Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tie Thursday and a Watch

Whew, another late night and I am just beat. Is the weekend here yet? No?
Well, how about Tie Thursday? My office is about 80% men, and some of the younger hipsters have taken to wearing ties on Thursdays. I'm so all over that! I love wearing ties!

This is actually what I wore all day. I'm a little pit-sy and this shirt shows it, so I kept the jacket on. I liked how the cropped fit offset the fullness of the skirt and framed the tie. I had tons of compliments on the outfit, although while running an errand, some guy (in paint-spattered clothes; no sartorial splendour there) felt that he had to comment that my glasses don't match my outfit.

What? You mean purple's not a neutral? Gee, thanks.

Anyway, I liked this outfit a lot too, and loved wearing the tie all day. The jacket is my wonderfully buttah-soft Danier Couture leather one, last seen here in August with striped pants.
The shirt is striped grey. I'm really feeling this mid-tone grey this season. I'm not usually a grey person, but I'm still wanting to rock the brights, and it's a nice way to pop them. I last wore this shirt here in February (yikes!) with a backless dress (and a tie!).
I know, isn't the skirt amazing? It was a dream to wear - loved the pockets and made everyone feel the wool and cashmere. It's by Hourihan and was made in Ireland. I'm still boggled that it was $17.99. I bought it here last month.
This outfit was a little on the warm side. Like Curtise over in the UK, our mornings and evenings have been chilly, but it's been sunny and warm during the day. I'm still going bare-legged!

The stuff:
My much-adored grey wool "elf" scrunchy wool boots. If I were to do a fall/winter edition of "Shoes My Husband Hates", I'm sure L would include these!  I last wore them here in April with studs.

Menswear bling:
I did a lot of accessories with this outfit, from the belt (with cool pressed-glass and fabric buckle), to the tie, to the cufflinks. I didn't actually notice that I had two different cufflinks on until I got to work, ha!

And yes, the dudes at work were very impressed with my tie!

Jacket (Danier Couture, consignment), shirt (Club Monaco, consignment), skirt (Hourihan, thrifted), boots (Prepare Guides, Fluevog), belt/buckle (Shi Studio), tie (Tommy Hilfiger, was L's), cufflinks (vintage, L's), spinner ring (local), death star ring (Stone Roses), earrings (don't recall).

I haven't worn a watch in decades, but I got it in my head that I needed a watch. I don't have a cell phone, iPhone, iPad, laptop or other device which tells time (that part is incidental to not having a device - I choose to be unconnected except for this blog and email). I'm a bit of a control person and details person and a watch exacerbates those qualities in me, and can cause me anxiety, but I'm feeling the need to have one.

I looked around at The Bay department store - nothing really grabbed me, and I had a bit of sticker shock (this comes from thrifting everything). I remembered that I walk past a little mom & pop watch repair place every day, and decided to check there. I'd rather give a small local business my money anyway.

This is what I found!
It is a men's watch (big face), but it fits me on the smallest hole.
It's a Lorus, is water resistant, glows in the dark, and I just really like the look of it. I also like the leather band. It was $65.00 marked down - it ended up being $50 with all the taxes. I was thrilled. Happy birthday to me.


  1. You look so good in a necktie! Menswear suits you.

  2. I LOVE the tie! In fact, today I picked up a cool Eddie Bauer, wool tweed, zip-up jacket at the Goodwill and thought "this would look so KEWL with a TIE". Fortunately, the retired Mr. DJB has a boat load of them in the closet from which to choose.

    That's a shame your glasses didn't match your outfit. I don't know HOW you dared step out of the house in that condition! Wouldn't it be so sweet though if we could have a different pair for each day of the week to go with whomever we happen to be that day? For me, that's about $800 a pop. Dream on, eh?

  3. Great look - you really own the tie-wearing, it's a fab contrast with your feminine shape. Purple is neutral, paint-splatter is out, out, out : >

  4. It's a chique but also cool look.
    love the fun boots.

  5. Love the entire ensemble, and really loving the watch!

  6. What a cool look Sheila! I love the close cropped jacket with the longer, fuller skirt! As Patti writes, the menswear vibe is so beautifully balanced with the feminine aspects! Yep! This outfit sings...

    And can I give a WooHa! Another low techie! I'm the same cell phone at all. Gosh, when I visit you in Victoria, I hope I can find you without GPS, hahahaha!

    1. Ha, I guess we will just have to make plans and then stick to them, Sue! I would love to meet up if/when you are in town - please drop me an email (it's in my profile).

  7. Oh, back when my eyes didn't change so often, I kinda did have a pair of specs for every outfit, all vintage...sigh. Those were the days. Nowadays I fill the craving by buying bright, eccentric readers. Sheila, you DO so rock ties! I am feeling like wearing them this winter too. Hmm. I just thrifted a 'Save The Children" charity tie with a happy smiling yellow sun design on a red background--lifted directly from a little girl's drawing! Now I shall really wear it.

    That is a gorgeous watch. Manly watches are extremely cool, and a larger, easier-to-read face is a nice plus lol.

  8. LOVE the tie! Tie Thursdays sounds like a great idea, and women should get in on it. Your outfit is perfect, and those cufflinks are quite handsome.

  9. gorgeous watch!!! and hilarious about the tie. My business is the opposite. We are 95% women with only the three top guys being men. We used to have a guy in our office, but he just couldn't hack it and we hired a woman in his place.

    I definitely have been wanting a quality watch. I carry a cellphone, but I hate the connotation of checking my cellphone all the time FOR the time. OCD means I'm constantly checking the time, but I hate looking like I'm checking my phone for messages.

  10. Oh, this is a trend I love: women wearing ties.
    I own one tie .. and its actually quite similar to yours, I look at it every morning and ask myself: when I am I going to wear it ?

  11. love your tie and love that your skirt has pockets (also love its color and shape, obviously!)
    your outfit is really cool and stylish!


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