Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Cropped Cranes, Lemon Leather, and Funky Flatforms

Today's outfit got lots of likes at work. 
 Cranes must be popular birds.

  • Top - H&M, consignment; last seen here in July 2017 with variations of yellow
  • Skirt - Firenze, vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here in December 2017 with badass black
  • Shoes - Chie Mihara; purchased here on the weekend for $199.50
  • Jacket (below) - Club Monaco, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) a couple of weeks ago

I've had this top for a couple of years now, and I still have the love for it.
 I pulled the bright yellow from the birds and wore this acid lemon yellow (pearlized!) leather skirt. It's very 80s (high waist!) and worked great with the cropped top.

The back of the top is lower than the front.
Gotta love a leather skirt.

Outerwear - windy and sunny, pretty typically spring. Not too warm.
 This lovely linen jacket was just right. More croppage.

The stuff:
 The shoes look quite orangey in the first pictures, but they are a rusty brown. This was the first wearing of them and they were amazing. Completely comfortable - I could walk all day in these. That heel is only net 1 inch high! Hurray for flatforms!

Gold bling:
First wearing of these new-to-me earrings as well. Loved them - not too heavy.

  • Cuff - thrifted
  • Bracelet - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Earrings - Biko, consignment


  1. My daughter has a jacket in this crane print and I covet both of these items now. I really like the pairing today with this lemon skirt; it heralds spring, if not summer. Can you believe it's about to be June?!!

    Anna x

    1. It's shockingly well-made for H&M. I know, where does the time go?

  2. Cool outfit! The shoes are so 70's (unfortunately too high for me at 1.71 m), and the interesting skirt - all such unique pieces - you look great. Lise

    1. You're 5'6" or 7"? That's not THAT tall! I'm 5'4". Thank you so much, Lise!

  3. Wow, that crane print top is fabulous, no wonder it's still a favourite after all those year! Very clever of you to pick up the bright yellow by teaming it with that leather skirt. I really love those "flatforms". They do indeed look very comfortable and I'm sure they will last you forever! xxx

    1. Isn't it a fun piece? I love the pattern and never thought I'd like a swing top that much. I love the flatforms! So comfy!

  4. what a lovely outfit, the crane print top is fabulous, and it matches so nicely with the yellow skirt!, and lots of interesting textures too!
    These shoes look stunning! totally rock!

  5. This is such a fabulous outfit, Sheila! I love the cranes and that skirt is absolutely gorgeous. Your new shoes match perfectly and those earrings complement your outfit so well too! Fantastic! XXX

  6. I can see why it got a lot of interest, it's a lovely outfit! I like the skirt and top together, it's a nice colour combo as well as the lengths together looking great! :)

    1. I usually do a longer skirt with the top so that it makes me look taller - I do love the acid yellow with the top this time 'round. Thanks, Mica!

  7. Oh that skirt fits perfectly and the colors of the outfit work so well.
    I am going to need a close up of the earrings when worn.

    1. The skirt is actually a bit big on me right now, but eh. *shrug* Okay, okay, I will do a close-up of the earrings!

  8. I am loving the lemon leather. That is a fun and alliterative thing to say. I love the styling with the gray top from H&M. Yellow and gray is one of my favorite color combinations. I also love platforms just like that. The arch is not so high so one can walk and be comfortable and tall.

    1. Hee, isn't it? Thanks so much! Yes, I've been looking for more shoes like this - they only LOOK high!

  9. Hi Sheila, I love to see you in thsi gorgeous yellow leather skirt. It makes my heart beating faster for you (hihihi).

    Many hugs and kisses, xxx

  10. Hmmmm, did I see that you commented that the skirt is a bit too big on you??? I adore the colour of it, and if it fit me, and you got tired of it, we should talk.
    I would have arm-wrestled you for that crane top. There's not much that I like from H&M but occasionally they do great pieces like this.


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