Sunday, July 28, 2013

Floofy Friday, and Strapless Saturday, with Some Shopping

Hey, blogland, how's it going? I can't believe it's Sunday already. *sigh*

Here's what I wore on Friday:
I haven't worn this dress in forever, since I wore it twice in the April 2012 capsule (recap here). It was "on the fence" at the end of that capsule (it's a little small, plus the style with the puffy little sleeve has dated a bit).

I've been thinking about my capsules and the things that were "on the fence." At the end of my spring/summer wardrobe season (end of September), I'm going to go through all those fence items and see what I've actually worn and what's gone away. I'll also be looking carefully at what's been worn in my season (April to September) and culling a selection out of my closet. Life's too short for clothes that don't get worn!
My favourite way to wear this dress has always been to layer things under it, and Friday was no different. This white no-name eyelet skirt was perfect (last seen here in June with more white and angel wings). I also wore my Le Chateau little lacy top under it (last seen here in June with my Herb Tarlek blazer).
The sandals are my very old Jones New York ones, last seen 5 times in the July 2012 capsule (recap here). They were quite comfy for an all-day wear - L and I met a friend for drinks after work, then went out for dinner - but I feel like I should wear them more.

I had all the stuff laid out, then forgot to take a picture of it! The Smoking lily obi and my Shi Studio necklace/earrings set featured prominently.

Dress (Ricki's), top (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (no label, thrifted), shoes (Jones New York, consignment), obi (Smoking Lily), necklace/earrings (Shi Studio), rings (assorted).

L and I did our usual Saturday brunch at the diner. I wanted to wear this glorious yellow strapless dress.
I last wore it 4 times in the August 2012 capsule (recap here).

This is my entry for this week's "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style - are you in? Be there or be square!
I was fully sunblocked up, plus wore this white drapey cardi for extra coverage. I last wore it earlier this month with my "woo!" shoes, here.
Boobtastic without coverage! I had fun with my hair - I actually had a nap later in the afternoon, and did a faux-hawk with it that night while our friends were over for board games.
Ink! I wore my gold Coach platforms around all day - they are not the best shoes for walking around and shopping, but I made it. I will baby my feet today/tomorrow to apologize for all the walking. I last wore these fab shoes here in June with a bunch of neutrals.

Cardigan (Bellisima, consignment), dress (Jacob, consignment), shoes (Coach), bag (Aldo), scarf (thrifted).

I had a nice time thrifting, though. I went to the St. Vincent de Paul where I found some excellent deals. this blouse is by Coldwater Creek, and was $4.00.
It's fully-lined, has a zip up the side and I know it will be a great piece with some of my pretty pencil skirts.

I fell in love with this piece, but it needs some work, so I'm taking it in to the tailor tomorrow.
It's by April Cornell, and was $7.00. The zipper is busted and the elastic at the waist is blown, but it's so gorgeous - it has a silk hem with beading and I think it will be so pretty. It will probably cost me around $20.00 to get it fixed, but I think it's worth it.

I also spotted these fun sequined Keds:
Only $8.00 and super-comfy! I walked to and from the grocery store today with not a single rub or blister.

From there, I went to the WIN store, where I spotted this beauty on a mannequin:
Caw! Shiny! I see that this fall is all about over-the-top unique items, so I can't wait to start wearing this! The base colours are red and pink, with gold lame thread all over.

Beautifully lined in pink with an inner pocket! Sweet.
It's by Aldo, and was $34.50, but wait? Aldo sells clothes? Since when? Anyway, this is a gorgeous brocade, and I can't wait to wear it!

I also scored in the accessories, with this beautiful blood red patent leather belt by Club Monaco.
As L said, "Another bigass belt for your collection." Um, yup. I do like a bigass belt. This was $10.50 plus 25% off - belts at Club Monaco generally start around $80, so I got a great deal!

I spotted this buckle on a cheesey and cheap blue vinyl belt. When I took it to the counter, I said I would take just the buckle and give them back the belt to re-sell.
I was pretty excited - this is by Shi Studio and their belt buckles of this shape are $75.00 each.

Yeah, $7.50, plus 25% off. Score!

Hope your weekend is full of scores, sunshine and fun!


  1. Beautiful dresses, love that lemon shade.

  2. I love how you layered that first dress as a jackety thing, and the yellow striped obi with it is great! Then that cute bag with peaches(?) on it, and that shiny brocade jacket, and that buckle!! And they will all look great together. So many cute things!

    Now you be careful you don't have any other falls! Geesh, what's the deal with gravity lately?

  3. Awesome boobs!
    Sorry, perhaps that shouldn't have been my first words, but seriously, Sheila - you have Good Boobs! Mine would NOT be in that position in a stretchy strapless dress, that's for sure!
    Should we move on? OK then.
    I like the grey dress as a layering piece, though I can see that it might not be quite right on its own. We'll see whether it makes the cut - I know you can be ruthless!
    Nice scores - your magpie tendencies are showing with that shiny brocade jacket (such gorgeous colours) and the sequin shoes! And ooh, such a pretty skirt and belt buckle. You did good! xxxx

  4. Love the lemony dress, with and without the topper. And you've inspired me to wear a dress buttoned over a floofy skirt - what a great look. Thanks for sharing all the goodness with Visible Monday.

  5. You should definitely wear those black sandals more, they're a perfect shape I think.

    Awesome finds as usual! I made out with a silk tank and a pair of indigo pants (30%linen, 70% silk) for 99 cents a piece today. I also revamped a heavy cotton tunic into a skirt. So three new pieces added to my wardrobe today!

  6. Your belt finds are absolutely gorgeous! And I love the rockin' your bare shoulders look. And that gorgeous dress worn as a slightly formal-style waistcoat. And and and.

    I don't suppose you do a shop-my-closet deal when you clean house, do you? You have so many pieces I adore!

  7. You have a great eye for thrifting! That jacket is *gorgeous!* That's some pretty fine ink you have there too.

  8. Love that jacket you got, what a beautiful piece! Looking forward to seeing how you wear it :) Really like your Friday outfit too.

    I like how you are conscious to not keep to many unnecessary clothes in your wardrobe. I really need to be more firm with myself over on the fence items, to try reduce down what I own.

  9. That jacket is so awesome! What a great find. I am also perplexed by the Aldo brand on clothes. Very odd!

  10. I adore the yellow dress! It is a great fit on you and a great way to show off those tats!!

    Your new sequined shoes are very cute too and I bet they are comfy, Keds makes very comfy shoes!

  11. You have such a great eye- for styling outfits and for thrift shopping! Who knew Yellow could look so smokin' sexy? I guess you did- you sizzle!

  12. I love th yellow boobalicious dress!!1 so summery!!
    WOW--did you get some amazing goodies this weekend!! Those sequin shoes are adorable!! LOVE the new skirt and agree it's worth the tailoring--it's so unique. That brocade jacket has SHEILA all over it!!

  13. I love the yellow and white combo - so summery and fresh :)

  14. I love the yellow strapless dress. You look great and I like how you styled it.

  15. Love the grey and yellow together, but that brocade jacket... be still my heart!!!! Please wear it soon. :-)

  16. Ohhhhh, I love love love that jacket!!! XOXO Lynn

  17. Really like what you did in the first outfit with the top and skirt underneath, it looks just like a dress. The colour way on the obi really pops out from the navy.

    So pleased with your thrifty scores! The new shirt and belt buckle are my favourites.

    Look forward to reading your 'on the fence' recap. I added a thrifted top to the charity bag today, the buttons down the side are annoying and it flares out in a strange way. Bye bye. Good to try but it didn't work.

    I often snooze at the weekends then need to 'create' a hairdo!

  18. You look fab in strapless and in yellow! I'm dying to see that gorgeous brocade coat on - what a beauty! Please post if you wear!

  19. Lovely looks all ... who wouldn't love you in the yellow! "Woo" shoes indeed! I'd love the skinny black sandals, of course. Belt buckle is the best buy ever! I'd say "lucky you!" but luck isn't all there is with your finds. You got the eye and the savvy, kid!

  20. I love when you go all Wild Woman with your hair. Awesome finds - like the jacket which you posted in your outfit post today (yes, I'm that far behind...).

  21. Dear Sheila, I am covetous of your gorgeous grey overdress. Love, Aya

    1. Hi, Aya, that dress is actually denim - it is blue, not grey. Not sure if it will make the clean-out this year, but I will keep you in mind for it.


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