Monday, July 15, 2013

Emerald and Navy, and Armfuls of Silver

Hey! Happy Monday, all! 
I know, it's not the usual staircase pose, but culottes don't like the sideways plank on the stairs, so my contemplative hunker-down is what you get.

Of course, these are the Culottes of Wonder, last seen here in May doing double duty as a work outfit, then as a "going to see Beauty and the Beast at the theatre" outfit.
Had to wear my new-to-me top (purchased yesterday for $26.00) - I had several compliments on the rich navy blue of it. It has a bit of green in it, plus contrasts with my Woo! newly-dyed hair.
I tucked the shirt in and obi-ed over top of the culottes' high waist. This made things very creative in the washroom, I tell ya. I shall say no more.

The stuff:
Lovely laser-cut navy obi, plus oodles of silver. The shoes are getting rather scruffy, but I'm going to get as much wear out of them as I can. I last wore them on the Canada Day long weekend here, with my retro Hawaiian long dress.

Bling things:
I loaded on the silver, and had a ring on every finger (except thumbs). I felt like a gypsy.

Blouse (Mexx, consignment), culottes (Jac Dale, vintage 70s, thrifted), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, consignment), belt (shop in Fan Tan Alley, ethically sourced), green glass bangle/rattle bangle/stretchy metal bracelet (all thrifted), steel cuff (thrifted), filigree cuff (St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop), earrings (local), spoon ring (About Tine), blue leaf ring (handmade in Scotland, 1996), lapis lazuli/Fulvia ring (Wendy Brandes).

Last night while I was surfing around and L was working on a dragon, Vizzini climbed up on the back of L's chair and attacked a painting!
A piece of the backing was hanging down, so he was after that. Silly kitty!


  1. Love the high waist design on those culottes. And the color. And the way they drape so gorgeously. And and and. :D

  2. That blouse looks even more awesome on you! And the green culottes are awesome with it. Who knew culottes would be so fashionable again?

    L has the look of a cat owner on his face. That "oh no the cat is climbing, don't move!"

  3. Really like the way you've layered and belted the culottes, even if it was a bit inconvenient, haha.

  4. I was all about trying an obi with high waisted pants.... Until you mentioned bathroom breaks. Inability to go to the bathroom easily? That's a deal breaker for me. It looks great though!

  5. Vizzini is on the job! Glad all your painting-backs are secure now : > You know I love those culottes and all the jewelry makes them even yummier.

  6. They definitely are the culottes of Wonder!! ! love it with the gorgeous new navy top!!
    Vizzini was just protecting Daddy from that viscious painting!!

  7. Oh I have to add another compliment to that shirt, the colour is gorgeous ! and I see that Vizzini knows his "art".

  8. The culottes work wonderfully with the little top and obi belt, even if it made going to the loo a bit tricky! All your silver jewellery is beautiful, I'm drooling...
    Vizzini - the Art Critic! xxx

  9. Love the waistline of this outfit. Though I can image the 'issues' it created getting it all pulled together!


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