Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Valentino and Equestrian Pink

I have a cadre of coworkers - both men and women - that I chat clothing with.
 They come to see what I'm wearing, and I point out details of my outfit, what I paid, stuff about the brands, as well as fabric, design and colour.

  • Blouse - Cache (cash-AY!), thrifted; first seen here in March with the perfect pencil skirt
  • Skirt (part of a suit) - Valentino, vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here in January with teal velvet
  • Shoes - Asos, consignment; last seen here in May with a glorious beaded sweater

It's kind of like the live and in-person version of my blog, ha! I like to try to educate my coworkers on how to dress well on a budget, as well as how to express yourself through your clothing.
My biannual wearing of this VALENTINO wool, Italian-made skirt (with pockets!). It has a matching jacket, pic here, details here from when I bought it for $12.00.

On the top, we have a stretch silk blouse, with an equestrian theme and bronze snaps instead of buttons. I have a brown cami underneath, as the neckline dives a bit low.

You can tell this is quality; check out the back.
 The pattern is centred! It is on the front and sleeves as well. It's a waste of fabric when cutting a garment from a pattern, so indicates a better-made item. I'm still boggled that I paid $10 for it - bargain!

The stuff:
 Another wearing of my pinky-peach shoes. I get quite a bit of wear out of these, and they are starting to show it. Must find new pink shoes. Thrift gods, smile upon me!

Equestrian bling:
You couldn't see the bracelets due to the sleeves of the blouse being a bit long, but I knew they were there!

  • Necklace - Banana Republic, thrifted 
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Chain/leather cuff - thrifted
  • "Gucci" bangle - gift from Mom & Dad, from Italy


  1. I love chatting clothing. You can tell when it's authentic, male/female. We all participate daily in it.

  2. I channeled you tonight She, as I cleaned out and organized my shoe locker. Seasonal rotation- felt great!

    I also loved learning about the cut of patterns and appreciating seeing it get lined up in the seams, through you!

    1. Oh, good work, sweets! I love being able to help my friends out with learning about clothes!

  3. I'm sure being your friend (in person) is like attending a fashion seminar. And, honestly, you could charge for the advice you give, it's that valuable.

    1. I would love to give a fashion seminar - so much to talk about! Meh, that sounds like work! ;-P

  4. That's the only thing I miss about paid employment - discussing my clothes with colleagues!
    I'm astounded at how bad the pattern matching is on cheaply made clothes and amazed that people buy them. xxx

    1. I know, right? Who else can you chat clothes with? Agree - so much cheap and poorly made stuff out there.

  5. I can see why you'd have your coworkers interested, you not only dress well but you know so much about fashion! I like your outfit too, as always you put it together so thoughtfully.

  6. Of course the wool Valentino skirt makes its appearance !
    I can imagine your co workers going in for their daily bit of Sheila :) I would too.

    1. All the people on my floor pass me - some check out my outfits, some don't. I do the rounds of our other two floors and visit the fashionable people at the end of the day. It's lovely. You'd be one of my stops, for sure!

  7. Hey She !
    Regarding the answer to this post
    I paid just 27.00 USD for it !!! Can you believe that?


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