Sunday, July 21, 2013

Not-So-Casual Friday, Crazy Saturday and Slouchy Sunday Shopping

Where does the time go? Sunday already? Outrageous! 

It was a fun weekend, though - I don't begrudge any of my time. But let's cast our minds back to Friday. This outfit garnered the comment, "You really just don't do the Casual Friday thing, do you?"
Nah, not really.

Any excuse to wear this gorgeous Desigual dress. L and I went out for a nice dinner after work on Friday, and since I stayed downtown, I wanted to be nicely dressed up for him. He wore the floral Dolce and Gabbana shirt I got him last weekend, but I didn't get a picture of it.
I last styled this dress here in January for Megan's birthday, but only had it on for a few minutes. The last time I actually wore it as a real outfit was in the March 2012 capsule (recap here), where I wore it three times.
Speaking of Megan, the other Megan (The Fashionable Bureaucrat) has this same dress - check it out. We both purchased them the same year; she got hers in Paris and I bought mine in London.
"I've got my eye on you."
It's such a gorgeous piece, I should really wear it more.

The stuff:
After work, but before dinner, I shopped for about an hour, picking up things for my niece's birthday. Mostly books - I like giving books. These shoes were most comfortable for all my hiking about. I last wore them in June, here, for Elaine's art opening. Disco Dutch!

Big bling:
Flowers and blue rings.

Dress (Desigual), shoes (Prepare Hi Steady, Fluevogs), earrings (local), lapis lazuli/Fulvia Ring (Wendy Brandes).

Yesterday, we didn't have Ulty, so we met up with friends for breakfast at our diner. I kinda went crazy with my hair.
That's what it looks like when I wake up in the mornings, although this hairstyle is crafted to deliberately look like this. Yeah, sometimes I want to look whackadoo! This is my entry for Patti's "Visible Monday" over at Not Dead Yet Style! Thanks for hosting, Patti!
Green dress! With eyelets! And a hem of boustrophedon ruffles! I last wore it earlier this month (here), also on a Saturday.
The shoes are also somewhat "out there" - they are my Faith Low Reumahs that I last wore here in June with a shoulderless top and swaths of chains. I wore this outfit to our niece's birthday - happy birthday, Sydney! My other nieces were appropriately impressed with the wackiness of the outfit/hair.

Oh yeah, I got some socks for myself while I was out on Friday night.
Hee, owls! These will be fun with boots in the fall.

Today, I got up early and headed down to get groceries. It's still quite hot and after two days of short dresses, I felt like being covered up a bit more.
I had actually planned this to be my Casual Friday outfit, but then decided to dress up more. So why not a soft and slouchy outfit for Sunday? Perfect.

The yellow is one of my camisoles.
I last wore this cardigan on a grocery expedition in April (here), also with a neutral skirt.
This skirt is one of my favourites. I love the mushroom colour and the wrinkled texture. I last wore it here in May while being inspired by nature.
The sandals are my pearlized cream Clarke's, getting very good use this summer. I last wore them here with the green dress above.

I added my cross-body bag for walking around and shopping, and a yellow silk scarf for extra coverage if needed.

Cardigan (Kersh, consignment), cami (RW & Co., consignment), skirt (Club Monaco), shoes (Artisan by Clarke's, consignment).

I headed down to My Sister's Closet consignment shop. There's still lots of summer stuff in the shop, but I found this seasonless dress aka the Black Blob:
I am actually really excited about this black blob! It's finally - FINALLY - a perfect shirtwaist dress. I used to have a turquoise one (this one) that wrinkled way too much, and I got rid of the horribly-coloured-for-me oatmeal one (this one). These are not easy to find second-hand!

I bleached out the colour in the photo so you can see a bit of detail.
It's a cotton/spandex blend, with cuffed sleeves (I'll be able to do L's cufflinks in them, yay!), pockets (double yay!) and buttons up the front from neck to hem. It had an awful plastic skinny black shiny belt (why?? this probably cost new over $100 - why not put a better belt on it?) that I tossed into the donation bag immediately.

It's from Talbot's and was only $28.98 - the white tag you can see at the neck has the little envelope with a spare button, so pretty sure this was never worn! Fine by me - I love being able to find a beautiful quality staple piece for a good price.

I also scored on this gorgeous brown leather belt.
It's wide like an obi in front (and quite rigid), with a narrow buckled back.

It was only $18.98, and it's by Brave Belts.
Italian leather, made in Canada! It's pretty close to their current "Fiano" style (here, linking 'cause I love), which sells for $130, so I think my belt was probably around $100. Score!

Hope your weekend was full of fun and good deals!


  1. Who could dress casual on a Friday with that Desigual piece whispering in the closet? Ooo, I love that dress.
    I went to the Van My Sister's Closet today too. Busy little shop.
    And oh YEAH! I looove that hair. Wild living-on-the-edge-of-your-seat hair. Cool, Sheila. We need to see L's floral shirt sometime.
    Isn't the weather incredible?

  2. You and Desigual are made for each other, Sheila! Love the Black Blob too. Thanks so much for sharing with Vis Monday. Xoxo

  3. I always get such great inspiration from your outfits. You select clothes beyond what I'd reach for and make them work so beautifully. Your outfits are tutorials in how to dress well.

  4. the heck, i just love it all! the desigual dress is especially nice, i've been tempted by some of their pieces but have yet to 'pull the trigger'. The SF store is directly across the street from Rasputin's (local secondhand record store) and they're both on the corner, so just a crosswalk apart. Mr. E lives in secondhand record stores, so i've ended up in the desigual store more than you would think for such a sucky shopper ;) !!!

    that shirtwaist dress is quite a find, and WOW! that belt! we'll have fun seeing you in that! happy evening, love to you and your guys, steph

  5. Love that Desigual dress! I've learned so much from blogging - I recognized it as Desigual before I even read a word. Their pieces do really stand out. Sort of the Fluevog of frocks.

  6. The Desigual dress is fabulous - dress down, whatever for?! The green frock is a bit of a favourite of mine, and the maxi skirt is one of those works-with-everything pieces you can wear forever. Lovely! Great Faith sandals too.
    I think the black shirtwaister will be a wardrobe staple, I can see you accessorising that all sorts of different ways. Good find! xxxx

  7. You always get the best pieces thrifting! That dress will be such a reworkable piece for you :) Looking forward to seeing all of the different ways you wear it :)

  8. That Desigual dress is stunning! I just love their stuff. So vibrant and different. It suits you to a tee : ) The fluevogs are perfect with it. My favourite outfit next to that gorgeous bright green dress. You can't go wrong with green on a redhead.


  9. The Desigual dress IS a gorgeous piece and you should wear it more! I think very few people could pull it off as well as you do, but it really looks fantastic!

    And I'm in love with those owl socks and cannot wait to see you pull them out this fall!

  10. The DFesigual dress is like a work of art--FABULOUS!!
    I love the green dress with the ruffles-so cute and summery!!
    Ah you are waring that fnatastic swishy skirt again--it's just so gorgeous and i love it with teh yellow and stripes.
    Yay for the shirtdress score--that has so much POTENTIAL!!

  11. The first shift dress is adorable. Love the green one too.

  12. Excellent score on the awesome belt! I think those two dresses (the Desigual and the green ruffle-bottom) are two of my favourite summer dresses of yours. The shape is simple but they are gorgeous colours, and have very cool details.

  13. Everything is wonderful of course , but your Desigual is one of my favorite dresses of all time on anybody. Really, really love it, and it's perfect on you. Sigh.
    So glad you showed it!


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