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Ginormous Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Tiger Bomb, Mel in Van, 19th Anniversary Shoe-Vogs

I hope y'all are in comfy chairs - this is a bigass weekend wrap-up! I'm back, I'm sick (why do I always get sick on vacation), and I'm tired, so let's give 'er! 

Firstly, much love to my dear husband, L. 
Maybe I did coordinate my blouse so that my camera would blend in for a selfie...or maybe I'm just lucky.
 A very happy 19th anniversary to you, my love. Thank you for being my partner in life.
Photo by Melanie K
Rock on! Damn, we're a fine-lookin' couple.

Okay, so before all that business happened, there was Friday.
Friday before vacation means I am getting all up in your face with a tiger. Rar!

  • Dress - Kenzo, thrifted; purchased here for $24.95
  • Shirt (worn underneath) - Tommy Hilfiger, thrifted; first worn here in January with colours
  • Boots - BCBG Max Azria; last worn here with baby blue and gold

I think I made every single person in my office feel how thick this pink fleece was.
I also played "Guess the Brand." Heh.

The fleece is not stretchy at all and it's quite boob-mashy across the front. I didn't mind too much until I got sweaty. This dress is HOT. It will not be in my summer wardrobe. I desperately needed to reapply antiperspirant, but it would have necessitated basically removing the dress to do it. Nope, gonna have to live with pitsing, gah.
Aside from that, it was a delight to wear. Can you see my purple tights in the top picture? They match the purple in the embroidery.

I liked how the white collar just peeped out at the top, so that the overall outfit didn't look too girly. Also, why not add a yellow leather jacket?
Overall, a fully fun badass outfit! This is how we kick off a long vacation weekend!

The stuff:
Wonderful boots - I'm so glad I go them.

Big bling:
Ooh, shiny.

  • Pin - The Bay, about 15 years ago
  • Ring - Soul Flower
  • Earrings - vintage fair

I dashed home after work and had a quick nap. Then up and get ready for Urbanite! Time to party at the Art Gallery!
I felt awesome in this lilies and berries dress all night.

  • Dress - no label, thrifted, vintage 70s; first worn here in August 2015 for another art opening
  • Shoes - Tod's, thrifted; last seen here a few weeks ago with Lacroix
  • Jacket (below) - Kimchi Blue; last worn here (4th outfit) for Cat's birthday

Can you tell I am feeling the vibe?
 Such a killer dress - I love the length of the pattern. They just don't make 'em like this anymore.
"Did I hear the kitty-treat bag?"
It screams "quality" - I got tons of compliments on it all night.
"Dear god, woman, do you have to wear that fuzzy monstrosity in public?"
What other coat would do this justice? I mean, really.

And even though I cut his head off, no other man for me than my awesome L.
I remember my aunt used to do this crazy leg kick pose back in the 70s when she kissed my uncle. So weird.

Speaking of weird, this guy is the best kind of weird!
I love that L loves dressing up as much as me. He is fearless!

The stuff:
I walked both ways to the Art Gallery and back - we call that "stagger distance."

Simple bling:
Groovy and simple, man.

  • Purse - fiveleft
  • Ring - local
  • Earrings - vintage fair

Well, that evening went on rather long, and both L and I were feeling the effects of only a few hours' sleep, but we dragged our butts out of bed bright and early Saturday morning.
Feeling adequate, lookin' classy.

  • Jacket - Danier Couture, consignment; last seen here a week ago with the first wearing of spots
  • Blouse - no label, vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here with this same jacket
  • Trousers - TopShop, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) with lace
  • Shoes - Half-Truth Veda, Fluevog; last worn here in February with lilac leather and keys

These were my travel clothes; I wore this all day Saturday and Monday till early afternoon.
I just love this baby blue blouse - the way the little ruffled cuffs stick out, the high neck. It's fabulous.
I'm still getting the hang of pants, after a very long absence of them in my closet. These were actually worn all weekend, during the day, including Sunday.

We knew it would be cloudy and rainy, but not too cold in Vancouver this weekend.
A furry circle scarf and leather gloves will do.

The stuff:
I swapped the Vedas back into my capsule for this weekend. I know they can stand up to rain, lots of walking and lots of standing around.

  • Earrings, ring - local
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

If you've been reading my blog for more than a year, you've probably noticed that L and I go to Vancouver every year for our anniversary. Get ready, there are a lot of pictures!

I live on an island: Vancouver Island (not to be confused with Vancouver the city. Different places, named after the same guy). It's a big island, around the size of bottom of Florida, but most of the population is on the west coast and the southern tip of the island (Victoria, where I live).
There are no bridges (we live in an earthquake zone), so the only ways to get on or off the Island is by plane, like the float planes above, or via one of the two major airports. Planes take 35 minutes or so to get to Vancouver on the mainland.

Or, you can take the ferry. Ferries take several hours: driving to the terminal (45+ minutes), waiting in line (limited sailings, or tourist season, can mean a few hours' wait), then a 1 hour, 35-minute sailing, then another 45+ minute drive to downtown Vancouver.
I'm telling you now: ferries are for chumps! I'm joking, of course - they are the cheapest way to go, especially if you take public transit on either end, and that's always a factor. However, the time is just ridiculous. For us to take the ferry to Vancouver, we'd have to leave 2-3 hours earlier and we would arrive about 4-5 hours later. That usually means having to stay in Vancouver an extra night to all the things we want to do. And it means the stress of all that travel, eating on the go, and frankly, all that time. I hate the time thing. My time is valuable!

Instead, we pay the premium price (it's about $200/per person each way) and fly the seaplane harbour-to-harbour.
I always recommend this at least once for people new to my neck of the woods. It's an amazing experience to see this.

There's the ferry terminal down there at Tswassessen, south of Vancouver. Enjoy the 45+ minute drive, suckers!
Us? We will be in Vancouver in 10 minutes.
So calming.

Ah, there's the city.
It's pretty cool flying in a seaplane. They only seat about 12 people. You have to wear earplugs because it's so loud, too.

One of our traditions when we go to Vancouver is to meet up with our friends!
Photo by Melanie K
Melanie's featured us on her Vancouver street style blog, Culture Serf. Check us out here!

We always go to Acme Cafe - they have macaroni and bacon!
EEE! There's Melanie! We love hang out with her. I nearly ripped that coat off her - isn't it fabulous?

Why does she always look classy and gorgeous, and I look like a demented duckface?
Or pooping my pants?
And why the leg kick again? 
I blame L. Take better pictures!

We wandered into a hat store and concurred over the difficulty in finding hats that do not squish one's crazy gravity-defying coif. This is a real issue.
Hee, I see myself.
The cloche style is so classy! But then you can't see the hair! Quelle dilemma!

Another tradition we have is going to the Fluevog Gastown store. We missed you, Wes!
L is such a cool dude.

Snakeskin or blue?
The black ones are from a previous anniversary trip, this one from 2010.

L goes right to the men's table, but I have to cruise around the whole store a couple of times and then start narrowing down to which ones I'll try on. I try on a lot, usually about 8-12 pairs.

If you're interested - and these are all links 'cause I love! - this is what I tried on.

  • Witchy granny boots - Beyonce wore these in her "Formation" video. They didn't have my size and really, this is not a practical style for me (and they were a little high). I do love them, though. 
  • Blue and white dots - Didn't like how they felt, the hand-done screening of the dots was a little messy.
  • Purple and blue - These almost made the cut. They weren't quite right, though. I could be tempted if they go on deep clearance sale.
  • Purple rock and roll - I loved these - they were incredibly comfortable. I'm going to watch for them to go on sale.
  • Black with skulls - I thought I would love these, but they were far too boring for me.
  • Black ankle booties - Again, I thought these were going to be me. They were not.
  • These rubbed-off red - Too flat. Not different enough.
  • Aqua and navy - I have this same heel in orange, yellow and copper, but this variation didn't ring my bell.
  • Cream and grey floral - The floral leather appealed to me. Not really my usual style.
  • Totally Baroque - L liked these, but they aren't really me, even though they are really pretty. 
  • Mod dot ankle boots - Totally worth a try-on, but they stumpified my legs.
  • Baby blue and white - This was a pair I'd been watching online. I love the colours.

Photo by Melanie K
Traffic in the store ebbs and flows around us.
Photo by Melanie K
L plans his travel outfits carefully for maximum mix-and-match-ability. Loving his burgundy velvet blazer and the rattlesnake pewter and enamel belt buckle (which I thrifted for him).

Can you tell which shoes I like for him?
Photo by Melanie K
These are the ones he ended up with. They're called the Good Manners Buster (linking here 'cause I love). It's hard to see but in addition to the black and white snakeskin, they also have shiny metallic silver! Shiny!

L also tried these purple ones, but didn't quite love them enough. Maybe when they go on sale?
Not only did was my camera totally camo-ed by my blouse, but these fabulous Mary Jane shoes matched perfectly. Maybe it was fate?

Contemplation in the light.
Fluevogs are tricky shoes - I often end up with styles that I never thought I would like. You have to try them on, and sometimes it's about seeing it actually on your foot before you fall in love. I've been surprised by Fluevogs many times.

So what did I get? These are the Elegant Conversations Kendra (linking here 'cause I love).
These are a gorgeous shoe on. They are comfy, soft and the heel is right in my comfort zone.

I also like how they function as the classic beige shoe without being a big ol' puddle of oatmeal on your foot.
Not too pointy, not too rounded.

"Listen Loudly. Speak Softly."
I like that.

I also like how the heel has a little elegant curve to it.
I'm excited to wear these.

And yeah, of course, I got the Effortless Vivian (linking here 'cause I love).
The baby blue is patent leather, and is a very fine pearlized blue.

The patent leather is a bit stiff, so I will gradually extend use on these until they are fully comfortable.
I can't help it, I had to have them.


Melanie left us at that point (adieu, dahling!), and we strolled up the street to La Differencia, another funky shoe store. Linking here and saying hello to the lovely lady there. They have some seriously awesome crazy different shoes there.
These are by Eject and were on the clearance rack for $149.00.

They are soft leather, padded soles and are a metallic chartreuse washed with sort of a "rust" finish.
The studs on the sides really appeal to me - these will be great for summer!

I brought one dress to Vancouver for both of our dinners out.
I'm wearing teal tights but it's dark out (L and I had a nap after all that exhausting shopping). Same shoes.

  • Dress - Elie Tahari, consignment; last seen here in February with too many accessories

We met up with our friends Anthony and Laura for dinner at Chambar (link here 'cause I love, and the food was amazing).
We strolled together back to our hotel after a long and delicious dinner. L and Anthony had to pose by a tank. Because men.

On Sunday, L and I usually meet up with Spence and Kim and their kids, but they weren't able to make it this time, so L and I were on our own. We had a reprieve from the rain, and thank you to my trusty photographer for suggesting we go on the hotel room deck.
Same outfit for the other days except for the blouse, which I tucked in once I saw this picture. I liked it better tucked in.

  • Blouse - Le Chateau, thrifted; last seen here a week ago being visible

We went shopping around West Broadway (we usually do Main) and Granville. It was one of the areas that we'd explored during last July's blogger meet-up, and I wanted to introduce it to L.

They have a Plum there. We both loved this shirt.
Reminds me of our old kitty Othello. I didn't buy it, or anything else there, though.

We spent a bit of time in Anthropologie (L found a chair, but overall he knows how I shop), and I really loved this thick suede skirt from the sale area.
It was reduced down to $89 from $358. The front opens up and I really like the odd hem. It's really heavy!

We wandered through lots of expensive shops, and didn't find anything else interesting, aside from a pair of super-groovy headphones for L. Oh, and this gnome.

We had a mission in this part of town too: to visit the Storm Crow Tavern! Link here 'cause I love - hello, Deborah!
L and Rocket
It's basically a super-geeky Dungeons and Dragons/fantasy/horro/sci-fi pub where you can play games. Everything is nerdy-themed. Needless to say, we loved it.
Cash Bar of Cthulhu: Order below, Human Filth! 
Of course, Han shot first! This isn't even a discussion!

I liked the movie posters on the lit columns, looking to the back of the pub.
You can see the wall of games on the right, and on the left...

Han Solo, frozen in carbonite!
And a Rankor's head over the fireplace (which was full of skulls. As fireplaces are).

These illustrations are straight out of the original DM's Guide!
As murals on the wall! My head explodes!

We both took delight in the bathrooms. I like chalk walls.
Where is here, anyway? You don't want to know.

Ten points if you recognize this as a riff on Admiral Akbar's famous quote.
Yes, I am an 11-year-old.

L and I play a lot of Arkham Horror.
But this is a Buffy quote.

We got a little free swag.
Sweet! Those buttons are totally going on my jean jacket.

After lunch, we headed back downtown, stopping in at My Sister's Closet thrift shop.
I found these sweet Banana Republic "Sloan Fit" trousers in the men's section for $25.00. That seems expensive until I see them on their website for $110.00.

I wasn't really sold on this dress, but the boozy lunch persuaded me otherwise.
It's a very clingy, but thick, t-shirt material, but it looks great on. I also really like the lemon yellow colour and the cowl neck. It's by Fabrizio Gianni, which is made in Los Angeles. It was $30.00.

I spotted this hat at the last minute - it's wool, it's red (very Agent Carter!), and it was only $16.00. Actually, we tipped a dollar, so it was $17.00.
It's by Soprattutto Cappelli and is made in Italy. I wore it home in the rain - gotta love a wool hat!

Sunday night, after another nice long nap, we met up with Craig for dinner.
Look at all the pretty lights along Robson Street!

Up early Monday morning to catch our flight back home. A flight at 10am, and walking in the door at home by 11am. That is way to travel, my friends.
That's looking north, up the coast of BC.

Coming in over some of the Gulf Islands, between Vancouver Island and the mainland.
The large white specks are boats.

There's the ferry, coming in to the dock.
Suckers! I'll be home in less than half an hour!

It's a little stormy down there.
All those white waves along the short mean choppy seas. We had a bit of a bumpy flight in this stretch.

Hey, I can see my house!
Sort of. I know where it is.

Downtown and the waterfront walkway along Dallas Road.
And touch-down!
Just as another plane is about to take off.

Not as rainy as Vancouver, and not anywhere near as big, but I love my city. I'm happy to be home.

Vizzini has been very cuddly.
"Cat and Ross fed me treats. I didn't miss you people."
We've been enjoying a peaceful couple of days off. I'm not feeling too hot, so I'm going to nap some more.

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And how was your weekend? 


  1. Would you consider a blog post on the best thrift shops etc. in Victoria? I spend a fair amount of time here but not enough to know all the hot spots. You find the most amazing things! Thanks.

  2. You and L are *tied* with S and me for cutest couple ever! Congratulations on all the great years together, and here's to 50 more. Your Kenzo tiger is mesmerizing, love it. xox


  3. Wow! What a post. You're livin' large, lady. Glad to see you have a good partner at your side and snazzy clothes on your back.

  4. Some seriously epic shopping on both you and L's behalf. I think you made some good picks.

  5. Loved your post! I've never shopped thrift before, but you certainly make me curious. Your outfits are so neat looking.

  6. congratulations and best wishes to the 19.anniversary!
    love your bold dresses and the cool shoes - all of them :-)
    oh - and i envy the flights with the seaplane - i find flying in such tiny planes so exiting!
    thanks for your lovely comment on the yellow skirt post!!!

  7. I love the fleece dress, it's such a great shape! I'm always jealous of your Fluevog trips, and that bar is amazing. I wish there was one by me!

  8. You look fabulous in your art gallery dress. What a find, like so many of your clothes.

    Congratulations on many happy years of marriage.

  9. Where to start, Sheila? At the beginning of course! Happy Anniversary!

    Your photos brought back very happy memories of our trip to Vancouver in 2000. We took the FERRY (!) to Victoria and back, but the seaplane looks a marvellous way to travel. I remember Gas Town very well and really enjoyed browsing around. We asked about charity shops but no one seemed to know what we meant so we never got a chance to visit one while we there.

    I loved all your purchases and the Fluevog shoes with the floral pattern just look simply amazing - and comfortable. Loved the Mary Jane's, too.

    All the outfit posts are great and the maxi dress - oh my! I don't recall 70s fashion with much affection (but I was newly married and very poor) but this dress is gorgeous and so elegant. I think your yellow leather jacket and the plain black leather jacket would look equally lovely with it. Lovely, lovely outfits - a real visual treat, including the lovely L and his cool and colourful outfits!

    Have a great Easter


  10. Happy anniversary! You're such a cute couple <3

  11. Good Heavens! Your gallery outfit is phenomenal!

    My husband has a t-shirt with "Han Shot First" on it. When our kids watch the altered version, they always point this out, lol! We're also big Whedon fans!

  12. Happy anniversary to you guys, and yes you do make a lovely couple! We too fly back and forth to the mainland by a small (12 seater) plane which takes 15 minutes or else there's a ferry which takes 2.5 hours. Sometimes when I'm not so rich I have take the ferry :(
    Thanks for sharing all your highlights; meeting the beautiful Melanie, the Fluevog shopping, and all your other shopping as well. I love those burnt orange trousers and can't wait to see how you style them up. L made the right choice with those fantastic leopard print shoes - if he had the mindset of a woman he would have bought the blue ones too (they were awesome). What a great post - thanks x
    Anna's Island Style

  13. Whew! I need a nap after all that!
    Your shots from the seaplane reminded of a seaplane ride I was given by a Seattle friend's husband in 95. He flew me all round the region, such beautiful land forms. They used to cross the US in their seaplane, landing in lakes en route -- doesn't that sound like a cool trip? (Imagine OWNING a seaplane!)
    Love all the pix from your weekend. You and your guy are a perfect match!

    Thanks for linking up with the PURPLE 52 Pick-me-up. Cheers!

  14. Wow, I had to take a mini break halfway through the post ;) Congratulations on 19 years together - such a cool, stylish couple. So where to start....you styled the Kenzo dress wonderfully, and the maxi dress you wore to the party - GAAAAAAAA, Sheila, you look effin' amazing!!

    So nice you were able to spend a bit of time with Mel. Of course there was shoe-shopping - you always pick great ones, but I'm a big fan of the ones L bought as I can't wear heels. The Eject shoes are a nice addition to your collection - I have a couple of pairs by that brand, and they are soooooo expensive at full price.

    I love the decor of the bar you went to, especially the posters (1,000,000 years BC was a childhood favourite, and Tank Girl is a current one). I could have happily hung out there with you.

  15. Congrats! Looks like an amazing weekend.

    I ADORE no I WANT that vintage printed maxi dress you were wearing! GAH!!! LOVE!!! Your whole outfit was stellar. You are a schtar!

    You guys must be some of Fluevog's best customers.

    So fun you got to meet up with Melanie.

    Ah, I miss Victoria.


  16. My comment was just eaten. poop.

    Okay...wanted to say I adore your vintage maxi and the whole outfit.

    Congrats on your anniversary! Such a fun and full weekend. Lucky you were able to visit with Melanie and you must be the best Fluevog customer's ever.

    Oh..and I miss Victoria : )


  17. Sheila, what an adorable blogpost. I read everything with delight. I love it when two people so clearly love each other and are such a good match. You celebrate your anniversary very well. I have to introduce that to Ron. Even though I never even remember our anniversary (he does though).
    I love all your outfits. The Kenzo dress, gorgeous.. Now you own something you can wear when it is very cold and still look very stylish. Not many people can do that. The boots and shirt are perfect with it. And the evening dress... gobsmacking... made for you. The little furry jacket is very good on it, no matter what the cat says. And I think you both bought fabulous shoes. Even though I liked the first pair that you bought a lot, I was thinking "oh she didn't buy the baby blue ones, what a shame". HAH, but you did!
    I would certainly keep an eye on the sale as the purple shoes for L are also very good.
    My husband used to dress with great care as well. Which I loved.. Alas.. eating and drinking got the better of him and with his big belly nothing really looks good. But, things are looking up, he already slimmed down a lot. There might be light at the end of the tunnel. That is the only thing I have against him. For the rest he is my soulmate.

  18. Happy Anniversary! I loved coming along on your trip via the blog. I've got a cousin living on Vancouver Island, never visited, so it's great to get the feel of the place from your photos. Great, joyful dressing, you two!

  19. Clearly, you were just getting warmed up at brunch! LOVE everything about your weekend. But next time you do the "duck face" and "pooping" pose, let me know so I can join in, hahaha! I love that leg lifting pose. They used to do that in old B&W movies when a woman kissed a man. So wonderful to see you both again - thanks for including me in your plans.

    The maxi dress with the maxi pattern, STUNNING! And the Kenzo. Well, everything here. I'm glad you scored at My Sister's Closet too.

    Till next time, hopefully in your neck of the woods!

  20. You are a dashing couple !
    I love the Kenzo dress even if it was a bit thick and warm. I also love the printed trousers with the light blue vintage shirt -
    I think you should be made Fluevog Ambassador - you're spreading the word !
    Oh and Happy Anniversary :)

  21. Such an awesome, interesting, fun filled post. I lapped up every word, really enjoyed your outfits and meetup snaps, loved that "Talk to the Paw, Human" shirt so much I went to see if Plum had it for sale online (they don't - super boo!), and want to truly wish you both the happiest of anniversary wishes! (Tony and I celebrate 12 years since the day we met this March, so we've both been toasting anniversaries lately.)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  22. Happy Anniversary to you both! And indeed you are a mighty fine looking couple!
    So many gorgeous gorgeous shoes in this post and oh those Kendra shoes - so dainty like the shoes worn in 18c France!
    Love the poses with Melanie and yes, you should've ripped that coat off her. It's fabulous.


  23. Oh my! You two have the best dress style, ever! I totally love it, it's unbelievable! And the shoes, the shoes!!


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