Wednesday, October 29, 2014

You Look Like Carol Burnett!

I had a lot of compliments from my coworkers on this outfit today.
I was also at Bulk Barn buying Hallowe'en candy for the office when some guy said loudly, "You look like Carol Burnett!" I didn't know he was talking to me at first, so he said it again (louder). I said, "Thank you."

I guess that is a compliment - I used to watch the Carol Burnett Show (Wiki) back in the 70s, and she was always so glamourous in her Bob Mackie dresses. Funny, my mom used to get comparisons to her back when I was a kid.

Anyway, outfit!
All new or new-to-me stuff!

  • Top - B. Altman & Co, by Hal Ferman, thrifted
  • Skirt - Club Monaco, consignment
  • Boots - Clark's Indigo
  • All worn or purchased here last week.

I loved this top, but like most 70s polyester, it really doesn't breathe. Thank goodness it washes fine - it needs it!
I adored the skirt - it's the perfect length on me, and isn't the pleating just right? No pouf over the butt (just two nice side pleats) and the front has a centre pleat with two sides (and pockets!).

The stuff:
The boots were just as comfy on their second wear, and the leather is getting worn in nicely. I don't worry too much about marks on leather - it's part of the charm. I will Woly these to make sure they don't get water damage, but I don't really do anything else with my leather.

My Dad's scarf gets another outing! It goes well with the boots.

Vintage fair bling:
The earring is from the 90s; the rest were all purchased at vintage fairs.

  • Scarf - vintage 60s, Dad's
  • Cuff - Midzo, vintage fair
  • Rings - vintage 70s?, vintage fair
  • Earring - LA Express, 90s
L and I have started getting ready for our Hallowe'en party on Friday night! We'll both be in costume all day at work too; we'll be doing a test run of costume/hair/makeup tomorrow night to make sure I can get us together quickly on Friday morning. 

Are you dressing up for Hallowe'en?


  1. I was originally going as a sugar skull, but I'm feeling a bit cynical this year so I'm writing LIFE on a white Tee and I'll be giving out lemons.

  2. Oooh that is such a beautiful skirt! I like it with the boots :)

    Looking forward to seeing your costume - you always put such effort into it! :)

    We don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia, but as per usual I might find it difficult to resist the urge to dress up Cooper, haha!

  3. Great skirt. The stranger's public remark was borderline rude -- you don't talk to someone like that, loudly and unsolicited -- but he's right about the resemblance. I've always thought that about you. I never said it because many people are sensitive to comparisons. Someone once said I look like Dan Ackroyd and that bugged me for years.

  4. Ooh, great skirt, you are right about the flattering placement of the pleats at the back! And who doesn't love a pair of classic tan boots? Perfect! xxx

  5. Very flattering shape! The shorter pleated skirt with boots and a top that shows your waistline. Great! xo JJ

  6. The color combination between the top and skirt is so on. I love how that skirt looks like fancy wrapping/origami paper, especially with the way it's folded. And pockets?! Keeper! :D

  7. You do look a lot like Carol Burnett. Very adorable gal ! And I do absolutely love your boots ! Very fashionable and sexy! Dave


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