Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Photobombed in Green and Cream

"You're going to be on my blog," I said this morning to one of our building roofers, as he and another guy laid carpet down in my hallway. And here you go, a classy butt right behind my head. Happy Wednesday! 
 I'm actually laughing there as opposed to "Posing Smile."

  • Blazer - Emporio Armani, 90s vintage, thrifted; last seen here in January with jeans
  • Silk beaded blouse - Jones New York, vintage, thrifted; last worn here in April 2017 with silk velvet and silk dots
  • Trousers - Banana Republic, thrifted; purchased here for $22.95
  • Shoes - Elegant Conversations Kendra, Fluevog; last seen here in April with copper drape

This is Posing Smile. *Beep beep beep beeeeeep* goes the timer on the camera.
 I always like to show off this beautiful silk beaded top, even when I don't wear the outfit sans jacket.

It's beaded front and back, with mother-of-pearl buttons up the back. No stretch, as it's fully-lined silk crepe.
 I liked how it went with these shoes, and it was special enough to work with the trousers without upstaging them.

With jacket. My super-klassy Armani (made in Italy!) from the 90s jacket. Love.  I should have scrunched the sleeves up for the pictures - that's how I always wear my jackets.
I loved these trousers, although they stretched out a bit over the day, and I was conscious of not showing my stomach, as they are not high-waisted.

Jacket done up for walking to and from work.
 It was grey and raining this morning, so I had to carry a brolly. By the time I walked home it was sunny and windy. Even though it's June, it's firmly still spring here.

The stuff:
 I love these shoes, even though they are slightly high for a day in the office. This is my favourite way to do a neutral shoe: floral and a texture. I'm all about texture.

Matchy bling:
Also an excuse to wear this new-to-me hematite necklace for the first time.

  • Necklace - thrifted for $5.95 (first wear)
  • Bracelet - thrifted, Powell River
  • Earrings - Stella & Dot, consignment, Vancouver
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy
  • "Death Star" ring - Soul Flower


  1. Hello, Mr Roofer!
    Those emerald green skinnies look wonderful with the beaded top and the klassy jacket. xxx

  2. Those green pants are so cool, Sheila! That beaded blouse is gorgeous and those shoes are fabulous too. You look fantastic! I love the first photo of you laughing! ;) XXX

    1. Thank you, Sasha! It's rare for me to be caught in a laugh like this!

  3. I love the unexpected photo bomber! I get awfully self conscious about photos and wouldn't be able to do it with an audience in the background, ha! I'm too used to my (mostly) quiet spot each morning. I really like all of these pieces together in your outfit, they work perfectly together!

    Thanks so much for your tip regarding the photo direction - I should play with my tripod more. Especially being petite, anything to add height, even visually, is a good idea! Haha!

    1. Yes, usually it's Vizzini poking his face (or tail) into a picture. This time: roofer! I still get self-conscious about getting caught.

      You're so welcome, Mica! I only learned that because L used to take my pics (back in the early days of blogging) and I always looked really short!

  4. These pants are really attractive. I rarely say that about trousers but these are exceptional. Your co-model is a funny addition. I get nervous when anyone sees me taking pictures for my blog. Do you?

    1. Thank you! I agree - I think the colour really makes it. Yes, and no, to getting nervous. My stair pose pics are pretty private, so I rarely get 'bombed there. I don't think I could do a photo shoot out in the neighbourhood!

  5. More classy trousers - they team so well with your blouse and blazer.

    My daughter takes most of my pictures - she is hoping to take up photography as a career.

    1. Thank you so much, Rebecca! Your daughter does a great job on your pictures!

  6. Oh dear, being photo-bombed by a roofer :-) I'm totally in love with your green trousers and your silk beaded top is such a stunning piece. The addition of the blazer and the shoes make this a quirky yet very elegant outfit. xxx

    1. Yes, such a lovely bum in the background, lol, Ann! Thank you so much!

  7. Love those trousers----and the rear shot :D

  8. I do like your laughing face in the "butt bomb" photo ;) The beaded top looks lovely with those fab green pants.

  9. Haha, don't you just love those photo bombers... ?
    Actually I think your trousers are amazing: color, cut and fit - they look awesome She.

    1. It's always funny when you get one, isn't it? Thank you, Lorena!


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