Thursday, October 9, 2014

Birthday Party Dress Link-Up!

I'm taking a little break - it's been over 6 years since I started this blog and I need a rest. However, I wouldn't leave y'all in the lurch, so I've lined up a few little posts (including a Shoe Shine and my birthday link-up party) to keep you amused until I'm back. 

And I will be back, I promise!

Today is my birthday! I would love to share my party outfit with you...but no birthday party for me this year. Why? Well, I'm doing something else instead, which will be revealed in time. 

However, I will share all of my previous birthday outfits that I've shown on my blog, first going way way back to 2008:
I still have that suit! But not the belt or the shoes.

In 2009, L and I went to Seattle for the weekend.
"Oh, go on!" In the hotel room just before we went out for dinner.

In 2010, I didn't do a birthday day outfit, but we had a party that weekend, and I wore my vintage disco dress.
Still have that one, and I think this may have been its last wear. Dare I wear it again?

In 2011, I spent my birthday out with my niece Hannah, then went for dinner at the pub with L.
We probably had a party too, but that gorgeous dress is what I wore on my day. Still have it (just unpacked it) and still have those fab boots.

2012 was in the middle of my year-long 30 x 30 x 12 Challenge. Hey, that's the same suit skirt as in the the 2008 picture.
The shoes are gone, but the rest remains.

And last year, in 2014:
Gotta wear leather on one's birthday! 

And you? What will you wear for my birthday? Break out the party clothes! 

  • Link to a post featuring YOU in some party clothes!
  • Include a link to Ephemera somewhere in your post (it's only polite). Leave a comment here if you like.
  • Go to the bottom of this post and click on the InLinks "Add Your Link" button to open a new page.
  • In the "Next Step," you crop the picture you want to display, and voila!

  • This will be active for a week, so lots of time to plan! 

    Don't feel like partying? Then just show your shoes! Shoe Shine is on for Saturday!


    1. Happy Birthday Sheila! I hope you enjoy your well-deserved break! :)

      I'm about 2 weeks behind on blogging (so bad!) so chance of a party outfit link up from me, but I'll have a glass of bubbly in your honour tonight! :)

    2. Happy Birthday, Sheila! Of course we've noticed your absence but hope it's to regenerate your spirits.

    3. Happy Birthday! Can't wait to hear about the celebration. xox

    4. Happy celebrating and happy break, Sheila!

    5. Happy Birthday, Sheila! Hope you have a great day and a nice break. It's so fun seeing how your hair has changed through the years.

    6. Have a very happy birthday! I hope you are enjoying whatever you are out doing! And you deserve a break, nothing wrong with that!

    7. Happy Birthday Sheila, enjoy the break. Lovely to look back over your birthday pics.

    8. Happy Birthday!
      Enjoy your break and see you when you get back.

    9. Happy Birthday Sheila! Enjoy your day, this gorgeous weather, and a little bloggy break!

    10. Happy Birthday, Sheila! - not an original thing to write but after all... Enjoy your break! I liked your b-day outfit retrospective, but especially the expression in your hotel room snap.

    11. Happy Birthday, fellow leather girl! I don't know if you saw my comment on your previous post, but you were the lucky winner of the Women in Clothes book. I seem to have lost your email address. Is your mailing address the same as it was when we sent you the yellow skirt?

    12. Happy Birthday, dear Sheila! Love all your BD looks, you look beautiful and different from outfit to outfit. The plaid dress is fantastic, and the last year outfit is so decadent :) ! Have a wonderful break!

    13. Hi Sheila!

      Happy Birthday!! Yay! I love the outfits here! Enjoy your birthday time.


    14. Whoa! Sorry I missed your birthday! But I've gotta tell you, that suit is my fav of your birthday outfits! Can't wait to find out what you're working on for this year's birthday....

    15. Belated Birthday Wishes, Sheila. I am constantly behind in blog reading so I get to all of them late these days. I hope you enjoy your break and look forward to your coming back. We need you to keep this place classy and sassy!

    16. Happy Birthdays Sheila! Such fun to see the 6 blog birthday pix. My fav of course is the No, Come On photo in the hotel room. Pure class. Thanks for the invite. You'll need a break just to read that great (and big) book you won from Shelley! Have a good time off.

      oh no, there's that @#%! robot thingy. No way can I read this one.
      Next. Okay, that's better.

    17. Happy birthday, Sheila! You're awesome. :-) Thanks for the b-day pics, love 'em all but especially 2009--amazing purple on you--and last year, where you look like...I dunno why this occurred to me, but a I get a flamboyant Bond villainess! Albeit a very cheery and friendly one lol. Have a lovely break!

    18. Happy Birthday!!!!! I just love that you have a chronicle of your party outfits. The plaid wrap around is super cute. I may just have to take a dip into my archives. Party on!!

    19. Happy late birthday dear friend.
      I think that yes, you should wear that gorgeous red one sleeve beauty - you're amazing in it.

    20. Happy late birthday dear friend.
      I think that yes, you should wear that gorgeous red one sleeve beauty - you're amazing in it.


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