Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shiny Brocade and Black Leather

Of course, I have been dying to wear this jacket since I got it.
But a long-sleeved, long jacket in summer? Can it be done? Well, yeah. I rolled up the sleeves and wore it open. No prob! I work in an air-conditioned office, plus it's not as hot out this past week.

I thrifted it for $34.50 this past weekend (here). I might have said, "CAW!" a few times to people today.
I did get a ton of compliments on it today, people noting the shininess, the colours (red, pink and gold), and comparing it to Indian sari fabrics (I wish!).

I also got a lot of double-takes. "Are you wearing a leather dress?"

You bet I am! Nothing like a "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" (thank you, Cake: YouTube - enjoy), in my opinion. I last wore this black leather dress in the 2013 January capsule (recap here), where I featured it 3 times. I did wear a red cami underneath it to keep myself covered up. That's a lot of leg.
Seriously spectacular fabric! Loved it! Back in 1999-2000 when I worked at Fairweather, I bought a similar jacket in gold, teal and navy blue: same length, same cut, not as shiny but really close style. So I would date this jacket to about the same era. I bet Aldo did a test run in a few stores to see if clothing would do well - since they don't carry clothing now, I'm guessing no.

The stuff:
I chose these wedges because of the flowers on the toes - I liked how they went with the floral brocade of the jacket. I last wore them here in June with my origami dress (2nd outfit). I should wear that dress again soon.

The bling:
I kept it simple due to the jacket. I wore the heart on my lapel.

Jacket (Aldo, thrifted), dress (Danier Leather, thrifted), shoes (Miz Mooz, consignment), pin (Smoking Lily), ring (some junk shop in the 90s), earrings (Foxy).


  1. Wow, I love that jacket even more having seen it styled! Well played, madame.

  2. Amazing choice wearing that jacket with leather! Sort of like wearing a Chanel suit to a biker club - but better!

  3. Rock the leggy skirts! I admire you.

    May I ask what the difference in color/texture is between this and the peach textured jacket you posted recently? I remember you mentioning it didn't match anything, but this one seems stunning with black leather.

    1. The peach jacket was actually pink (with a little bit of orange and yellow). It was a very soft satin. The cut - not just the colour - was very limiting. It could only be worn done up (double-breasted buttons), so I was stuck wearing it as only a top.

      This jacket has a stronger base colour of gold plus the red (which perceives as dark, so works better with darker colours). Also the cut is far more versatile, as I will be able to wear it done up, belted, or open. The fabric is not as nice - it's a fairly stiff polyester plus the gold thread is thick - but the style and cut overcome that for me.

  4. that jacket is so beautiful, love it paired with your leather dress! :)

  5. I like the idea of wearing a statement jacket with a more daring piece for the office. I know it's not the first time you've worn leather to the office but it would be a great "gateway" outfit

  6. ooh, nicely done! I think the leather dress is an inspired mate for this jacket. You look amazing.

  7. I love the jacket! I think you made it work well for summer just by rolling up the sleeves! The fabric plays nice with the leather too!

  8. I adore the attitude - and also the spectacular jacket.

  9. The jacket does look a sari - so beautiful and luminous :)

  10. Val's summary of the outfit as Chanel-meets-biker-chic is perfect! Pairing the jacket with the leather dress is inspired. LOVE the sandals too. xxxxx

  11. A lot of fabulous leg!!!
    WOW that jacket is even more fabulous styled!! Love it with the toughness of the leather!

  12. Wearing the lacy red cami underneath is a great way to cover up more yet, makes the outfit sexier! Funny how adding extra coverage can make an outfit sexier. Like wearing fishnets or nylons versus going bare-legged.


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