Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Camo Dress!

Another hot day! I was happy for this lightweight dress. 
I loved the loose "sack" shape of it.

  • Dress - Taylor, swap; acquired here on the weekend
  • Shoes - Modern Vintage, thrifted; last worn here in June with a sweater and this same necklace

Hands are in pockets - hips aren't that wide! 
I discovered that this dress was silk (I usually look), and was very grateful for it when I had to dash to our other office and lug Frogboxes around (link 'cause I love them!).

I love the asymmetrical floral print on it - I got shat on by a seagull today, and the pattern totally camo'd the bird poop. Darn birds!

I got this dress at the big swap at the 40+ Blogger Meet-Up this past weekend. I don't know who brought it, but I love it.
Suzanne had tried it on and it wasn't quite right on her (too big), but it was just right on me. It has some lovely details, like those pockets, including the little bra snaps that hold your bra in place. I can see that it used to have (I'm guessing) gemstones around the neckline and someone removed them. I prefer my own necklace, anyway.

The stuff:
Flat shoes because we did legs at the gym last night. Sore legs.

Big ol' bling:
I liked how the metallics worked with the dress' colours.

  • Necklace - Nygard, consignment
  • Earrings - Glee, local

Worked late tonight (again), and as soon as L gets home (also working late) we're going to go throw around a frisbee disc. Then dinner. Then...phew...couch.


  1. You always look so elegant!! Love this dress on you!
    cute shoes too :)

  2. OMG re the birds. But the dress is GORGEOUS.

  3. I've seen that dress in person! It looks great on you. I saw it on Suzanne and it looked good on her, too, but she believes she needs waist-definition and the print here precludes a belt. Your adventurous spirit allows you to wear terrific styles.

  4. wow, a made-for-you dress! You look gorgeous, the color and easy shape are perfection. Now I have the sads again because I want to rewind to the clothing swap moments. xox

  5. Love this colour on you, and the asymmetry breaks it up nicely, and so obliging to camo the bird poo! Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. That is a lovely dress, and I like the statement necklace with it! I'd have been tempted to wear something contrasting the colour of the dress but this works so well! :)

  7. It truly is a great dress, and it suits you so well! I hope whoever brought it to the swap will see your post and pop in to let you know the answer to its origins.

  8. Lucky you SHeila !
    What a gorgeous dress: colour, fit, shape and pockets are the perfect combination.

  9. Gorgeous metallic colours and the dress shape suits you so well! I love the pattern on it too. Those shoes are so cute and now that I know (I think) that we wear the same size I am coveting so many of your shoes. xoxo
    PS-mentioned you in my latest post. :-)

  10. That dress is a real stunner! The combination of embellished silk satin with the swing shape is unexpected and fantastic! It would still be a gorgeous dress tailored to a fitted shape, but far less unusual.

  11. What a fabulously chic, elegant ensemble. Those earthy glam hues look marvelous on you and suit the deeply entrenched heat of August well, if you ask me.

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  12. This does look fab on you!

    Awful to hear you got shat on though. I got hit once, right on the head and it felt like an egg cracking. Blech!



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