Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up: Ultimate Winesday, Shopping and Cat Furniture

It's been a lovely quiet weekend, not much going on. Just one outfit, in fact.
I wore this to the field, then for brunch after, and for a little bit of shopping afterwards.

  • Dress - Talbots, consignment; last seen here with a jungle jacket in February
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in early September 2015

I also wore it to Winesday that night. I didn't feel like it to got worn much in the last capsule, so swapped it in as a one-off.

I like to dress nicely to go to play Ultimate Frisbee (a brief synopsis here if you don't know what that is), but I also have to change into my sports gear at the field. I slip on my shorts under my dress, flash my team-mates my sports bra (classy) and then don my t-shirt, socks and cleats (not to mention my Panthers ball cap), so I need a skirt with fullness.

I'll be wearing one of my "Ulty dresses" or "Ulty skirts" from now until September-ish whenever we have a game on Saturday mornings.
It was also nice and loose to wear all day. We had a great game - I made a spectacular left-handed pinky catch for a touchdown! - but I'm pretty stiff and sore today.

The stuff:
I also have to change into really comfortable shoes after running around for 2 hours in soccer cleats - these shoes are not in the capsule, but they are way more comfy and easy on my feet. Feet say "thank you!"

  • Belt - vintage 60s, Mom's
  • Earrings - 5th anniversary gift from L

Saturday ended up being sunny and beautiful, but it was foggy first thing in the morning.
That's my view when I do the stair pictures. Yes, that's a castle.

My dear friend Karen gave my this copper and brass bracelet from a recent vacation, as well as this gorgeous glittery compact.
They are both awesome - thank you, Karen!

I browsed through the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store and found this straw hat.
I'm determined to wear it walking to and from work so that my hair doesn't fade and turn bright pink (like it did last summer).

And hey, it was only $2.00!
I found a temporary home for it.
That is a real brown bear head! L's brother hunts - he gave us the bear head many years ago. It lives above L's Boston Bruins and Miami Dolphins shrine.

I also went to Flavour Upstairs and had a good browse around. I ended up with three jackets.
"None of them look edible."
This one is by Lord & Taylor, and was $27.99. It had a matching pencil skirt, but the skirt was way too big for me. I'm sure the set was bought for a mother-of-the-bride outfit.
I love the 3D textured flowers on it. So pretty! It has a very mod shape (and pockets!).

I also found this cute little nautical jacket.
"Where are the dangly bits for me to eat?"
I was debating, but it was only $7.99, so what the heck. The bottom makes a very nice peplum.
It's by Vero Moda in Blue. Check out the anchor buttons!

The shopping gods smiled upon me: I found another Comrags piece!
I've scoured the interwebz and can't find what year or collection this is from - the online archives on their site only goes back to 1999, so it's likely from before then. This is a thin, crinkly crepe that's embroidered all over with black starbursts. It also has a cool piping irregularly going around the waist.
It's a great fit and even better...
Made in Canada and washable!

And what a score:
A similar jacket on their site is $390.00! For me, though, only $14.99.

I wasn't 100% on this denim shirt, but it fit so well I couldn't say no.
It's by Warehouse and was $7.99.

I also had some luck with jewelry at Flavour Upstairs, starting with this cool silver ring:
For $6.00, I''m in.

It has a stamp, but it's really worn off.
I don't know what it says. Guesses?

I bought this bracelet, since I recognized it as the same designer as my POLY (by Christophe Poly, link 'cause I love) ring on the right.
The bracelet was $5.00 "as is" - the large piece is supposed to be rigidly soldered to the cuff, but it's loose.
It's pretty cool - I like the architectural detailing.

It's stamped:
It's a really nice piece - I'm looking forward to wearing it.

I really liked this necklace. Yes, of course, I did - it's massive bling!
 And pretty colours.
It's not high-end at all, but it's still got a fair bit of work in it.

The chain links are all articulated.
No stones missing. This was only $8.00. Feels like a deal.

We had Christmas money from my mother-in-law (thank you, Louise!), so we got ourselves some new pieces for the house last weekend - they got delivered on Friday, so we had fun this weekend getting our new furniture set up.

We don't have a dining room table, but we do socialize with friends a lot, and needed something in the dining room area.
"I think you mean "cat play area", woman."
We shopped the clearance section at Sears and found both these benches for over 80% off. One seemed too few, and two gave us more options.

We also replaced our 17-year-old heavy wood coffee table.
Since we play board games all the time and entertain, this was perfect. It's longer (we have a really long living room) but narrower than our old one, and I like that the glass top allows us to see more of the rug.

Vizzini was freaked out by the glass, however, and puffed his tail up - he had a crazy mohawk of hair down his spine too!

We also bought the matching end table.
It's wood and metal, quite solid. 

Vizzini checked everything very carefully. 
"Something's different. I can't put my paw on it."

And also the matching cocktail table. 
Very handing for gaming! 

These were all also massively discounted. It's so nice to have new pieces!

We were surprised at how quickly Vizzini took to the benches.
He spent most of Friday night flopping all over them.
"Let's try this angle."
He's able to watch us in the living room and in the kitchen from this vantage point.
"I'm waiting to see if you drop anything."
He tested both benches.
"I approve of this one also."
He was very purry when we sat and chatted with him.
"I suppose we can keep these."
We're a little nervous about him scratching them, removing all the nails from the edges, pulling out the buttons and eating them, ripping out the underneath lining...these are all things he is capable of and has done to other things in the house.
"This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great red dress, awesome jewelry and don't forget about the cute cat! I think we have a lot in common besides loving fashion and fashion blogging. LOL. Have a great week

  2. awww, V. has accepted the new love seats as one of his own kind! Great shopping, as per always - I love the beige long jacket and wow, the cool bracelet. You're a schtar! xox


  3. I enjoyed my visit here. Love the shopping trip and your cat!

  4. oh wow, that red dress is gorgeous!! and it looks like a beautiful red, not orangey red. Looks awesome on you and its fantastic with the belt you choose. And you have a real cat model don't you? I think I should come do a fancy photo shoot one day :) from one cat lady to another :)

    1. Yes, Vizzini is quite the ham. I think he actually enjoys having his picture taken.

  5. Well, haven't you found some wonderful things? I love all of the jackets, the jewellery is amazing and the denim blouse is fab.

    I think you have an extremely good 'eye' and also your thrift shops seem to have some amazing, quality pieces. Too many of our charity shops have a lot of old tat, I'm afraid.

    The new furniture looks great and clearly has V's seal of approval!

    Have a great week.


    1. Thanks so much, Veronica! Yes, our thrifting here is awesome - the shops are very good at spotting quality...and so am I!

  6. I absolutely love your new benches! I see they have been approved by your home manager ;)
    Also, the jackets were a terrific find.

  7. Lady in Red,
    I look forward to your blog. Love your outfits, but the elegant simplicity of this dress warrants a compliment. Beautiful. Vizzini is a treat as well. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh yeah, what a fantastic shade of red in a clean cut with a flare. LOVE it! Those Talbots' reds... Mmm. Vizinni, hahaha!! I'm glad you bought him new furniture. How fun to redo your rooms. And great thrift finds. Those look like royal jewels, and love the clean line of that bracelet.

  9. Sheila you're so very elegant in your long red dress. I'm sure you would waft about feeling so grand in that. And your elegant new furniture ties in beautifully with the theme of the day. It all looks purrrrrfect x


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