Monday, June 4, 2018

Visible Weekend Wrap-Up: Belted Friday, Sundress Saturday, and Birthday Bad Gal

A bit of an outfit catch-up as I cruise into my week off work, and, like Patti's "Visible Monday", I'm taking a media break.
But I've been slightly visible, as you can see!

But before we get to that above outfit and event, let's go back to Friday's outfit. Last day before my week off...
 I had a pseudo-military look going on, with the belt and boots. I needed to be "large and in charge." Get stuff done!

  • Jacket - Etro, consignment; last worn here in February with leather pants
  • White shirt - thrifted; last worn here in May under a heavy sweater
  • Skirt - Handcut by Preloved, gift from Emily, first shown here
  • Boots - Vog Together, Fluevog, consignment; first worn here in April with a funky dress

I'd intended to wear it like this: 

 ...but it didn't feel quite right. This does show the skirt and belt off really well, though. The skirt is made out of a men's suit jacket.

The belt is in the giveaway pile after this first outing. It did not stay in place - the buckle is too heavy, and it kept falling down, and pulling off to the side.
 I hate misbehaving clothes! I have no time for guff from my accessories either!

Hand in pocket.
 Holding the belt in place.

I ended up wearing my jacket all day, both for warmth and to class it up a bit.
The skirt is really short. I'm wearing a short black half-slip under it, and also beige fishnet tights, but it was SHORT. I've put it into the fall/winter pile, so that I can wear it with solid tights and/or tall boots for more coverage.

I did take the jacket off several times to show off the lining.
 It's Etro, it's a work of art!

With my little purse, in its inaugural wear.
 Holding the belt down again!

The stuff:
 Fabulous boots. I walked home in these, very slowly, while carrying a cake. I pinched my back, bending over at work, so I was really happy to have on a comfy pair of shoes. Getting older sucks. I've had to baby my back all weekend.

Odd bling:
 The purse felt very small. I'm used to a bigger one. It's also surprisingly heavy for such a small thing.

  • Purse - Prada, gift from Dominique
  • Ring - consignment
  • Earrings - don't remember
  • Belt - thrifted for $4.95, first and last wearing

I rescinded my acceptance for Saturday Ultimate Frisbee due to my back. It was feeling slightly better, but I wanted to be safe. Instead, I slept in and walked (slowly) to town to meet L and Nick for lunch at Floyd's after the game.
 It was lovely and sunny out.

  • Shrug - Marciano, thrifted; last seen here with stripes and floral in April
  • Dress - Nanette Lepore, thrifted; purchased here in October 2017 for $5.00
  • Shoes - Prepare Guides, Fluevog; last worn here in the same outfit as the shrug in April

Minimal make-up and effort made.
 But it did give me the opportunity to finally wear this light silk dress that I bought back on October. I'm still boggled that this sold for $260.00 originally and that I found it for FIVE DOLLARS.

The dress was...okay. It is very low cut in the boobular region, which led to quite a bit of fussing.
 It's short, which I don't mind in a casual weekend dress. I would not wear this to work, not even with something under it or over it. Too skimpy.

This will probably be awesome in very hot weather, but I don't think it will last long in my wardrobe.
 But it's so pretty!

The cut doesn't line up with regular bra straps.
 Annoying. I don't have many specialty bras (they are tricky to find in my size), and I can't be bothered to do a strapless with it.

The stuff:
 Very comfy shoes. They're getting worn out, I wear them so much.

Turquoise bling:
 Simple stuff. I forgot to put these on for all but the stair picture. Did you notice?

  • Ring - local
  • Earrings - Mango's

We had a birthday party for L on Saturday night. Here's the cake!
 It was chocolate and vanilla cake with a raspberry filling. Yum!

We had a "2018 Bond Villains Ball" theme party for his 48th birthday!
 I wanted to wear this stretchy pink satin dress, so I built my character around it.
  • Dress - Antonio D'Errico, thrifted; purchased here for $15.00
  • Shoes - Effortless Bebe, Fluevog; last seen here (3rd outfit) in April with the firecracker dress

Guests were asked to dress up as either a James Bond-style villain or a henchperson/sidekick, and to bring a backstory or scheme for world domination. 

I'm Cacklin' Rosie (a word-play off the Neil Diamond song, "Cracklin' Rosie"), a henchperson for hire, in the vein of Harley Quin from Batman. 
 I am covered in pink, from head to toe! I also rubbed pink glitter liquid highlighter all over my arms, cleavage/chestal area, and face.

The dress was very stretchy and easy to wear, and the shoes were nice and low, so that I didn't strain my back.
 We had a hilarious time - our friends really got into the theme - and gave out trophies, danced and partied till the last person left at 3am.

The stuff: 
 Slightly blurry, as were most of my pictures from that night!

Pink bling:
 The curly things were found at the dollar store in the gift-wrapping section for $1.00 each. I used clips to attach them to the base of my pig-tails.

  • Bangle - local
  • Dragon bangle - Lazy Susan's
  • Crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Amethyst/gold ring - Dad's, Frances Jewelers, c. 1965
  • Earrings - gift from Sherri
  • Leaf bracelet - vintage, thrift shop in Powell River

We had a guest book to sign. There were some really funny, bizarre and drunken schemes for taking over the world!
 The happy faces are one of my props. I put them on people's nametags as I offered my henchperson credentials to all the villains.

This is my "advertisement" of my services for hire.
 Hee hee! Happy Birthday, L!

Vizzini hid for most of the party, but hoovered up cake crumbs while we slept in the next day.
"I'm full of cake and chip bits. You people are messy."
 L and I spent Sunday chilling out and binge-watching "The Terror".
"When I want your lap, I'll take it."
 He was very happy to have us to himself for the whole day.
"I'm ecstatic."
Have a great week! I'll be back at some point later this week, but for now, I'm on vacation!


  1. Happy Birthday to L.! Sounds like a wonderful party, and I'm definitely going to keep Cacklin' Rosie in mind for my next attempt at world domination (a good henchwoman is hard to find!)

  2. What a fun party! I love your outfit, and I really like that pretty dress with the turquoise, even if it won't last long in your wardrobe it's so nice and good you can give it a few more wears.

    Hope your back has healed up nicely and you are enjoying your time off!

    1. I hope I'll be able to fit another wear in, Mica, but it was an annoying dress to wear. Thank you!

  3. Sounds like a great party, and I absolutely love Cacklin' Rosie! You are too funny! Shame about the wandering belt, but the skirt will look lovely with opaques in Winter. The dress is fabulous, but I'm hearing you on its skimpiness ... But oh, those shoes! I bet you will be sad when they finally wear out! Have a lovely week off, Sheila. xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! It was a hoot! I hope those shoes never wear out!

  4. Lovin' the first pair of shoes. And now you have me wanting to go to Floyd's!

    1. Of course! They've changed the menu a bit, but still delicious!

  5. Happy Birthday to L! What a fun themed party and a fabulous pink outfit. I love your handwriting.
    What a shame about that pesky belt, it showed your tiny waist off a treat.
    Hope that back is feeling a little easier. Give Vizzini a cuddle from me. xxx

    1. Thank you, Vix! Somehow, something like handwriting can make a person that much more "real". The belt was horrid! Thank you - cuddles will be dispensed.

  6. Thank pink satin number! What can I say! Also your hair is fabulous. Happy birthday to L ! I’m glad you are celebrating and I’m also glad that you’re taking a social media break, it is important that we do that every so often. Also I really love that pseudo-, military look. Have a wonderful time on your break.

    1. Aw, thanks, Elle! It's been good to step away from everything this week, but an interim post is on the way!

      These looks feel so long ago, ha! Happy week to you!

  7. Wohooo happy birthday to L !
    That satin dress is a treat.
    I LOVED the Etro blazer and the upcycled skirt, so very clever !!
    Too bad for the belt...

    1. He's getting up there, ha ha! Thank you! Yes, that belt was a disappointment.

  8. Oh no, the 'turquoise monstrosities' aren't on their way out are they?! You'll have to get some lookalikes for L to despise! (I've just read the week of entries on shoes L hates from 2014 and laughed so much - have you done any other series like this that I've missed? I'd love to see another such week with L's acerbic wit)

    1. No, no, they are fine, just wearing out a bit - Fluevog still makes them anyway, so I can always get another pair. Yes, I did another series of "Shoes My Husband Hates" here in 2016: - Enjoy!

  9. Stunning party outfit Sheila! That hot pink looks amazing on you. And oh what fun you seemed to have.
    I loved that skirt made out of a jacket too, and how cute is that little green purse! It's so nice to see you wearing more purses lately.

    Anna x

    1. Thank you, m'dear! It was a blast! I'm trying on the purse steps!

  10. It looks like L had a great birthday. You look so frickin' adorable in all your Perfect Pinkness.


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