Monday, July 13, 2015

Grey, Pink and Purple-Neck

Not a new haircut, just bangs down again today to hide my stained hairline. 
Got a lo of "Wow!" comments on the hair today. I didn't bleach it fully this time (just my little blonde strip at the front), since it was pinky-purple already and my roots are white (ack! just typing that hurt).

  • Blouse - CABi, consignment; last worn here in May with a backless dress
  • Skirt - Club Monaco; last seen here in November 2014 for Movember
  • Shoes - Wonders Ayers, Fluevog, Vizzini-fied and dyed by me; last worn here in May for my 2001st post 

I had to wear a high-collared shirt to hide my purple-stained neck. The dye is finally starting to loosen up - shed already!
Say goodbye to this skirt - after at least 5 years it's time for it to go. The oldest wearing of it I found was here in 2010, but I know I owned it before that [half an hour later...]...ah, here we go - I first wore it here in early 2010. Ha, I thought it was a little shiny and "toned down" by wearing a black shirt with it. I paid $34.50 for it (back when I shopped new), and I've worn it at least a dozen times, so less than $3 a wear. Not too shabby.

It's just not me anymore. The shape does nothing for my butt (see pic above!), nor does it accentuate my waist, or even hit at a really good spot on my legs. I just don't wear it, and so...gone.

The stuff:
The infamous Vizzini-fied shoes, dyed by me last summer.

Shiny bling:
Shiny says, "look away from the purple dye!"

  • Ring - Stone Roses
  • Earrings - don't remember, possibly Jacob or Plum

Off to make dinner!


  1. I really like the purple hair with your top today. Would you ever consider dyeing your hair another color (I know you did blonde and red and pink)?

  2. Parting with an old skirt means you get to wear a new one!

  3. I used to colour my hair and I found if I covered the skin around my hair line with vaseline it mostly stayed dye free.


  4. Lynette, I DID coat my hairline with Vaseline - seriously, this stuff is crazy! I've been dyeing my hair for over 25 years, and I'm pretty good at it, but this is the most difficult dye I've ever used.

    Laniza, maybe pink, not sure if I would go blue or green. I kind of already did pink with it fading out, though!

  5. That dye is obviously some powerful stuff! Your hair looks very striking against the cool grey tones of the outfit.
    Yes, it's funny how over time, we reassess some pieces of clothing, and decide they just aren't right for us anymore. So it's goodbye to the skirt, but hello to something new! xx

  6. The re-vamped (heh) shoes are amazing! Sorry your hair is annoying right now - but it looks so fab. xox

  7. My favourite thing about your posts are when you get rid of something. It's like your version of a reality show. Sheila's Closet: Skirt Edition.

    And your roots aren't white. They're a blank canvas :)

  8. I love your purple hair. We must discuss colour when you arrive. It went through Vaseline? Wow.

    Ba-bye skirt. Man, at least you got it down to $3. I'm feeling stupid getting rid of stuff I've only worn once or twice, but the closet real estate prices demand it. I'm glad you're keeping the blouse, shoes, and bling. And L. And Vizzini.

  9. When I get henna done (yesterday) I smear a little bit of vaseline to avoid getting my skin stained.
    Yeah, I am with you, the skirt has got to go.
    Lately I've been wearing mostly stuff I'm gonna get rid of.

  10. Wow, that's amazing dye. I must say it gives a full payoff for all the trouble--your hair is simply stunning. As an aside--pink or green would both look marvelous on you! My roots are gray...annoying gray...salty peppery still lingering. When they go white, I may see how this applies all over my head and if there's enough "blank canvas" (I like that!) I'll go pink or purple! Husband will take a deep breath and try to be polite, lol.

    I still absolutely love the Vizzini Art Shoes. Magnificent work by the original meow artist and by you as well. :-)

  11. Those shoes really did turn out beautiful!


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