Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Black Dress, Yellow Shoes and the Pantyhose Dance

Today is my 5th anniversary at my company - I was taken out for lunch by two VPs, which was a nice treat. 
Here's my "first day" outfit (link) - I still have that bustier and all of the jewelry, but everything else is gone.

  • Dress - Comrags, thrifted; purchased here for $45.98
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond; first seen here in February with gauchos

It's a gorgeous dress - I just love the classic shape, and it has wonderful structure to it. The skirt swooshes very nicely for a wool blend.
Because I work with multiple key-cards and a swack of keys, I always need to have something to hang them on - obi to the rescue! The lime/olive green of the obi, led to yellow shoes, but uh-oh, all my nylons are thrashed (and trashed), so I had to pull out these "fancy" ones.

I have issues with them. Arg, make them stay up!
"Jeez, woman, have a little dignity."
Yes, they are awesome - I love the seams on them (and the wee peek of the design further up), but DANG, they did not stay up all day! I was constantly ducking into meeting rooms and doing stuff like this:
My sweary face
Why do pantyhose never stretch in your favour? Why do they have to do that insidious crotch-creep? Why must they always creep downdownDOWN? Anyway, this is what I've always called the Pantyhose Dance, and this is why I always buy control-top nylons (buy up one size so that they don't creep down!). Control-tops don't fall down!

The stuff:
Sunny yellow! Yay!

Green shiny bling:
I'm still boggled that this lovely obi belt was only a dollar.

  • Belt - thrifted
  • Brooch/earrings - vintage early 60s, Grandma J's
  • Ring - consignment


  1. That dress is fantastic. So classic. Gorgeous. Those tights are awesome and I hear ya on them not staying up. I guess sometimes we have to sacrifice practicality and comfort for looking good :) ha hah

    I posted about THE COAT today. YES sireee... you were right! (not that I doubted you at all ;)

  2. The tights photos made me giggle - I have done that dance a few times! Ended up throwing out the offending items each time as the discomfort wasn't worth it!

    Really like the green and yellow with this dress - you have accessorised beautifully, as always.

  3. LOvely and I do agree about hose...garter belts used to keep our hose in check but them panty hose came along and everything went sideways. (or downward)
    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary Sheila.

  4. LOL....have a little dignity...of course, he wears a tuxedo.

    I think I will try a pair of control top pantyhose. I've had my best pantyhose luck with made in Canada Walmart brand much to my surprise.

    You know, for some reason I imagined that you've worked where you are for much longer than five years. You seem to be so knowledgeable about all things related to your office. Congrats on the five years!

  5. What a classic, classy, spunky outfit. I agree...the lines of the dress are gorgeous and so flattering to your lovely figure. Don't you just HATE the creeping hose? I'm glad you had places to escape to before the crotch reached your knees (yes, I HAVE been there). DON'T get rid of them...you could put a stretchy, brief, girdle-type-thingy over the top of them for security measures. :-)

  6. Beautiful! "Have a little dignity" from the boy who licks his ass for all to see : >

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, Beautiful. Gosh I had a laugh with you pulling those tights up hahaha. Especially with the words you put in your cat's mouth "geez woman, have some dignity" hahaha. I try and always buy stay-ups or hold-ups. The do stay up very well with me and no crotch sagging. If I were to have a tights problem luke you, why not pull a big undy over them? And pray you don't ever have to show it to someone.
    Very cool shoes too.
    PS we never have nice lunches or so on an occasion like 5 years with the company. They pay so well, everybody stays 25.

  8. Good call from Susan and Greetje on wearing a pair of granny panties over those nylons! I have done that in the past with success!

    Ugh, stay-ups, no thank you! they make my legs look like sausages.

  9. Very elegant look today and those yellow shoes are marvellous! Loved the bling and the obi, too. I don't think I have ever seen one of those in the charity shops here; I must start looking more closely.

    Oh God, yes - saggy crotch tights. It's awful and I do the pantyhose/tights dance, too. It's also happened to me with jeggings, but I now use an elasticated belt with those, covered by a top. Saggy crotch is not a good look!


  10. Very very pretty - congrats on your 5 years ! - thanks to your pictures pulling up your nylons I can now know how I look when I pull mine !

  11. I have the same problem with pantyhose and tights and figured it was simply my odd shape. I guess we all suffer with this. BTW, big kudos to you for turning our Cinderella Jodi into a princess! That new coat you urged her to wear is amazing.

  12. Sheila, this outfit is gorgeous and suits you so well! I admire your nerve in playing with different shapes — something I occasionally try but they rarely make it past the full-length mirror and out the door — but I have to confess that I still really love these classic shapes on you, and the unique flair with which you style them makes them so inspiring and new all the same! (I tried those Fluevogs when they were a new design, by the way, and they hated my feet, or my feet hated them, whatever ... sad given their fantastic-yet-classic shape! Love seeing them on you, though, in all the colours you own!)

  13. mwahaha, glad to agree with so many ladies about wearing granny undies over tights! they work nicely!
    And your outfit really rock!!, fabulous dress, cool obi and amazing hosiery, with yellow & Green accesorizing!! lovely!

  14. That is one absolutely gorgeous outfit. What a chic, vibrant, elegant way to usher in your 5th year at your current company.

    I've never had a lick of luck with "thigh highs" either and would be up a creek without a paddle were it not for the fact that I much prefer going the garter belt (or girdle) route. Steamed tights/pantyhose also exist and occasionally I'll wear them, too, though prefer stockings.

    ♥ Jessica

  15. Congrats Sheila! I bet you're a blooin' asset to the business. Love this very classy outfit today. I'm with the others who don their emergency pants over the top of those droopy tights. It works for me and keeps everything looking super sleek too. I even have a granny vesion with long line legs which lift the butt and give a stunning profile without any VPL - result!
    Anna x
    Anna's Island Style


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