Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shoe Shine #13

Shoe Shine is on!
Get your kicks by showing your kicks!
Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

My shoes this time 'round are always referred to as the Best Shoes Ever.
Pretty sweet, aren't they? They have everything: 4 colours (burgundy, grey, white, navy blue), a cunning little hidden platform, a bow, and wonderful purple lining.

And they're comfy!
These are one of my many pairs of Poetic Licence shoes that I've had over the years. They were the first shoes I bought with the first gift certificate L gave me to She She Shoes. I last wore them here in February (they are a fall/winter shoe in my wardrobe) and first wore them here in 2008 where I initially dubbed them the Best Shoes Ever. In between, I've worn them at least 12-15 times. Good costs per wear!

They are starting to look dated a bit to me now, as the platform style of shoe eases out of its time in the sun (for now), but I'll never get rid of these. If I ever own a shoe museum (it could happen!), these would get place of honour.

What shoes would you put in a museum? Would it be because of the style or your memories/associations of them? Show us!

Want to play? It's super-easy. Anyone can join.

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  1. The Best Shoes Ever are certainly amazing! Real period pieces, although to my eyes they still look current, but then again I live in the sticks in Australia, so what would I know!
    The closest I got to museum shoes was keeping my wedding shoes for ages. But they have now gone in one of my moves. Can't keep things for long when travelling.
    My link up shoes are no longer extant in my wardrobe, so they certainly aren't museum pieces as you will read.
    Thanks for the link up, xo JJ

  2. Your shoes are playfully elegant! I'll join in with my "theater" shoes - which I only wear when go to indoor concerts, performances etc. They are suede, very soft and comfy, and their sole is leather which is always a bit of a surprise for me. I did not write about them in my post, so I'm doing it here. :) Thank you for the shoe party!

  3. Wow, how do you every choose one pair of shoes to be the Best Ever?! Or do all your shoes have a special moniker? Well, I guess you could say these are my Shinest Shoes Ever Given to Me. yeah.


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