Saturday, October 11, 2014

Shoe Shine #12

Shoe Shine is on!
Get your kicks by showing your kicks!
Let yourself shine!

I chose my beautiful green "elf" shoes for this edition of Shoe Shine.
They are called the Half-Truth Tanya, and yes, they are by Fluevog.

They're a good example of the erratic sizing in shoes (not just Fluevogs, although they are crazy erratic). I usually wear a size 9 or 9.5 (Euro 40), but these are size 10 and are perfect.

I have pretty narrow feet and long toes, with a narrow heel, and these just work beautifully on me. I like that the top straps are adjustable over the foot.
These have gotten softer and more comfortable since I got them in March. They've also gone on sale at Fluevog (I really want the purple ones!). Go on... I know you want to go look at them here - my review is there. (Seriously, no kickbacks. I link 'cause I love).

Have you ever bought a duplicate shoe in another colour? I don't think I ever have. 
Would you?

Want to play? It's super-easy. Anyone can join.

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  1. Love the elves! I am linking up my animal print Keds sneakers. Not too flashy, but a big step (heh) for me. xo

  2. Seriously, why are Fluevog so nutsy squirrel when it comes to sizing? I have three pairs, three different sizes. It is a fearful thing ordering online.

  3. Oh my goodness how I wish you hadn't shown me those shoes. They are beautiful and now I want some of my own!

  4. I've bought shoes in multiple colors. I actually have one pair of shoes in THREE colors. But who am I to say no to a comfortable pair of star shoes?

    However, I've found that buying multiples of the same clothes in the same color - I'm bored of the item once its worn out.

  5. I do believe I have, although I can't think of an example off hand. Those elf shoes are the cutest. I've join in with my pink ones which have a similar vibe I think. They are Giraudon via ebay, of course. Thanks for hosting, Sheila.

    oh no, not the robot thingy!

  6. I finally caught the fever and link up. I admire your shoe collection.

  7. Yes, I've bought a duplicate shoe in a different colour. They were two pairs of flats: one in green and the other in red. At first I thought I would wear mismatched shoes… but then I never did.


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