Sunday, July 5, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Minor Shopping, Somewhat Social, and Cat Pictures

It's been a fairly relaxing weekend over here - a Happy 4th of July to my US friends! 

Here's Friday's outfit. 
Back in May, I took one of my coworkers shopping at Value Village in exchange for dinner and drinks. She asked me to do the same for her 28-year-old daughter, and I reluctantly agreed.

  • Shirt - Talbots, thrifted; purchased here for $14.50
  • Skirt - handmade, thrifted; purchased here for $6.00
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) last weekend for a shopping expedition

I say "reluctantly" because I didn't know her daughter at all, and because this felt like it might be work. I don't like to cross my work and pleasure too often, and shopping is one of my greatest pleasures. Work: not so much.
Loved my first wearing of this new-to-me denim top and tapestry skirt. The skirt wrinkled a bit but was great to wear, even with no stretch in it. It did have a tendency to spin around - that's always a pain, but fairly minor.

The stuff:
Good comfy shoes for lots of shopping.

Chain bling:
The gold version of the bottom bracelet is not as nice as the silver one I bought at the same time. The gold colour is rubbing off on the edges a bit and revealing copper underneath. Good thing I didn't pay much.

  • Choker - Mom's, vintage 70s
  • Earrings - 5th anniversary gift from L
  • Chain bracelets - thrifted

I was right: the shopping was a lot of work. She was very nice and fun to shop with, but we did two big stores and went from nearly 5pm to after 8:30 before we stopped for dinner and a drink. She got several huge bags of lovely clothes and was very happy about it, but I won't be doing the "shop and dinner" thing again for someone I don't know. It was a lot of work - and it felt like work.

Oh well, I did my good deed, and the shopping gods rewarded me with this awesome skirt.
It's brown metallic leather, with a small ruffle around the hem.

It's by Kay Unger New York - not a brand I'm that familiar with.
I don't think the good people of Value Village knew it was made of real leather. $7.99 is a great price! This skirt feels like "buttah".

I got home late on Friday night, and went to bed early. Up early for a game of Ultimate Frisbee!
Not a very original outfit - I've worn this entire ensemble before. But I like all the pieces, so big deal if I repeat it, right?

In fact, I wore the entire thing here (4th outfit) in May:

  • Cardi - Express, thrifted
  • Top - Costa Blanca, consignment
  • Skirt - Le Chateau, consignment
  • Shoes - La Canadienne, consignment (last seen here on Canada Day)

It's been so stinkin' hot, I don't want to wear anything that touches anything.
Our Ulty game was long, and we did brunch afterwards, then tidied up the house to have our friends over for a game of "Arkham Horror". I wore the same thing all night (no cardigan, though - that was only for when I was out in direct sun).

Purple stuff:
Even the cuff was too hot to leave on.

  • Cuff - Catalyst Reaction Leather, thrifted
  • Earrings - don't remember, late 90s

Vizzini, how are you feeling about the heat?
"Too darned hot!"
I slept in a bit then strolled to town to get groceries.
This dress was too hot. What was I thinking?

  • Dress - Cici; last seen here in April on a weekend
  • Shoes - Expressions, thrifted; last worn here in May as my shoe swap-out on the above-mentioned shopping trip

Although it's overcast today, I'm staying indoors.

The stuff:
My legs are stiff from Ulty, and it's just a weird day.

  • Obi - thrifted
  • Earrings - Plum

How weird? This weird.
Our castle view
That colour was accurate at noon today! There are over 100 forest fires on Vancouver Island and in the interior of BC, and the smoke and ash from them are making the sky yellow. Even the sun is orange.

We've had all the lights on today, as it feels really dark.
"I didn't mean it - bring back the sun!"
It's kind of freaky - it feels rather apocalyptic!

I hope you had an awesome weekend!


  1. Yes, it does feel apocalyptic. The air was glowy orange this morning. I wasn't sure why until I went out and smelled the smoke.
    AND, I'm so impressed that you accepted dinner and drinks in exchange for taking someone shopping. Shopping with a friend is fun, but shopping as a guide takes effort. I learn from your example, to value my time.

  2. Sorry that you were looped into shopping with a stranger but happy that you found a new skirt!

  3. Great skirt. I understand what you say about this "favor"; it sounds more like work than leisure. I was sucked into similar situations and have learned to decline them. Under-rewarded effort spoils an activity that normally gives us unalloyed joy.

  4. Oh man, if I didn't repeat outfits, I'd have to live naked! We're under smokey skies too from the forest fires in Alberta / Saskatchewan. We decided to head out to the family cabin in Ontario to avoid the smoke, but it followed us. It lifted Saturday night for just long enough to see the giant storm clouds rolling in. I miss the sun. If there is any silver lining, though, it's that smoke seems to be doing a good job of keeping the sunburn away!

  5. That sky does look so freaky! I remember when we had a major dust storm one day, it was the scariest thing watching it roll in from the office during a long and boring meeting. I wanted to point to the window and make everyone look but had to be on my best behaviour as there were some bigwigs there, haha. By the time we got out the meeting you couldn't see anything out the windows at all.

    I love your grocery shopping outfit, even if it was too warm the dress and belt are such a great colour combination!

    Glad your shopping trip was productive even if it was a lot of work. I can imagine it being exhausting turning pleasure into business as you have to do a lot more than you would when you are by yourself, explaining and teaching and showing. As someone who's used a personal stylist though I'm happy there are people that do that, but it's not for everyone and hopefully it was a one-off for you!

  6. I heard some strange weather was happening out there! Your new leather skirt is a winner and I can't get enough of your fab hair/color/hairdos. xox

  7. I have gone shopping with 3 friends to help them in the process and I have to admit that as much as I love them and shopping, I rather have shopping reserved for me !
    Oh and I think that shirt tied at the waist looks great and the colour combo of the last dress is fabulousness even though it was hot.
    Its hot hell here too, can you imagine 40's ?

  8. Kay Unger is a NICE brand. I think it is sold is some of the fancier department stores. And that skirt is cute!!! Sorry about the fires - here in SoCal, the fire season is mid-September through mid-October. This year ought to be a doozy, what with the drought we ae having.

  9. That is a very creepy looking sky! Kudos to you for helping your co-worker and her daughter find new clothes, but I can imagine it was a lot of work. I can't spend more than a couple of hours poring through thrift stores before I need to sit down and regroup (preferably with a snack and a beverage).

    That skirt is a nice addition to your already impressive leather collection ;)


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