Monday, July 20, 2015

Fakes and Reals

"Fake it till you feel it" or "Fake it till you make it" has been a mantra of mine for many years. Being a naturally shy person, I've learned how to really fake being outgoing. I think I probably fool most of the people I work with. 
I had no energy for fakin' it today. 300+ emails, head down, get done what didn't get done while I was sick. I worked till 7pm, and I have yet to have dinner. For reals.

  • Dress - I'M Isola Marras; last seen here (5th outfit) during a bigass weekend in May
  • Shoes - Tod's, Spring 2012, thrifted; purchased here yesterday for $29.50


  • My attitude
  • My hair
  • Many of my front teeth 


  • Everything else about me
  • This sweet Italian designer dress
  • These awesome real Tod's shoes 

The stuff: 

Random coaster!
After wearing these shoes for a full day, I can 100% confirm they are REALS. No fakes feel that good to wear. No rubbing, no blisters, and even after wearing that heel, no sore feet.

Our windows are all being replaced tomorrow. Vizzini is upset by everything being moved around and not in its normal places.
"This is outrageous! I will report this to the authorities!"
My usual "stuff" table is being taken up with other stuff, so I have to use the top of these back-to-back bookshelves for a day or two.

Gold bling:
Real designer: the rubber and glass and steel bracelet. Fake designer: the "Gucci" snakeskin bracelet. The rest is just costume stuff picked up here and there.

  • Bracelet - Anne-Marie Chagnon, thrifted
  • Chain cuff - thrifted
  • Bangle - "Gucci", homegrown vintage c. 1987ish
  • Necklace - consignment
  • Earrings - thrifted

I don't really care if something is real or fake, designer or not. As long as I love it!


  1. Great shoes. I'm the same way -- very shy but capable of pretending to be outgoing. I don't have any fake teeth though!

  2. I think the 'fake it till you make it' mantra is the best trick an introvert has to be honest! It's not easy but it's necessary sometimes.

    It's funny just how many introverts blog, you'd think it would be more of an extrovert thing!

    Hope you manage to get a little time to relax after such a busy day!

  3. It sounds like more than a few of us bloggers are shy-er in real life. I think we'll bloom nicely in each other's company. Your Tod's look amazing - the best find of the month, I think! xox

  4. You're wearing my new favourite shoes of yours !

  5. I really like that dress ( I think I mentioned that when you posted it the first time). Nice score on the shoes!

    I've had to employ the "Fake it Til you Make it" strategy often, as someone who suffers from depression.

    Have fun at the Blogger Meetup - I've asked Melanie to give you a hug from me, and could you please give her one from me?

  6. Always love that dress. We're about to remodel (more like a rejuvenate, fresh paint, new curtains) and I'm worried about my poor Spike!


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