Friday, May 28, 2021

Funky Friday: Lifesaver Dress and Tatty Plaid Ruffles

Happy Friday, my friends! I've just returned home from the strange experience of eating indoors with friends. How novel! 
After work, I met L (who's on his birthday week vacation as of today), Nick and Arnold at the Garrick's Head Pub - reader Laurie and blog-pal Ally, you've been there with me! I ate food that other people prepared - I highly recommend it. 

  • Jacket - Dex, consignment; last worn here in August 2020 with vintage Pierre Cardin and much red
  • Dress - Tabitha, thrifted; last seen here in July 2020 with red shoes
  • Shoes - Aldo, thrifted; last worn here in October 2020 for a Wonder Woman shop in Sidney with Cat

But - whoooooo - that felt like a lot of people. I can see I'm going to have to ease myself back into large groups of people in public. I am really not good with crowds (I've fainted a few times). 
I'll keep using my Colour Therapy and Clothing As Armour to protect myself. Mental health first! 

I've called this my Lifesaver dress since I bought it a couple of years ago. I love the candy-coloured stripes, and that red pattern down the middle is actually embroidered. Klassy! 
This is an Anthropologie brand - you can see the nice attention to detail on the lined up seams. 

As it's too cold to go sleeveless, I wore my tatty plaid jacket with it.  
Bring on the red! I want more red!

I liked how this went with the stripes. Rows of ruffles for the win! 
Ugh, I didn't know that ginormous red thread was hanging down there. This jacket sheds more than Vizzini! 

Masked up (mask by Mom). The pattern echoes the embroidery.
I like this dress, but I don't love this dress. Good colours, interesting pattern, good quality, pockets, very wrinkly, and gaps a bit in the boobular region/armholes. I'll probably move it along at the end of the summer. Don't worry, I still have lots of dresses. Heh. 

The stuff: 
I had planned to wear more of a heel, but my feet needed flatter shoes. 

Bold bling:
There's a stripe of mint green in the dress that is a good match for the brooch. 

  • Earrings - Tania Gleave, Granville Island
  • Brooch - Coro, vintage fair
  • Fulvia Ring/lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

Today was a good reminder to take care of myself first. My social schedule is filling up again, as we start to make plans for seeing people in the upcoming months, and I'm focusing on ensuring I get enough downtime/recovery and that I don't get overwhelmed or panicky. Going back to normal is scary! 

And with that, I wish you all peace and calm and a happy weekend - I will be back on Sunday with tales of adventure. 
"They call me...the Purr-Meister."

Now I'm going to go indulge in another one of my favourite things: Purr Therapy! 


  1. I love the dress together with that jacket. The colours!! The patterns!! The Purr-Meister is looking as handsome as ever :) Have a fab weekend. Lise

  2. Wow, you look smoking hot in that dress Sheila. I love the cropped jacket and the red shoes you wore with it. Happy birthday weekend to L! I wish a fun weekend for you both.

    I'm not good with crowds either. Living on a scarcely populated island was bliss for me. No crowds whatsoever!

    1. Aw, thank you, Ivana! I'll pass along your wishes to L (his birthday is later this week).

      We always have tons of crowds in my city, as it's a tourist town, but I've learned how to manage them (and myself).

  3. I love that dress os it's a shame it's not the nicest to wear and you feel the fit is a little off as it is so cheerful to see and make me smile! I know you will not miss it though with all the other colourful and pretty dresses you have! :)

    I've only eaten in a restaurant once since the pandemic - and like you it felt really crowded and noisy. I wasn't a fan, so I haven't gone back since, even though our restaurants have been open (aside from the odd 3 day lockdown) since May/June last year! Maybe one day I'll get back into the swing of it!

    1. It's a good dress, Mica, but not a GREAT dress, and I'm not really feeling it, so you know it will go to a good home. I do have a LOT of dresses!

      I love eating out, but this was a pub/bar and very rowdy. I need to acclimate to eating out again! We can do it, right, Mica? :)

  4. It’s rainy and quite chilly here in NY so what a treat to visit your page and be greeted with color therapy! Yay! Hmm, I’ve come to appreciate that sometimes an outfit can look fabulous but not feel sufficiently comfortable, or the other way around. This Spring, because there was plenty of time ;) I was ruthless when putting away winter clothes. An item had to satisfy for comfort, color and fit or else into the donation pile it went. Actually felt good to have remaining the clothing I truly enjoy wearing plus realize what is missing from my wardrobe.

    I am in 100% agreement with Mica’s opening two sentences. :)

    We haven’t ventured to indoor public spaces other than food shopping, which we’ve been doing all along early Sunday mornings when the shop is close to empty. More power to you for trying an indoor dining experience! And I agree about the scariness of returning to a new normal. Whew.

    Here’s to L’s birthday week and your weekend!

    1. Oh dear, sorry to hear that, Laurie! I'm glad you enjoyed the bright colours. I am pretty ruthless myself when it comes to weeding out my wardrobe, and I don't really get attached to my clothes emotionally - it's easy for me to cull when I have to.

      Good for you for doing that winter clothing clear-out - it does really help you see what you need, any gaps, and doesn't it feel great to LOVE all your clothes?

      Yup, Mica knows me - we've been blog-friends for over 10 years!

      I've been out and about the whole time, but there haven't been that many people, so the increase in numbers has been alarming! I need to get used to it again.

      Thank you! His birthday is later this week, and we will have a fun weekend celebrating.

  5. I fully expect going back to (some kind of) normal to be scary as hell. I'm not good with larger groups at the best of times, so it will be just seeing other couples, one at a time, at first. But we'll have to wait another two weeks for eating out inside (that sounds odd, doesn't it?) will be possible here anyway.
    What a pity about the dress's issues, as it's gorgeous and oh so colourful. I could live without the pockets but wrinkling and gaping in the boobular region would certainly bother me as well. I love the red ruffled jacket with it, and how your mask echoes the embroidery. That said, I'm trying to be ruthless with my dresses. I am finally ready to admit I've got far too many of them, so any misbehaving ones are going straight into flea market pile.
    Have a most wonderful weekend, Sheila xxx

    1. Yes, that's what I'm doing too, Ann, just easing myself back into the idea of being around a lot of people again. I'm glad you'll be able to eat out again soon.

      Ah, it's okay - I didn't pay much for it, and I know it will go to a good home. I love the jacket, but yeah, there are SO many dresses already in my closet, and more that I will want to I have to let go of ones that aren't just perfect. Good for you, hon.

      Thanks, my dear!

  6. Congratulations on re-entering the land of normal. We are still in lockdown. I can fully understand that "normal" might be a bit overwhelming to begin with.

    Too bad about the dress because it's lovely, but sometimes a fling is all that is required.

    Wishing L a very happy birthday!

    1. Sorry to hear that, Nana - Ontario is really getting slammed. I'm really grateful that the Island has been barely touched by COVID.

      It's all right - Lol, I love that it's a "fling" - that's just perfect!

      Thank you!

  7. You are way ahead of us here in Ontario. We have been in lockdown/stay at home since early April and it is been very hard on my mental health. I was on "vacation" this week but really it just meant staying home but not having to be on my computer. I feel like when we finally are able to go out again and be around people it's going to freak me out.

    I like the joyful colours of the dress, but the no pockets and wrinkly fabric would likely make me pass it on too.

    1. We are - and on the Island, we have barely had any cases in weeks (less than 20 a day). It's hard to go through a lock-down, but it's also hard getting out there and being around people again. I know I'm going to have a few freak-outs!

      Thank you! Yeah, it was fine for a fling (thank you, Nana) but it's not with me for the long haul.

  8. Love the flashback! Yes, it's fun to slowly return to normal socializing. I had dinner with a friend upstate yesterday and am doing brunch with another tomorrow. Let's celebrate as we get back together. I'm sure L is also celebrating tonight with a Bruins playoff win. :)

    1. Isn't it awesome to see people in person again, Ally? I have really missed it so much. I am cherishing the time and definitely celebrating!

      Yes, he was so excited - and he's watching Game 2 now.

  9. What an eye-catchingly awesome dress! It's bold and beautiful, and stands out in the best kind of way. Plus, it subtly reminds me of the classic strips found on Hudson Bay blankets, coats, etc.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thank you! It reminds me of candy-stripe gum too.

  10. Pockets would be a win. I love the pattern.

    1. Yup, that might have saved it from the giveaway pile, Sam! Thank you!

  11. Totally understand that 'going back to normal is scary' and I'm in the same wavelength, feeling overwhelmed and needing some rest to recover from socializing!. But I'm managing it!
    Lovely outfit and lovely attitude, Red is always a great idea!, love this dress and cute jacket, and love this shoes and fabulous accessories, they create a fantastic ensemble which inspires me to wear More Colour! mwhaha!

    1. I'm managing it too, but my brain is saying "take it slow!"

      Thank you so much, my dear! I love all this colour.

  12. The outfit looks lovely and I love the accessories!

  13. I just ate inside a restaurant for the first time since February of 2020! It was amazing and I armored myself in some vibrant tie dye to deal with the public! I love this colorful dress on you. You look amazing as always, my friend!


    1. How awesome, Shelbee! Good for you for your Clothing as Armour tactics! Thank you!


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