Monday, June 8, 2020

Orange Accents and Grey Pleated Flashback

Back to work after a week off, and I was busy right till the end of the day. Phew, thank goodness I have tomorrow off. 
Um, this picture looked perfectly clear when I blearily checked it at 7:35am? I blame my coffee-less state.

  • Blazer - InWear; last worn here in March with loungey leopard
  • Sleeveless sweater - Twik, thrifted; last seen here in April with a haori and red pants
  • Skirt - Marc Jacobs, vintage, thrifted; last worn here in February with a tropical shirt
  • Shoes - Mission Monika, Fluevog; purchased here for $449.00, as a gift from L

I knew I'd be wearing these groovy new shoes with this skirt. They just go perfectly together.
"I can't believe you're abandoning me."

From there, the orange blazer was a natural match. The shoes, a ring and my earrings added extra orange accents.
"And the Man left too..."

I took the blazer off when I got glowy from tromping up the stairs.
"No one loves me..."

It was so dead at work - we are not bringing people back for a while still, so I only saw 4 people all day.
If no one sees your outfit in person, did you really wear it? Ooh, existential...

Done up for my walk to and from work.
"I guess I'll just sleep all day..."

And yes, Vizzini was very happy to see me when I got home.

The stuff:
When you have shoes like this, you build the outfit around them - greys and silvers were an easy pick. I'm happy to report they were SO comfy and squishy to wear. No pain or rubbing at all.

Silver and amber bling:
The little bits of amber in the ring and the earrings went so well with the shoes.

  • Belt - Shi Studio
  • Buckle - Shi Studio, thrifted
  • Necklace - Dots
  • Steel cuff - thrifted
  • Bangle - Lazy Susan's
  • Onyx/silver ring - Tocarra, vintage fair
  • Silver/amber ring - Past Times, gift from L, c. 1996
  • Silver/amber earrings - vintage 1930s, gift from L, vintage mall

Flashback Time! 

This lovely skirt is a beautiful piece of vintage Marc Jacobs from the early 00s. It's 100% silk, made in the USA, and those pleats are permanent. I've never had to steam them straight and the skirt never wrinkles. It's magic!

It is also a size 2 and *guffaw* I'm not a size 2. I've never been able to get the zipper done up to the top, but I have not let that stop me! You'll notice in a lot of these outfits that the waist is covered up with a wide belt - or if it's not, then I've hidden the 3-inch open zip in the back under an open jacket.

I bought it in March 2018 (here) for $19.99 (such a score!) and first wore it that same month - I always like to wear my new items right away!
Shades of grey with burgundy accents - I gave those magnificent too-big Fluevogs to my coworker Camille.

A couple of months later, I wore it with my Thousand Dollar Sweater and one of my annual white shirts.
That's a classic look - one of my personal faves. I miss those pink shoes, but they were crappy quality fabric.

This was a totally kooky look from August 2018.
You might recognize the shoes - everything else has been passed along. I mailed the jacket to Wendy Brandes in New York City (here) - it's gone to a good home.

This look from January 2019 could be easily duplicated with any matchy shoes and blazer + sparkly vintage rhinestones.
I tend to do fairly ladylike outfits with this skirt, but I also like to play against type.

Like in March 2019 with this wild top.
Over-the-top pink suede ruffles!

I like the contrast of the girly skirt with edgier items like my concert tee and a ginormous brooch.
 This is a great way to showcase a graphic tee. Blazer + pleated skirt + low heels and a bigass brooch.

I wore the same belt today as I did for my birthday back in October 2019.
Monochrome with grey textures. This is the second time I've worn those grey t-strap shoes with it. So matchy!

This is probably my least favourite of all the looks I've done with this skirt. I'm glad I got rid of that blouse - this skirt deserves better.
This was in February of this past year. I keep the skirt out all year round, because it's so awesome and versatile.

This grey skirt is my version of a wardrobe basic, because it's not Just Another Grey Skirt. It's silk, it's made in the US, it's designer, it's vintage, it's permanently pleated! I'm not sure if I'll ever find a better grey skirt. And with today's outfit, I've worn it 9 times, so I'm just over $2 per wear, and it's worth every penny!


  1. The first day back to work after a vacation is always so hard; glad you made it through OK. Even though those to die for shoes only had a live audience of four, I sure hope they were all truly appreciative of being in the presence of greatness.

    I love the flashback pictures. Pleats can be exhausting to to take care of so that is a wonder of a skirt for sure - permanent pleats - what will they think of next!

    1. It's easier with no one in the office! I don't think any of my colleagues noticed my shoes (men!). Sigh, but I will wear them again, for sure.

      Thank you so much - I like the little strolls down memory lane! The permanent pleating speaks to the high quality of this piece.

  2. Those shoes are incredible, I love them! Worth every penny.
    The skirt has certainly earnt its rightful place in your wardrobe, it looks wonderful in every outft you've shown us and you prove that nobody should take any notice of a size label, if you love it you'll find a way to wear it!
    Glad work wasn't too trying! xxx

    1. Thank you, Vix! I love them too. It's such a great skirt, such good quality - I always ignore sizing and will try anything that's in my range. Thanks, my dear!

  3. I love the orange blazer with the orange shoes, it's great they were so comfortable for a first wear too! :) I am looking forward to getting to wear my orange blazer...I bid on an ebay auction for it before everything started changing and by the time I won it there were murmurs that things might start closing down. It turned up eventually in the post 2 weeks after I'd started working from home and it's not been worn since, haha! Feels a bit too overdressed for days at home with the kids but maybe I can break it out in spring when it warms up to have a very formal school run style!

    1. Thanks, Mica! Ooh, you got an orange blazer - I'm looking forward to seeing it on you! Eh, who cares about being overdressed - wear it!

  4. The detail on those shows is so much fun! I hope you're having a good week friend!

  5. How fab are those shoes? I loved your outfit. The blazer was perfect with the shoes and the lovely skirt. You have certainly worn the skirt plenty; what a great piece it is.

    1. They are pretty fab indeed, Vronni! Thank you - I liked it too, but I love the skirt.

  6. I know going back to work after some time off can be quite exhausting, catching up and all that. Last week, I had five days off as there was a bank holiday on Monday, and it took me well over two hours just to go through my emails. But, wearing a fabulous outfit does help, and yours is certainly all kinds of fabulous. Your new groovy pair of shoes is absolutely perfect with that skirt, and the sleeveless top, belt and pendant are perfect too! Aww, I always love seeing your flashbacks! That skirt has certainly earned its keep. xxx P.S. There was something in my mailbox today that totally cheered me up and made me cry a little at the same time! Guess what it is ...

    1. It was not too bad, Ann, mostly because no one was around! It did take me close to 2 hours to get through all the emails, though. Thank you, my dear! I enjoy doing the Flashbacks. Aw, glad you got the letter! Hugs to you.

  7. That skirt is an excellent wardrobe staple, and as you have pointed out, it's definitely not boring. The colour goes with pretty much everything and permanent, no-iron pleats are the best!

  8. Mmm,good idea. I think I will be wearing my grey skirt today. Love it with that orange. Never thought of that combination.

  9. Goodness, do I adore the monochrome grey look. It has the most delight, subtle mid-century feel to it. Plus, I melt like a crayon in July for grey clothing.

    I love how you often (re)share outfit photos starring the same item(s) of clothing again here in new posts. Doing so makes them feel like mini lookbooks unto themselves and provides such treasure trove of styling inspiration.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I like that one too, Autumn - I've always enjoyed a monochrome look. I'm enjoying doing these retrospectives, and it's inspiring to me, too!

  10. You built some great outfits around this grey skirt, but the last one with your new shoes and orange jacket is the best in my eyes. I hope a lot of people saw you walking. A girl needs to have a catwalk.

    1. Aw, thanks, Greetje! No, no one saw me walking. :( Even if they did, I'm all laden with bags, and am wearing runners.

  11. That's a gorgeous grey skirt. I think a pleated skirt is such a great item to have in our closet. The outfit you wore for work was very stylish- even if nobody saw you. The orange jacket is fabulous. I also enjoyed the fashion flashback.
    I have a vintage pleated skirt I absolutely adore. The label says made in West Germany:)...but I might need to steam the pleats one of these days, they don't look so good these days. Hold onto that pleated dress that needs no ironing- that's magic for sure.

    1. This one is such nice quality, Ivana. Thank you so much. Ooh, West Germany - you can date it! Anything no iron is awesome!

  12. Totally agree that 'When you have shoes like this, you build the outfit around them', pearls of wisdom!
    And how fabulous are these shoes!, love them and love how you styled them!. Your orange blazer is a stunning piece, its color is so vitaminic!. And love all the accessories you picked, the amber accents, the subtle silver shine which matches your skirt!. So delightful!
    Lovely recap too, it's amazing to see this skirt in so many outfits.

    1. I so agree! These are challenging shoes for many people, including me, so the best way is to create an outfit around them.

      Thank you! I am delighted that you are delighted. :)

  13. What weird times we're living in at the moment. I swear I've become institutionalised and just love being at home all day, every day. I don't miss outside life and apart from my daily sea swims could happily live indoors forever. See? Institionalised!

    But hey, those shoes are just out of this world! The outfit is tremendous and yes, the skirt is perfect to go with these. I'm off to trawl though my wardrobe to find some of my pleated skirts now that you've got me thinking x

    1. I know, it's just the strangest thing to live through, isn't it? I like being home too, but I confess I really miss my office full of coworkers!

      I love the shoes - glad you do too! I'd love to see your pleated skirt collection!

  14. What a great ride that pretty pleated skirt has had, I think I own a similar one but much shorter.
    It looks so cool with the orange.

    1. I have not always been a fan of pleats, but I really loved this one. Thanks!


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