Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wool, Leopard and Blue

Woo, it's a hot one today - all the way up to 24 (about 80 on that other scale)! That's hot for little ol' Victoria, so call me a delicate flower if you must. 
I wore a sweater and a wool skirt, that's how delicate I am.

This leopard beauty is one of my favourite statement cardigans. I last wore it here in April with my high-waisted olive suede pencil skirt.
I wanted to get a wear out of my summer-weight wool grey pencil skirt while it was actually, you know, summer. It was quite comfortable, although I do work in an air-conditioned office. The walk home (where I also have on my jean jacket for sun coverage) was sweltering - the sweater was way hotter than the skirt.

I last wore it here in May with a "power 80s" look.
I could have gone all neutrals with this outfit, but I wanted a belt and black just seemed so predictable. I love this bright blue Danier Leather belt, so of course I had to match with the cami.

The stuff:
My white Aerosoles were absolutely heavenly to wear today. No rubbing or anything. They will be worn until they fall apart. They were last seen here in a whiter shade of pale outfit in late June (and my 1500th post).

Big bling:
I felt like playing up my rocker chick side instead of my girly side, so punk cuffs, zipper rose and my skull earrings. Badass!

Cardigan (XXI, consignment), cami (InWear), skirt (Bianca, vintage 80s, thrifted), shoes (Aerosoles, thrifted), belt (Danier Leather), black cuff (Guess), studded cuff (vintage 80s), rose pin (Victoria & Albert Museum gift shop), earrings (local), ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. I love this outfit! Too bad about the heat for you -- though not too many provinces over, 24 is still "running weather" for me!

  2. Look at all that bling! I love your leopard sweater, but I bet it's not awesome in the heat!

  3. Have I mentioned how much I love you as a redhead? That zipper flower pin is brilliant, and I love the touches of blue. It was 90 degrees today - no way could I have carried off a cardi, inside or out of the office!

    Love ya,

  4. The leopard looks strikingly beautiful with the blue. Your instinct is always right on. Stay cool -- it's in the 90's here.

  5. I'm melting looking at your outfit! I was moving around some sweaters today and thought my arms would never stop feeling itchy. It's too hot for sane people.

  6. Great badass! It smooths out that niceness very well. I'm a delicate flower too, wilting. I used to be more hardy.

  7. Really like the blue and grey together, and the leopard print is awesome too! Hope you are able to enjoy the warmer weather on the weekend, always so nice having a sunny warm weekend :)

  8. OOOO-SNOW LEOPARD!!! I love it with the cobalt blue and punk
    Those shoes are just awesome!!

  9. May i say you look lovely Sheila - the grey and blue look superb together.
    And I think you might just melt if you ever visited me :)

  10. Lovely! The colours are so summery. I think the UK is similar in temperature to Victoria. I have air con in my office but the walk home and sometimes the train, not so much... Poof.

  11. It's too hot for me here too, which is unusual for a British summer! You managed to look very cool, even if you didn't feel it. Love the leopard print with the blue, that's an unexpected and very successful combination! And oh those shoes look so comfortable! xxx

  12. Glad I'm not the only delicate flower around here. I blame the red hair!!


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