Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What a Crock: Aqua and Magenta

Today was my company's quarterly meeting (over lunch) so I dressed for the occasion: yup, I matched my shirt to my hair. It always goes over well. 
I'd actually planned to wear a mustard sweater with this instead of the magenta shirt, but the sweater was too casual-looking for my taste, so swaperoo, there you go.

  • Shirt - Banana Republic, thrifted; last seen here in January with matchy hair (again!)
  • Skirt - Leifsdottir, Anthropologie; purchased here in Vancouver a few weeks ago for $89.00
  • Shoes - Two Lips, consignment; last worn here in March with lilac and white

I liked the outfit overall, although the skirt's longer front/back are maybe a titch too long for flats. However, I had a lot of running around to do, so flats it was.
The skirt was wonderful, until I noticed that my legs were turning blue! It was crocking on my thighs! What is crocking? Check it out here on a lovely vintage label from my blue suede jacket (which has never actually crocked), and on this turquoise skirt that I purchased here back in 2011 (same brand as the jacket). Hey, Anthropologie, you might want to put a "crocking warning" on your suede!
One section of my tights are pale blue, the other side are cream. That had better come out when I wash them or I'm going to be ticked.

The stuff:
Lots of sun this afternoon. Our cleaner should be here soon - in fact, she's late. Where the heck is my cleaner?

Those shoes were great for a day of busy-ness, although the beads snagged my tights. Those tights are doomed, I tell you!

Pink and blue bling:
If you're doing a bold necklace, keep your earrings simple.

  • Necklace - vintage store, gift from L
  • Earrings - local
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

You heard it here first...and that's no crock!


  1. Maybe try soaking tights in water w/ a couple of glugs of white vinegar added. Good for wine stains--might work here.

  2. Love this color combination, Sheila. And you taught me a new fashion term today: crocking. I have to try to use it in a sentence, without crocking up (sorry). Great office look, xox


  3. There's something primally attractive about you when you dress to match your hair-color. It goes beyond conscious thought: you look like a different species of human, one that's more good-looking than ours. No wonder you get lots of compliments from it.

    1. Ooh, the primal purple! Ha! "More good-looking" - oh, go on!

  4. You taught me a new word. It's a good one! Do companies not test these things before they start selling their products? It's kind of a basic concept that your clothes shouldn't bleed all over you, I mean crock. I hope the stain comes out. I love the skirt. "Crocking up"? Hahaha.

    1. You would think so, especially at that price! I would be royally ticked if I'd paid full price then worn this skirt with a white shirt (which I almost did).

  5. Hi Sheila, have you missed me? Have been a bit over-run but am doing a big catch up tonight, working backwards towards the big-ass change over. Before I head off, I have to say aqua and magenta look fab on you (never done that one myself). Heels would have been good, but sometimes practicalities have to win the vote.
    Anna x

  6. Hmmm crocking... i have learned a new word today :)
    I like the color combo and like you, think this would have looked even better with heels. But, you're Sheila!!


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