Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Jeans Week: Disco Dutch and Purple Tigers

This is my first outfit all week featuring actual jeans - are you shocked? Jeans! 
 These jeans drove the rest of the outfit in a very specific way.

  • Blouse - Guess, consignment, Sidney; last seen here (3rd outfit) in August 2017 for a drawing trip to a sunflower farm
  • Jeans - Gap, thrifted; last worn here (4th outfit) in April for an evening of boardgames post-theatre
  • Shoes - Prepare Hi Steady, Fluevog; last seen here in September 2017 with the Dries circus skirt

See, the jeans...they are very low-waisted! I have to wear a long-ish top so that I'm not exposing my bum every time I bend over. No crack-a-lackin' here!
 I was happy to see this lovely bright yellow blouse back after the grey winter - it has purple tigers on it!

There's one there!
 I'm wearing a soft blue cami under this blouse that is also really long, so it tucks well into these jeans without coming untucked.

The jeans don't usually get worn to work (I wore them for the first time here in February with Armani and cashmere). I'd do a different bottom, like a skinny skirt, usually.
 But I quite liked the boho vibe of this outfit, from the slight flare of the (self-hemmed!) frayed legs, to the drapey top.

The stuff:
 I clomped around in these bad boys - these shoes weigh about 4 pounds for the pair. Heavy! They were named "Disco Dutch" (even though they are the Prepare Hi Steady shoe, ahem) the first time I wore them, here in March 2013 (I have short blonde hair there!). I still have that Etro blazer, but nothing else in the outfit.

Glass bling:
The colours in this necklace were perfect for the blouse, but it was too long - so I knotted it! Bam, I felt so darned clever!

  • Necklace - Oscar & Libby's
  • Earrings - can't remember, mid-90s
  • Amethyst ring - gift from Dad, c. 1984?
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop, Florence, Italy


  1. Purple tigers? Be still my beating heart! What a fab print and super cool shoes, too.
    Nothing wrong with jeans as long as you accessorise the hell out of them - and you do! xxx

    1. I know, so cool, right? Yes, I agree. I hate jeans being the default for any top - they need to be special!

  2. woww, I love that print!, purple tigers! and the color is so fabulous!, and it matches so perfectly your shoes!. Lovely boho style, lovely accessorizing!

  3. I love the yellow with the jeans - blue and yellow is one of my loved colour cobos since I've been embracing yellow more lately! :)

  4. You're rocking those jeans, Sheila. That tiger print top is perfect with it, and those shoes are super cool! I sometimes knot my longer necklaces too. I clicked on your link to have a look at you with your short blond hair, and what a difference. I hardly recognized you! xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! The knotting thing is pretty new to me - I can't think of too many times that I've done it. Hee, don't I look different? I wasn't blonde for long.

  5. Nice colors. And shoes like these always draw attention. Lately I've been shopping Fluevog and found only a few of the men's shoes that appeal to me (I plan to get one pair). There are MANY of their women's shoes I'd buy but sadly they don't come in large sizes (12). Darn!

    1. Women's size 12 is so difficult! Good luck with your first Fluevog purchase - I'm excited to see what you get.

  6. Purple tigers!!!! Love that blonde flashback!!!

  7. I too like this boho Sheila look, the jeans look so good.

    1. Thanks, Lorena! The jeans were a little snug, but I liked them too.

  8. Now this is the way to style jeans, yay! Love the yellow against the blue and those shoes were surely a workout for you all day long.

    Anna x

    1. Yes, I liked this outfit. The shoes are good exercise!


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