Monday, May 17, 2021

Floral, Fringed Flashback and a Flop-Cat

I was all set Monday morning. My outfit was planned, my accessories were laid out ready to go, right down to nylons and camisole. But I didn't count on one of my new-to-me items messing things up. 
Both the zigzag fringed black top and the floral skirt are recent purchases. Guess which one was the "Whoops!"

  • Top - H&M, consignment; purchased here for $30.00
  • Skirt - J. Crew, thrifted; purchased here for $13.30
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog; last worn here in April with a blue gown
  • Coat (below) - Pioneer Wear, vintage 80s, thrifted; last seen here in November 2020

If you guessed this fringed top, gold star for you! As soon as I put it on, I realized it was not compatible with the skirt. 
I tucked it in (and then added a belt over the skirt's waistband), but the look of the top was not how I envisioned it. No time to change in the morning, so let's just roll with it. 

The rows of fringe are fun (shimmying is quite a spectacle), but I will have to try the top worn untucked, maybe go with the flapper-ish vibe of it more. 
I adored this skirt. Look at that gorgeous swirl of colour! 

Trying to show the slits in the skirt, and ignoring that the top erases my boobs entirely. 
Boobs? What boobs? That woman is flat as a pancake. 

Masked up. 
Ugh, the more I look at that top, the less I like it on me. The top half of my body looks like it's melting. 

However, my outerwear fills my heart with love and happiness! 
Did someone say "fringe"? Now, THIS is fringe, my friends! 

We're going to have a wee Flashback on this coat, so that you can enjoy the full fringe-o-rama experience. 
I'm in my Wonder Woman pose there - note the "W" shape at the small of my back. 

Outerwear stuff: 
The wonderful temps and sunshine of the weekend have given way to a white sky of clouds, but it's supposed to creep back up to 19-20 for our upcoming May Day long weekend. 

  • Silk scarf - Marc Rozier, consignment
  • Leather gloves - consignment
  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

The stuff: 
How I adore these shoes! The colour is so good. 

Blue bling: 
Well, it's almost all blue...

  • Cuff - thrifted
  • Eelskin hinged bangle - mine from the 80s, re-found and bought thrift
  • Earrings - local
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Belt - Danier

I added the bigass yellow cuff at the last minute. 

Flashback - Pioneer Wear Fringed Suede Coat

This spectacular beauty of a coat is one that I stalked at the Patch for close to 6 months before it finally got marked down here in August 2015 and I snapped it up. 
It's a very thick suede, and is a rich cobalt blue. Did I mention the fringe? We have fringe on the front! 

And we have fringe on the back! 
And we have fringe on the arms! 

Do I spy some pony beads? 
Yes, I do! There are 19 beads on each arm (I counted), in a rainbow of colours. 

Look at the metal buttons. 
They have Aztec/Mexican-inspired birds on them! 

The coat is by Pioneer Wear, a label I've seen a few times. I used to own two skirts by this brand: this turquoise fringed one (long gone, Vizzini ate a bunch of the fringe), and this black fringed one that I only wore a couple of times (hard to walk in).
It's made in the USA, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was marked down to $49.95 from $59.95. I suspect it's from the mid-80s, just before the Great Size Shift, as it's a snug size 10 (more like a modern size 6). 

I'm not sure why I didn't wear it until November 2015 - what was I waiting for? Maybe I was intimidated by the massive shoulder pads? Remember, in 2015 we really weren't into the big shoulder thing like we are now. 
I'm not going to link to previous Flashbacks in these outfits, as the coat was worn as outerwear nearly every time. I frequently wear it with other brights to go with the bold blue. 

I can tell I'm feeling it here in December 2015. 
I like to wear it out shopping, where I can waggle the beaded sleeve fringe at people who admire it. 

This was in November 2016 - there is a lot of room in the neckline region for a bulky scarf. 
The jacket has small horizontal pockets near the hemline where my hand is - good for a lip gloss or a bus ticket, but that's about it. 

More heavy-duty layering here in December 2017. 
I wore this outfit to work so I could shake my beads at my coworkers. 

One of the few times that I've worn the coat as a focus piece: for the February 2018 80s-themed Urbanite at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. I crimped my hair and wore some vintage 80s pieces. 
"What in the deliciously-fringed blue blazes are you wearing, Woman?"

I let the jacket hang off my shoulders, and held it around my elbows for the evening - it was too cool to go into the coat check! 

This has all the marks of a weekend shopping outfit, from December 2018. 
Basic outfit pieces, with a few "BAM!" things, like the jacket and the floral tights. 

I can see the jelly-deer peeking out at the neckline here in May 2019. 
This is another work outfit, although the jacket was removed for my day in the office. 

Our building landlords threw a Western-themed Oktoberfest party for us tenants in October 2019, so I got my cowgirl accoutrements on! 
Complete with my red cowboy boots. I did wear the coat during our lunch/activity time, to show it off. 

Worn in August 2020 for brunch out - a good reminder to myself that this really is a year-round coat! 
"Fringe for breakfast again?"

I can't believe this is the only time I've worn it with my picador skirt! 

It's the perfect topper for all this pink in November 2020, which is the last time I wore my fringe-tastic jacket. 
I like it with bold colours best. 

Mathy stuff: Today marks the 11th time wearing this coat, which is not a ton for a coat, but still good cost-per-wear at $4.54 per outfit. It is very much "A Look", though - it's not like I can just toss this on over anything. But I should wear it more often! 

How do you feel about bigass shoulder pads? Would you wear a coat like this? 

Vizzini, how are you doing? Blocking the direct route to the kitchen, I see. 
"I'm hot from laying in the sun."

He's such a flop-cat once we have consistent sun. He'll lay in it for hours, then come inside and just collapse wherever. We have to watch out for him on the "kitty camo" carpet, as he blends in - I've tripped over him more than once, to his righteous indignation. 

He just decides to sit where he wants to sit. 
"I approve of this spot."

All the legs tucked in, chin down, eyes firmly closed. We call this the "sneetch" position. Look at that sneetcher sneetching! 

Happy Monday, my friends! 


  1. I love that jacket, you wear it so well for such a statement piece! The skirt is my fave part of your outfit though, it's a shame you didn't like the top with it but good you gave it a wear and a try anyway!

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! I love everything...but the top. I tried it with a bunch of other things, and didn't like it then either, so off to the giveaway it's gone!

  2. Good morning She, if a top can make you look flat? I bet you will re-style it with something else and like it. May-be not the give away pile just yet. The skirt is stunning and the jacket is something else! That blue takes me back it was all the rage a long time ago and then made a come back. Of course don't care bout trends just saying. You look fab as always and I do love those earrings. My second jab is next week. Shazxx

    1. Hi, Shazz! Ha ha, I did try styling it with other things, and it wasn't meant to be. It's in the giveaway, but I can always pull it back if I feel like it...but I bet I won't.

      I adore the jacket - isn't she magnificent? Woo for your second jab!

  3. Funny, tops like that cut make me look even more top heavy. The skirt is so terrific. You wear the jacket so well.

    1. It felt like a black blob, Sam, didn't like it at all. I adore the skirt and the jacket - thanks!

  4. I guessed the top, as I thought what could possibly be wrong with the skirt you so expertly Folexed? Oh, how I hate it if outfits don't work out as planned, especially on a working day! I'm hearing you on the top, but I suggest you try styling it differently before deciding. It is rather nice and I like the thought of shimmying!
    That fringed jacket really is something else, and how divine is the "w" at the back. Wonder Woman indeed. I'm loving all the primary colours going on here, providing serious colour therapy.
    Vizzini is a true sun worshiper, and I had a giggle at his "sneetch" position. Cats can look comfortable in the weirdest positions, can't they? xxx

    1. Correct, Ann! Nothing wrong with that awesome skirt! The top is gone to the great giveaway - I tried it with a bunch of things, just didn't like any of them.

      I love the jacket, however! Thank you!

      Vizzini can sleep anywhere, in any position!

  5. Fabulous skirt! I can tell you don't really like the top but I thought it looked fine with the the blue shoes.

    Loved the jacket flashback. My favourite was with the picador skirt - wow! Yes, I would wear big shoulder pads still and I have biggish shoulders already.

    Have a great week

    1. Yeah, it isn't going to last, Vronni - I'm not even sure why I bought it!

      I adore the jacket with everything - and it's so fun to wear. Woo, big shoulders, ha ha!

      Thank you, Vronni, you too!

  6. The vibrancy of the outfit is spectacular especially when you added the jacket (I quite like the blues on top, in the skirt and on the bottom). I am not a fan of the black top (sorry black top, nothing personal!) It obscures your shape. I could see it more over jeans with a white tee shirt underneath. I know, that's not your style. ;-)

    Thoroughly enjoying the various posts of pictures of Vizzini through the Spring. Whoever said it was a dog's life obviously didn't know Vizzini. ;-)

    1. I like it with the jacket too, Laurie. I'm with you on the top, and it is GONE. It'll look amazing on one of my friends instead.

      Nope, that cat is the master of odd positions!

  7. I love a Vizzini caption! OOOh, beware this coat with him! Chewy, chewy!
    I adore the beautiful outfit- the colours work so beautifully and it looks very Mondrian to me! I really like the black fringe top even if it didn't work well in this outfit for you. You can shimmy most attractively in it!xx

    1. Yes, he immediately tries to go for the fringe, Kezzie1

      Thank you so much. I like the idea of this top, but not the execution. But I do like to shimmy.

  8. Funny how fringes make one look flat. I have just realized that in 1920s everyone wearing fringed dresses like that top must have looked flat---but I think back then in 1920 that must have felt like something new and interesting. I can see how these days it can feel more irritating than interesting. I don't mind looking flat (or flatter) in certain items but only if it makes sense with the whole look. If you're going to wear a skirt like than one, then a not fringed top makes sense as a normal top (as opposed to the fringed one) would accentuate your hour glass shape. I do love the blue fringe jacket. The skirt is fabulous as the blues in the pattern, they match wonderfully with the blues in your jacket.
    I love the wonder woman pose! I like to pull it out myself sometimes.
    Vizzini is adorable- and he does blend with that BW carpet (love how you called it cat camo carpet). Perhaps the only solution to avoid tripping over Vizzini is to buy a new carpet. Cats tend to nap wherever they want.

    1. You know, you are exactly right, Ivana - I tried this with a long column skirt or a flapper-y one, thinking of that too! But they didn't look good, and so the skirt is gone. I should have done a different top, but oh well, next time, right?

      Wonder Woman is the best!

      I've tripped over him so many times, and it was like that with our previous cats too! New carpet might be an idea!

  9. Now you've mentioned the melting top I can't unsee it!
    That skirt is gloriously 1980s, so cheerful and happy.
    I love it when cats just drop to the floor like they've been shot. Stephen does it when he gets back from the vet and Jon always accuses him of being a drama queen! xxx

    1. I know, right, Vix? It's so weird.

      I love the brights in the skirt - it's really a cheery piece.

      I know, just...PLOP. Down they go. Ha, Stephen the Drama Queen! Love it!

  10. Wow that was an epic post. I love the red dress. I had my colours done recently and I am summer.
    Have a lovely weekend.X

  11. Indeed the skirt is great. The shoes have me drooling and I do like the top. Perhaps not together with the skirt but it is fun.
    Fringes don't have my love, but that is entirely personal, which is why I don't own anything with a fringe.

    1. I like the fringe on the jacket, but the top enraged me - I'm not keeping it. The skirt's a winner, though! Thanks, Greetje!

  12. Those cobalt blue shoes really are stunning! That is one of my all-time favourite colours. I own next to nothing in at the moment, but seeing you rocking it here is inspiring me to keep my eyes peeled for more cobalt when thrifting becomes more feasible again. Thank you for the inspo, my dear friend!

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Aren't they, Autumn? I love that rich blue colour too. You need more cobalt! It's out there - it's been in favour many times over the years - and I know you'll find some.


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