Thursday, March 31, 2016

Origamically Floral and Yellow

Are we there yet? Friday, I mean. I'd also like to be my ol' bubbly self again. 
If I can't feel it right now, at least I can fake it - in yellow!

  • Blouse - Cartise, consignment; last worn here with lilac and sparkles
  • Skirt - BB Dakota, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in January with embroidered floral
  • Shoes - Elegant Conversations Kendra, Fluevog; purchased here in Vancouver a few weeks ago

For a top I wasn't really sure of, I am now a firm fan of this origami-like piece.

I always have to correct people about this shirt - it's not a jacket! It's a stretchy nylon with seamed fabric sewn on it. Shirt, blouse, top, whatever you want to call it. Not a jacket.

I love this marigold yellow fuzzy wool skirt. This brings my fuzzy skirt count to a kajillion 4 or 5.
I have a yellow skirt in my spring/summer wardrobe, but I'm worried it will be too big - it was slightly big last year, and now that I'm slightly smaller...well, there's some math in there somewhere. I'm good at math, so I'm pretty sure this means I have to go shopping.

The stuff:
It's very sunny right now! 
The first wearing of my lovely new 'Vogs! They are a little higher in the heel than I remembered from trying them on, but they were good for both my full day at work and a couple of hours at my WW meeting. Most people didn't notice them right away, but when they did, they were all, "Ooh, what are those?"

Silver bling:
Bold and in-your-face. Just like me, heh.

  • Ring - Nine West
  • Earrings - gift from Megan Mae

I have a haircut tomorrow night and a retirement send-off for one of my beloved coworkers after, so I'll be back on Sunday with my weekend outfits and my Great Closet Seasonal Swap-Over! See you then!


  1. Nice to see the first wearing of these pretty floral shoes! :) I really like your yellow skirt too. I was on a hunt for more brightly coloured skirts (pencil and maxi) last year but didn't get far as spent a lot of it pregnant. Will need to start hunting again when I'm back in my regular wardrobe.

  2. Those shoes are incredibly gorgeous. Of course you are too. I hope you're feeling better. I'm dealing with some blahs myself. Always happy to see someone using something I gave them. It makes me happy.

    1. Soon it'll be warm enough to wear that awesome dress! I'm so excited!

  3. Sheila this look is totally fabulous! The top and shoes balance each other out beautifully and that yellow skirt adds a great pop of colour. If this is faking it, I can't wait to see these shoes being styled up when you're 100% well again! Of all of your footwear, these are the ones I covet the most (currently) - exquisite x

  4. Ah those fabulous shoes! Great with this whole look. Hope you have a fun and restorative weekend. xo


  5. What a great shirt. Very snazzy. The only thing bolder are those earrings. Yay, Megan Mae!

  6. I LOVE this outfit! You look fabulous! And you've got great gams! I'm sure you hear that all the time.

  7. Cool Jacket and I always love silver jewelry!! Lucky you can pull off the mustard yellow as well... thats one color that doesn't like me ha ha

    1. If you love the colour, look for it in a skirt - if the colour isn't right for you, wearing it away from your face is the way to go.

  8. Fabulous! So often I think people shy away from wearing yellow (or gold) and grey together, but the two can, and do, work surprisingly well together, as you've very chicly demonstrated here for us with this great outfit.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. If you see this, check your e-mail ASAP. I gave you the wrong dates. Gaaaa!
    But I love your outfit! Heh. So springy!

  10. No such thing as too much bling in my books, Sheila, and I love every aspect of your outfit. From that top with the Japanese vibe to your Fluevogs and the sheer artistry of the style to, as always, your hair :)

    Do come and join my link-up? Your outfits are always so unconventional and unexpected, conversation starters, and I'd love to have you xoxo

  11. I like the construction of that shirt, and it looks very nice against the yellow. The shoes are just perfect with that outfit.

  12. Stunning shirt. Love the graphic pop of it and looks so chic with your new shoes and the mustard skirt.

  13. That is such a kick ass blouse - it's like something I'd lust over in a museum exhibition.

  14. You put the "class" into today's style. Thank you.


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