Monday, October 27, 2014

Fruitals, and a Case of the Mondays

Consider this the first of many rants about the weather, how dark it is, and how crappy the lighting is. 
Back to work for this woman! Three weeks off, and after about 6 hours and cleaning out 1500 emails, it felt like I never left. *sigh*

  • Blouse - no label, thrifted; last seen here in September under a leather dress
  • Skirt - Lui Jo; last seen here (5th outfit) sometime last week
  • Shoes - Qtee Minis, Fluevog, consignment; last worn on New Year's Eve here!

Comfort was the order of this gloomy Monday, so I threw on a couple of new things from my trip, in case anyone asked.
My love of dark fruitals remains undiminished!
Still not really feeling the love for this skirt, although it is a good colour. It annoys me that it's not leather (like that is the skirt's fault, right?). It also rode up while walking to and from work - I hate that!

The stuff:
I can't believe I haven't worn these shoes in so long - they are so comfy. Perfect for my first day back!

Shiny bling:
Aside from the skirt being an Italy purchase, I also wore the earrings from the set L bought me in Venice, and my Winesday ring from the Uffizi Gallery.

Belt - Gap; earrings - gift from L; ring - gallery gift shop; spinner ring - local; lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes.


  1. Just want to know that I appreciate the effort you put into the blog, all the detail, your excitement over your new fashion purchases, the "stuff", Vizinni's comments, everything. I'm sure it all takes time, and you also work for a living! But you should know that I enjoy reading everything and look forward to the updates of your blog. Keep up the great work, I'm enjoying it! Gerrilyn

  2. Too bad you are not liking that skirt--I like how it looks in that ensemble. Hurrah for dark fruitals! Maybe once you get your head wrapped around the skirt being made of something you weren't expecting, it will be okay? Or maybe there is a deserving friend who needs a souvenir from your trip to Italy. ;)

  3. The lighting might not be the best, but the outfit is fantastic! Love this blouse, and with your new skirt it's just a song! xxx

  4. love that outfit! the dark fruitals and the color of the skirt are beautiful together!
    can you wear a petticoat/slip-like thingy under it to prevent riding up and feeling the artificial material on your skin? it would provide extra warmth too for the next months :-)

  5. It's so dark in the mornings here now and at night too. Getting to the gloomier part of fall. I'm not ready for snow, yet at least when we get that it will help lighten things up a bit!

  6. I don't think I "know" anyone who rocks a skirt better than YOU do Sheila! I'm with Linda on getting your head wrapped around the fact that it's not the fabric you were expecting. You can go from girlie to bad-ass in a flash! I like that about you...AND the detail you put into your almost DAILY blog...I love opening the BlogSpot and finding you here.

  7. I feel the same as you about the 'leather' issue... I can't stand fake leather. It would bother me to no end!

  8. O, I love that dark fruity blouse! Such a gloriarse print.
    Ugh, I always bitch and moan about the dark light throughout Winter, and I don't think we get it as bad as you guys.....YOU are the bright light throughout, lovely! XXX

  9. Oh, you guys from the north and the long dark winters you have to deal with! I visited the middle of your province a number of times and I don't think I could take the 6 months of snow and winter darkness, even for the long sunlight days!

    Sorry about the riding up; the skirt does look great on you, but sometimes an item is not to be! ... maybe a slip would help?


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