Thursday, July 23, 2015

Classin' It Up, and the 40+ Blogger Meet-Up Starts Tomorrow!

I made it! Through 39 hours in 4 days, plus my WW meeting tonight. I'm done. On holiday! 
Look at me, all classy in grey. I'm practically a lady. I had a lot of strong positive reaction to this dress.

  • Dress - Zara, thrifted; purchased here a couple of weeks ago for $22.50
  • Shoes - Grotesque; purchased here the same day for $199.00 on sale

Too bad the dress is CRAP. It pilled on the side from my purse walking to and from work. It's very itchy (I have a full vintage slip on under it).
But - sigh - it looks great on me! One more wear and it's gone. Quelle drag!

The stuff:
Not a drag? These fab mustard and gun-grey-brown shoes. They were so comfy - I walked about 4 blocks in them to and from lunch, and wore them for 7 hours in the office and 1.5 hours at WW. My feet feel pretty good - no rubbing!

I'm totally having a good New Shoe Week! Three pairs all gorgeous and comfortable. Sweet!

Unanimous love for the yellow belt matching the shoes. I can't help it - I love matchy.

  • Belt - Liz Claiborne, vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Bangle - local
  • Earrings - Glee

Hmm...something's missing.
Oh, yeah!

  • Ring - Stone Roses

So...this is it! Tomorrow morning, I hop on a float plane and fly off to the mainland and the Big City of Vancouver to the 40+ Blogger Meet-UP! I am stoked, excited, nervous, giddy, freaked, you name it, I am there.

Yes, I'll be taking lots of pictures, you bet I will. No, I won't be taking a giant wardrobe (float planes have a 25lb luggage allowance). I'll be doing a massive Bigass Wrap-Up on Monday - such a grand adventure!


  1. Some of us have being working hard to get the party started in advance of your arrival. Excited to see you...!

  2. You look fantastic I the grey dress and those shoes are to die for!Have a great time @ the meet up.Cant wait to read all about your adventures. Best wishes Diane in Australia

  3. Hope you have a great time at the blogger meet up! :)

    I love that dress on you - such a shame it is a pain to wear as it really does look great, and wonderful with the yellow! :)

  4. Dear Sheila, I'm so glad you're been feeling better, looking fantastically put-together as always, and for all your happy new shoes! Ugh about that gorgeous dress. But gorgeous. I'm stoked for news about the 40+ Blogger Meet-Up, wish I could be there. Big hugs to all. Tell us everything!!!

  5. Have a super time at the meet up!
    Looking forward to seeing all the pictures...enjoy your holiday.

  6. The dress does suit you perfectly, but pilling after one wear, gone after two? That's not so good! Zara, shame on you for poor quality.
    Hope you have a fabulous time at the meet-up! xxx

  7. Match made in heaven ! These two are fabulous… I love how you saved on the dress and splurged on the shoes.

  8. From the photos on Instagram it looks like much fun was had at the Meetup! Looking forward to seeing your post.

    Too bad about the Zara dress - it does look good on you, shame it's such poor quality.


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