Monday, April 25, 2016

Half-Assed Weekend Wrap-Up: Saturday Shopping, Crafternoon and Lilac PJs for Monday

One thing (among many) I have learned about blogging is that in order to have interesting stuff to post, you have to DO interesting things. Go places, experience things, have fun. Write about them later.
A brunch and shopping outfit for Saturday.

  • Dress - H&M, consignment; last seen here at the beginning of April
  • Shoes - Camper; last worn here with ginko and a lost flower (never did find it)

Not enough people for Ultimate, so L and I brunched together. It's nice just to chill with my sweetie.

Of course, I immediately abandon him to go shopping after. I had to get some supplies for Crafternoon, and well, of course I had to have a wee peek around a few of my favourite thrift stores, right?
It was a little chilly out, so I wore my lavender leather jacket.
Coffee, the best accessory!
The stuff:
After a full day of shopping in these shoes, they are in the giveaway pile. They really were painful, and they're in rough shape. Thank you for all the wears, lavender shoes.

  • Earrings - Oscar & Libby's

In addition to crafting supplies, which I left on a counter in a department store for about 30 minutes, but were still there when I went back (phew!), I did buy a few things for me...

The first stop was The Patch, where I gritted my teeth as hipsters cooed over the vintage stuff I wore when I was a teenager. I found this magnificent non-vintage top.
Behold, the copper glory! 
Friends, that is leather. Copper leather!

And check out the back:
Industrial zipper and grosgrain ribbon? Sure, why be normal?

Definitely not vintage. It's by Asos and was $16.95.
I am pretty sure they didn't realize it was leather (fully-lined too!) or it would have been more pricey. A bit of snooping around online reveals that this top is from about 3 years ago, and last sold on the Asos website for about $169.00. That's a score!

Another score with another piece of leather, this time a skirt.
Oh sweet cream asymmetrical crazy pocket goodness! This snaps up the front.

And it's by Mackage, and it's made in Canada! And since it's from the ".com" era, we can safely assume it's not that old either. They have a similar skirt (this one, linking 'cause I love) for $490.00 US on their site.
Considering mine was $39.95, I'm okay with that.

This is not a size 2, though. Maybe a size 6.
That's why I always try stuff on. I don't trust sizing. They're just random numbers. 2 what? Feet? Inches? Pounds?

From there, I cruised over to the WIN Warehouse Store, where I found another pair of skinny cropped pants.
I don't really care that I'm 3-5 years behind the "Trend Train". I think I need a pair of magenta trousers. So there.
$14.95 for Ralph Lauren is pretty good.

I strolled a little further afield to the WIN Boutique, where I found this lovely dark green shell.
It came with the scarf/belt.
I used to have a very similar top but in silk. I pitted that, and destroyed it years ago, so I'm happy to have a vivid green that I can add to my closet again.

I also found a brand new pair of lacy black tights.
They still have the Anthropologie tags on the back, with the $22.00 sticker price. I paid $6.95.

And finally! The perfect black wedge finds me.
These will properly replace my old cork and black wedge sandals that I finally tossed last summer.

They are Ralph Lauren as well.
Hardly any wear, and only $32.95.
Pretty sure I couldn't find them new that cheap!

After an evening of board games with L the night before, I dragged my butt down to get groceries and then bused over to Caro's house for Crafternoon!

We made tissue paper flowers! Yvonne took all these pictures - thank you, sweetie! We had planned to throw a big surprise party for her this coming Saturday, and to make flowers to decorate the party house, but her hubby accidentally invited we just rolled with it and invited her to Crafternoon with us.
Karen, me, Caro, Cat
We ate appies, drank wine and cut out hundreds of layers of transform them...
The wine had nothing to do with blurry pictures, we swear.
...into 35 massive flowers, of every variety, hue and shape you could possibly make!
Caro, Cat and Vero
We were really excited about them. Can you tell?

Caro's place has a lot of original art - it all seems to go so well with the flowers.
I've been making these flowers since the 1970s, when I was in elementary school. They're impossible to screw up.

I made a lot of them.
"These are flowers."
The observant among you will have noticed that I didn't take a picture of my Crafternoon outfit. It's because I just wore the crap I wear around the house. Not picture-worthy!

Look at all those beautiful colours!
I'm so excited about the party on Saturday! Can't wait to see these decorating Vero's place!

After Crafternoon's shenanigans, I was rather tired when I got home. I barely made it through "Game of Thrones" (go, Brienne of Tarth, best character!). So, no blog last night.

And here we are at Monday morning.
All things considered, not too bad.

  • Shirt - Tabi, consignment; purchased here last weekend for $18.98
  • Skirt - Chia, vintage 80s, thrifted; last seen here (4th outfit) a week ago with grey and black
  • Shoes - Franco Sarto, consignment; purchased here in October 2015 for $24.00, and it's finally warm enough to wear them!  

I had a lot of compliments on this colour palette; the soft mossy/minty greens with the pale lavender and the pop of deep lilac from the skirt.
The shirt was fabulous to wear - although I was cold in it all day (and it's polyester, go figure!). It felt as comfy and loose as pajamas, though!

The stuff:
Happy to finally get these shoes into rotation. Triple bows, for the win!

Delicate bling:
That's one of my older non-vintage necklaces. I think I got it around the time I first started blogging, all those years ago.

  • Necklace - 2028
  • Earrings - local
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

And there you go. This is the last week of my April "capsule" - I'll be doing a new one for May, with the same loosey-goosey approach of swapping things in and out if I like. There are only a few pieces that survived April all the way through; some revealed themselves to be workhorses, and some...not so much.

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  1. Colourful and fun those shoes with the triple bows.
    You are so lucky finding such great things at the shops...those tights for example, new with tags and what a deal!

  2. I'm sniggering over your 'hipsters' comment, Sheila. Well, bless them for buying secondhand, I guess (but do you think they ever actually launder those items??) ... though I really just want the 'man bun' trend to die, at long last. It's time!

  3. Oh what angst you've brought on with this post Sheila. Here was I, happy with my mega shopping spree and now I've got leather envy in the shape of that COPPER top and that gorgeous cream skirt! What amazing and wonderful bargains, but no matter the price, what gorgeous pieces they both are. Totally unique looking, and golly I can't wait to see them styled up. Must go now and sulk in the corner for a while. Yes, of course you deserve them, am just green eyed for the moment x

  4. I can't wait to see how you wear that leather top, it looks awesome! The only outfit ideas I can come up with are with skinny jeans or a black epncil skirt, I know you will do it more justice than that :)

    The tissue paper flowers made me smile too - I have fond memories of making them when I was younger. Couldn't tell you where I made them (if it was at home or school or someplace else) but I do remember making a lot! We used to make little ones and stick them on straws to create bunches!

  5. Brienne is the boss of everything! Love your leather finds and your fabulous floral dress. Thanks for linking up, xox


  6. As usual your thrift finds are amazing She.
    The cooper leather top was a bargain (leather OMG)
    The leather skirt was my favourite. I am awed that you bought pants...

  7. I bet you know those stores' inventories better than the people working in them. Hahaha!! Well done on the thrift scores. No surprise that I adore that copper magnificence and the skirt. The flowers. Oh the flowers!! So magnificent. So happy! What a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends.

  8. Some lovely finds, Sheila, I loved the copper top and the skirt is so unusual! I think the magenta pants and green top would go very well together. Loved your outfits - a shame about those lavender shoes; that's the sort of heel I like!

    The flowers are amazing - it looked liked Hawaii in your friends house - or how I imagine Hawaii to look!



  9. All that leather is quite the score. Love all the bright tissue paper flowers!

  10. Fabulous outfits and finds. That leather jacket is off-the-charts cool. It will definitely give the Midas touch to any ensemble. What a cool score!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. It’s wonderful that you had so much fun. I am looking for venues where I can organize a party for my friends and spend some quality time with them. Have never done party planning earlier, so quite not sure from where to start.


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