Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cerulean, Flowers and Trancendent

I'm feeling so much more positive in general. It helps when I wear some of my favourite things. 
Like this blouse! And this skirt! And these shoes!

  • Blouse - Old Navy, swap from Patti; acquired here last weekend
  • Skirt - vintage 80s, handmade; last seen here in June with starry swaths
  • Shoes - Queen Transcendent Escarpin, Fluevog; purchased here last weekend

Some of these are new/new-to-me, but that doesn't make them any less favourite. I didn't know this blouse came from Patti until she mentioned it in the comments.
These shoes caused quite a stir, both at work and at WW. Gasps of admiration! One of the women there said, "You always look like a rainbow!" Aw!

I am a huge fan of this cerulean skirt. And yes, I wore wool today (it's a lightweight wool) and it's 29 degrees out!
My biggest success of the day: I am back under my goal weight! That means I've managed to get down about 7 pounds in the couple of months or so. I've been working hard at it - the weight creeps back slowly! The big thing for me is night-time snacking, so I've been going to bed earlier and reading more. Good all around. Anyway, I'm feeling good about that.

The stuff:
I waggled my feet at everyone today. These were perfectly wonderful to wear - slight rubbing on my heels, but nothing major, and considering I was barefoot, that's great.

Blurry blue bling:
The usual stuff!

  • Earrings - vintage fair
  • Lapis lazuli ring and Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

I firmly believe that you get what you give in life. I can be bossy (hee, check out Shawna's thoughts on this here), but it's always in a caring way. Today, I got a little back.
These are from my coworker Sue, who is leaving the company tomorrow. She dumped them on my desk and said, "Don't tell anyone they're from me." (she's a cranky thing, but I adore her). Thank you, Sue, those flowers mean the world to me.


  1. Those shoes just look even better on! They are lovely :)

    I really like your top also, it's so nice with the blue skirt. It makes me remember a similar top I had - I didn't get to wear it often, it was tossed into the donate pile during my wardrobe detox as the colours weren't 'right' for me apparently. I wasn't too sad to see it go as I was running out of ways to wear it. I didn't even think of trying with a colourful bottom half like you have here! I always get ideas from your blog, even if I don't own the same pieces. It definitely encourages me to be more colourful with what I wear :)

  2. Oh the shoes! The shoes. Snacking in general is always my thing. Keeping HEALTHY snacks is my struggle.

    Also that's sweet of your coworker. The flowers are lovely - and go with your hair!

  3. Damn, I never thought of wearing that top with a blue skirt! Leave it to you, a mixing goddess - you look fab. And those shoes - I will ever have fond memories of you modeling them and the Fluevog shop. xo

  4. When I saw Shawna's post, I worried a little that you might misperceive her "bossy" label. Glad you didn't. We all know your motivation is sincere and altruistic. In fact, being assertive with your effort to help other women is admirable: it breaks through psychological barriers we have. I saw you do that with another woman and it had a positive effect. Tough love!

  5. The shoes, the shoes, the shoes! if i get my little hands on these it will be because of you - I LOVE THEM !
    And congrats on getting back into your weight.. I've been putting it off and indeed the pounds creep up on you.

  6. Hee, I had to laugh "don't tell anyone they're from me"!
    Love the furniture leg heels. Don't stand still or someone might rest a cup of coffee on you! Xo Jazzy Jack

  7. You did so well with the swap. Really good dresses and this jumper. Love it with that pretty skirt and those awesome shoes.

  8. Gorgeous ensemble! I love that shade of blue. It's one of my very favourites ever. There's just something so chipper and fun about it.

    Joyful August long weekend wishes, my stylish friend!
    ♥ Jessica

  9. love you honey and LOVE the fact that coworker Sue thought to leave you with some fleurs. what a classy move. xxooCaro


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