Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What I Like: Fall Looks, Part 1 - The Looks

I'm taking a little break - it's been over 6 years since I started this blog and I need a rest. However, I wouldn't leave y'all in the lurch, so I've lined up a few little posts (including a Shoe Shine and my birthday link-up party) to keep you amused until I'm back. 

And I will be back, I promise!

For the second year in a row (first time here, past Officer Vizzini), I bought the big fat September fashion magazines, and tore out all the pages that inspired me. I shuffled them all together, laid them out on the carpet and analyzed what I liked. 

Soft Goth Cowgirl!
I adore both of these Chanel looks. The funky boots, the leather, the contrasting ruffles, all those gobs of jewelry. And of course, cowboy boots. Mine are red, thank you! I'm on the lookout for a replacement pair of riding boots, as mine are getting worn out.

The Femme Menswear Look 
Keep one detail feminine: a softer version of a tie, sandals, a pencil skirt, brogues. I think I need a pair of brogues.

The Midi Skirt 
What? This hasn't always been in style? I've been wearing midis (and whatever the hell length I feel like) for years. I love the mod-inspired patterns on the bookended looks, and the higher waists on the pencil skirts. You can thrift this look easily - it's very 80s. Mermaid skirts like the one on the bottom right are a style from the early aughts that can be found secondhand too.

Bigass Drama 
I'm all about the bigass, and I'm all about the drama! Simple clean shapes, in gorgeous want-to-touch textures, accessorized with vintage pieces like the wrap on the left, the statement necklace (you can find wonderful ones at vintage swaps for cheap), and the bigass combination of red and pink. I want that Dior dress.

Dark Florals 
Back for the second year, florals and embroidered designs on lush black textures. Still a fan. I have a lot of velvets, florals and embroidery in my wardrobe.

 More Menswear
It's the year of the jacket! I like seeing the longer-line jackets coming back - this has always been a favourite look of mine. It's very 90s. Another easy thrift find. Love the fuzzy topper over the suit.

Mostly the boots, but also the leather. Yes, please, I would that green leather shirt very much.

Do any of these turn your crank? What looks are you actually going to try, or are you sticking with the same ol', same ol'?


  1. I know that a lot of people scoff at fashion mags but I just Love 'Em!! I even worked at one for awhile in the 80's. let's hear it for shoulder pads and hope that they NEVER make a come back! I'm loving dark florals. Yum! I hope you're curled up on the couch with your mags and an enormous piece of birthday cake!

  2. Rest, my friend, rest. We can sense the exhaustion in your voice. Refresh your energy and enthusiasm, then come back with guns blazing.

  3. I really like your idea -spreading pages on the floor is much better for me visually than on a monitor. Ah, long skirts everywhere - that's a treat. Now, rest! xo

  4. I really like your idea -spreading pages on the floor is much better for me visually than on a monitor. Ah, long skirts everywhere - that's a treat

  5. Sweetie, you totally deserve a break! Does a gal good from time to time.
    I enjoy the odd magazine; I'll pick them up in the opshops from time to time, I don't care how current they are, it all goes round! I do love these sorts of pages, though. Full of ideas!

  6. fantastic that you´v done the work for me :-)
    this are exactly what i would rip out of the magazines! and i have a big drama red midi circle skirt in bold panama weave already to pair with pink or purple this season - hooray for homesewing with foresight!
    enjoy your break!

  7. Rest, but do come back Sheila! I have been away for nearly a year. But I will come back soon.

    You do need brogues! I could not be without mine... Xxx

  8. Menswear?? Equestrian?!? I'm going to be on-trend for the first and probably last time ever? Fancy.

  9. Would you believe I have not purchased a September issue ?! yeah - in fact I have march, may and other months still sitting there waiting for me to read them.
    As for these trends, I love the midi but am careful with it because I am so short.
    The dark florals are a must, menswear is hot and as for equestrian is probably the one I'll skip.


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