Monday, April 4, 2016

Pastel Florals with a Punch, and the April Capsule

It's officially spring in my world, now that I've swapped out my closet. That means crazy weather, many layers, sweaters and sandals, to bare or not to bare one's legs. 
I am ready for it all. Short dress, warm-ish jacket, floral fishnet tights.

  • Blazer - Harve Bernard Collection, thrifted; last seen here in December 2015 to see "The Force Awakens" (loved it)
  • Dress - H&M, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in September 2015 for a Winesday at Marian's
  • Shoes - Effortless Vivian, Fluevog; purchased here last month on our anniversary trip to Vancouver

This is the first outfit of my April capsule and I fully admit, I didn't have a capsule put together when I picked this, aside from a couple of things that I was thinking of. Ah well, I do like a challenge! 

The dress actually has quite a bit of red in the pattern - I liked how the red blazer looked with it. I wore the jacket as my outerwear with a cotton scarf and my new red hat. Smashing! But I was running late so no picture.

I wasn't too overheated in the outfit so I left the jacket on all day. I like it without very much and will probably do this combination again if we hit a warm day this month.
Don't the new shoes look fab?
The jacket's a very orange-y red. What's that? "Fiesta!" you say?

The stuff:
I have never been a huge fan of pastels, but I find this blue really appealing.

Blue bling!
I'm still thrilled that I only paid $2.00 apiece for the necklace and bracelet.

  • Bracelet - Coro, vintage fair, vintage 60s
  • Necklace - vintage fair, vintage 60s
  • Earrings - local
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

One of the reasons I was running late was that I had to find Vizzini to say goodbye.
"As soon as you leave, I'm breaking into your closet."
I zoomed in from across the living room - if I get too close, he'll hop down.


April Capsule!

This is the result of about an hour of poking around in my closet.
Lots of colour (tons of purple for Anne at SpyGirl!), lots of neutrals (I learned my lesson on that years ago - capsules need neutrals), and a variety of items for all occasions that might come up this month.

There are:

  • 6 skirts
  • 2 pants
  • 4 blouses
  • 4 jackets/blazers
  • 4 dresses

I repeated one item (the pale turquoise ruffled blouse) from the Feb/March capsule. I love it too much!

Here are the sweaters and shoes for the month:
I picked a variety of thicknesses of sweaters for the changeable weather and included one cardigan. I didn't do a lot of pattern this month (only 6 out of 30 are patterned) - I plan to amp up my accessories game with scarves and jewelry.

We have:

  • 4 sweaters 
  • 6 shoes

I'm not sure if that will be enough shoes - I anticipate some swapping around in my future. I'm excited to start building outfits - this is the fun part.

I find it hard to limit shoes (I'm sure you hadn't noticed). I actually counted when I cleaned out the closet yesterday: I have 90 pairs of shoes! And that's after I removed 6 pairs!


  1. Yes, yes, to the light blue shoes - nicely paired.
    Oh a capsule ! it's been ages since I participate in one. I am looking forward to seeing you sports the houndstooth.

    1. I know! They were all the rage back in 2011, weren't they?

  2. Oh man did I ever miss out by not coming by for afew days.. you have been busy. AND HOLY ROCK THE AWESOME OUTFITS BATMAN... LOVE LOVE LOVE your funky red patterned dress a few days ago and your shoe collection... drool!!! If you are ever wanting to get rid of clothes let me know.. you have amazing stuff in your closet.. you could open your own store!!! What a great collection. AND the best accessory is the kitty of course :)

    1. Ha, all my friends get first dibs, then my coworkers. Anything left gets donated. Thanks, maybe one day I'll do a store or an Etsy shop. Nah, too much work!

  3. Love the red jacket with the floral dress - they work really nicely together and your shoes are perfect with the print of the dress.

    I think everyone has that one thing in their wardrobe that they find the hardest to edit down - for me it's definitely bags, haha! Maybe yours is shoes?

  4. Love! the red jacket (grabbing your look to feature in tomorrow's post - I'll send you a big royalty check!) and your capsule looks intriguing. The blue shoes, I die for them. xox


  5. I love the subtle pattern of your tights. We used to have a car with heavy plastic covering on the seats - we were classy like that - and they would leave patterns on your skin. At first I thought you had be lounging on flowery plastic. I adore the dress and shoes.

  6. Really lovely styling. That shade of silvery blue suits these windy, rainy days or early spring especially nicely.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* As always, your awesome vintage thermoset jewelry has me swooning up a storm.

  7. I love everything about this outfit!! Of course the shoes (I'm definitely a shoe girl), but the print of the dress is so lovely, and sure there's a little red in the print--thus the red jacket just completes the look so nicely without being matchy!! Fabulous! jodie

  8. The shoes, the shoes! They are utterly adorable, and I feel even more attached to them as I was in on it when you bought them. Of course it's a fab outfit, but it's all about the shoes x


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