Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Stained Glass Dress, the Cat and the Spider, and an Ecru Gown

It's been difficult to summon the energy to put together interesting outfits this week. Although I'm over the major symptoms of the flu, my get-up-and-go has got up and went. 
When in doubt, wear a dress!

  • Dress - Tangerine Jill, consignment; last seen here in February for the first day of this wardrobe challenge
  • Shoes - Miista; last worn here last week for a barely-there 3-hour day at work

The dress will do the talkin'. I love this beautiful dress!
All the colours!

The stuff:
Stained glass dress, meet the trout shoes. You can really see their iridescence here.

  • Leather obi - thrifted
  • Fulvia Ring/lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Earrings - local

As I was getting ready to leave this morning, I heard a chittering coming from the deck.
"Call the authorities, woman, we have a spider intruder!"
I don't want Vizzini to get bit in the mouth going after a spider, so I swatted it. I hope that doesn't mean it'll rain - as you can see from the early morning sun, it's been glorious weather here for the past few days. Vizzini was very mad at me. I'm sure he wanted to go after the spider.

I tried this dress on at Rich Rags (consignment) last Friday, but didn't buy it. And I've been thinking about it all week - so today I went back after work and bought it. I think if an item calls to you that long you should just buy the danged thing.

It's by Zara, and was $29.00 (that's a total steal for an evening gown!). After a bit of searching online, I see it's called the "Angel Dress Maxi" from 2013 and there's one on Ebay for $119 US. Score!
It doesn't look like much on the hanger, but it's a lovely fully-lined chiffon polyester in the "goddess gown" style. I'd originally hesitated because that flounce top part makes me look pregnant (a straight drop off the boobs will do that); however, the flounce is long enough that I can put one of my glitzy disco belts at my waist and create a peplum flare. Bonus! Also, because it is cream (ecru, my searching tells me, is what they called it), the fact that it's polyester means I can wash it when I spill something down the front or drag my hem through something.


  1. This colourful frock does all the talking for you Sheila. Try to take it easy and let yourself rally after this virus. Flu can take a couple of weeks to fully recover from, but I'm sure you know that. That Grecian gown looks wonderful - can't wait to see how you style it up.
    Anna x
    Anna's Island Style

  2. love your dress, such a fabulous pattern and shape, and you rock it wearing your shiny brogues with it!!, magnificent combo!

  3. And imagine how great it will highlight your back tattoo! :-)

  4. A dress is always right, agreed! Love your Tiffany stained glass dress, and the new white gown - dreamy. xox


  5. Loving all the colours in the stained glass dress, and can't wait to see you look like an angel in the Zara maxi!
    Hope your get up and go returns very soon, Sheila! xxx

  6. Oh I can imagine that Zara dress on you... you're gonna be a stunner, its gonna be a nice canvas for your ink.

  7. I genuinely mean it when I saw that that is one of my favourite dresses - past or present - that I've ever seen. Anything stained glass window related has always spoken to me immensely and my jaw all but hit the ground when I saw this gorgeous frock. Swoon!

    ♥ Jessica


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