Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Purple-Haired Pastels in Peach and Pale Peppermint

Today's post brought to you by the letter "P"!
Perfectly pastel, in peach, pale peppermint, popped with purple hair.

  • Top - BCBG Max Azria, thrifted; first worn here in May with Danger Pants
  • Skirt - J. Crew, thrifted; purchased here on the weekend for $14.95
  • Shoes - Coach; last seen here (4th outfit) in May with a shiny maxi dress for grocery shopping

I have never been a huge fan of pastels, and even wrote a post called "Nothing Goes With Mint Green" (here, in August 2009). Of course, I was referring to my mother-in-law's living room walls, but still. Never been a fan.

I'm not totally in love with this top, but it's good enough for now. I like the hemline, but it hangs a bit off my boobular region in sort of a "hey, I might be pregnant" kind of way. Not a look I go for, generally.
I loved this skirt! Such a great fabric, and shiny and lovely! Too bad I was having such a horrible day. I really didn't enjoy it properly. I have a major case of the blues right now. I need a holiday. Good thing the 40+ Blogger Meet-Up is happening next week!

The stuff:
The pink Dr. Scholl's insoles are new on these sandals. The leather piece of the sole near the back of one heel has been trying to roll up and dislodge itself for over a year. I've tried super-glue, staple gun (hey, I'm resourceful) and double-sided tape to make them stick down. Last night, I spotted these pink inserts and *ding* the light went on.

I felt very clever.
You can only see a peep of the pink when I have them on. I had been considering getting rid of these because of that issue, but now...many more years of wear from these, I hope!

Pearly bling:
That's a whack o' pearls, that is.

  • Necklace and earrings - Aldo Accessories. 

I liked how the pearls echoed the shiny dots in the skirt.

I'm off to Book Club now - I'll enjoy the company of my awesome girlfriends, drink some wine, eat some food and kvetch a little.


  1. Fantastic. I'm also not a fan of mint, either, but this whole combination is so very good!

  2. omg that hair of yours is all sorts of wonderful!

  3. Sorry you had a bad day despite the great skirt! Hopefully you have a better day next time you wear it, and you get a nice break at book club.

  4. We will wash those blues right out of your head, Sheila. And we will take some medicine, (um cocktails) together to lighten the load. I love these colors together, even if they're not your #1 favorites. xox

  5. I like the colour combination but am not too sold on the top's hemline, did you try tucking it in the skirt ?
    Tomorrow I am wearing a similar top, I am actually wearing it for the last time because I feel that the hemline make me look shorter #littlepeopleproblems:)

  6. Looking good in the pastels, Sheila - there's nothing remotely wishy-washy about them in this combination, which I like. And you do NOT look pregnant!
    Hope your blues get the hell out of here - your book club, and the promise of the blogger get-together will surely help! xxx

  7. Fabulously pretty outfit! I love peach and mint green together. The two are cheerful, fabulous colours that make me think of everything from Easter candy to the wallpaper boarder (of dancing ballerina teddy bears) in one of my early childhood bedrooms. :)

    I hope that you're doing well and having a terrific July, lovely lady!

    ♥ Jessica


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