Actually I love everything, a huge fan of teal as I am!

    1. Thanks so much, Monica! I can't wait to get my second shot!


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