Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bye-Bye Blues

Can someone check the calendar? This is April, right? We are having a heat wave here, with temperatures around 21-23 (that's in the high 70s for you folks south of the border). I'm dyin' over here! 
Yup, full tights, long sleeve...not dressed for the weather, that's for sure!

  • Blouse - Violet + Claire, consignment; purchased on the weekend here for $16.98
  • Dress - Savvie; last worn here (2nd outfit) nearly a year ago in May 2015 to see last year's "Avengers" movie
  • Shoes - Elegant Conversations Kendra, Fluevog; first worn here in March with origami and yellow

I couldn't wait to wear this new-to-me floral blouse. The dress on the other hand, kept getting pushed back...and back...and back in this month's capsule. I have to conclude: I don't really want to wear it. And so it goes - to the giveaway pile!

Let's say goodbye and remember all the good times with it.

  • The "Avengers" outfit a year ago in May here (also linked above) 
  • In Feb 2015 with black and purple here
  • With mixed metals in June 2014 here
  • Layered with my fruital blouse in April 2014 here
  • And my first wear of it here in March 2014

And you know, I don't really like ANY of those outfits that much. Buh-bye!
It's not like I'm lacking for dresses! No regrets.

The stuff:
Oh, these shoes were a smidge high for the amount of standing I did today. All of our management is off at some sort of retreat, so I cleaned out my desk. Good times.

Blue bling:
I love that belt.

  • Belt - Mimi di N, thrifted
  • Earrings - local
  • Leaf ring - made in and purchased in Scotland, 1996
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

A dress out of the capsule means I can fit one more in!


  1. You and your feet's longstanding relationship with John F., Sheila: I'm jealous! I've tried any number of times, but sadly, his lasts are just not for me.
    Meanwhile, while I respect your decision, I must say I really like that dress! This ensemble may not be a favourite for you, but you look fab all the same.
    (It was around 23C here in Ontario on Monday, too! And I was not ready yet, either!)

    1. Aw, that's too bad, Sherry - Fluevogs are awesome...but there are lots of other great shoemakers out there, so I hope you find one you love. Thanks very much for your compliment on the dress - I have to be strong, or my closet would burst!

  2. No regrets ! well said, I agree you have far better fitting dresses :)
    Here its been so HOT we've had 43 !

  3. Hahaha, this sunshine is confusing everyone!! We're running in circles (with joy!!!). Glad you made a decision on the dress. I need you to help me with my closet. Waaa. Overload! But I keep buying more. Pfft. Glad you had time to clean out your desk; life always seems so high-speed at your office.

  4. We've had a a few lovely days too, Sheila but not in the 70s more like 60s but still very pleasant.

    The outfit is cool and it's a shame about the dress, but at least you have had some wear out of it. I love the blouse and the shoes are amazing!


  5. Bye-bye cute, but not beloved, dress! Hello, fabulous shoes! xox


  6. You got quite a few wears out of your dress, so you did well. I think I need yo be quicker to let things go when I'm just not feeling them either!

    It's so hot here too, summer is continuing well into autumn. At least it's dropped back down to under 30 - 28 degrees today! I'm imagining 20s is your summer temperatures too?

    1. I always feel more guilty about getting rid of clothes I paid full price for, new, versus stuff I've thrifted, so I tend to hang onto them longer, even when I'm not feeling them.

      Yes, 20s to 30s (rare) is our normal summer. For spring, somewhere in the teens is typical. This is too hot! I want to wear my spring clothes!

  7. I am commenting in reverse order, having FINALLY decided not to be a silent observer! (See my comment on the post that comes after this one. ;-)) Like some of your other readers, I also like this dress – partially for the color and partially because it has an interesting upper half. If it were me wearing it, I'd probably skip the belt and wear it sleeveless or with a sleeveless tank underneath. Am curious what material it is made of. I think it looks nice on you but I've always felt the person who matters, especially when it comes to comfort and how you feel in a piece of clothing, is the one wearing it. So, if you don't like it, giving it away makes the most sense. Cheers, Laurie

    1. Hurray! I loved this dress when I bought it, but it's been really difficult to style - I demand a lot from my clothes, especially versatility. It's a stretch cotton, so it bags out a little bit as well.

  8. You're right, that dress had to go. Not enough flair for you Sheila. Our weather is all over the place too - hot enough to go the the beach a few days ago, but I had to don scarf and gloves this afternoon as the East wind was so cold! Global warming? Oh dear.
    Anna x

    1. Agreed! Today is chilly, so back with a coat (and a hat, to keep my hair from fading!).

  9. Really lovely outfit. Those shoes are just amazing! I love how they resemble marble, yet (to my eyes at least) also vaguely look like they could be tattoo art as viewed from a far off distance. They're immensely unique and so very beautiful.

    ♥ Jessica


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