Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Floral and Chains

Slowly starting to feel like myself again - this already feels like a long week. Not surprising, as I've already put in 4 hours of overtime. 
Some new-to-me things, la di dah. Makin' outfits.

  • Blouse - Max Studio, thrifted; purchased here on the weekend for $10.50
  • Skirt - CiCi; last seen here in May for my 2,001st post
  • Shoes - Franco Sarto, thrifted; first worn here in May with chartreuse and blue

I like this loose drapey blouse - it was a bit slide-y around the neckline, but it makes me feel good.
A big blouse like this needs a slim bottom. Mine is rather rounded, tee hee. I do love this skirt - it's got pockets!

The stuff:
This is only my second wearing of my $6.00 shoes! What? That's ridiculous. Ridonculous, even. I must wear them more - they were lovely today.

Steel bling:
I liked how this chain bib necklace filled in the neckline of my blouse without being overwhelming. I predict a lot of wear out of it.

  • Necklace - thrifted last weekend for $12.50
  • Steel cuff - thrifted
  • Cage cuff - Bauxo

And with a minimum of fuss (for me!) the windows are all done. They look very nice, and let in a breeze.

Vizzini had to check out the bedroom situation.
"I approve of this window."
He doesn't seem to have been rattled by the noise or the workers. I bet he will want some cuddles tonight, though.

Only 3 more sleeps till the big Vancouver +40 Blogger Meet-Up! I should probably think about what I'm going to wear...


  1. Fabulous skirt!!! I adore floral print skirts - a love that stretches back to a girly hued floral denim pencil skirt I had in grade school.

    I hope that you're having a great week, my stylish friend!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Loving the bright colours, and the print on your skirt. And yes, you've worked the proportions of the billowy top/fitted bottom perfectly. xxx

  3. Glad you are feeling more like yourself! Not easy having lots of extra work to do when you've been feeling unwell.

    Outfit wise I really like that top on you - it's a lovely colour and great with the floral skirt! :)

  4. Great look - love the floral skirt, and it looks wearable with so many tops. I laid out all my traveling clothes last night - yes, on Tuesday night! - and am telling myself not to stress about it. There is the clothing swap, after all : >

  5. Pockets! I wondered, when I started wearing women's clothes, why they don't have pockets. Or at least some of them.

    I'm going to see you this week! I'm flying up tomorrow. Which igloo is yours? :-)

  6. Sheila your new top looks fabulous !
    Oh, I do hope you take a lot of pictures at the blogger meet up :) Have fun.

  7. Oooo I'm getting excited. Looking forward to reading your write up on the meet up.

    I'm digging your hair as always! I added a bit of a pinky red to mine, but it's a lot more subtle! I wish I had just streaked the whole thing now.

  8. I love the color and style of that blouse on you! And pockets...yes, women's clothing needs MOAR POCKETS.

    Aw, Vizzini's little eyebrow whiskers. Mrow. Great picture!


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