Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Manufactured Sunshine and Random Catness

Yellow is my super-power colour - when I need a boost, out comes the yellow. Tuesday after a long weekend? Definitely yellow.
This is my lovely and yellow dress that I wore 3 times in the July 2012 capsule (recap here). The weather is still warm, although not as hot, so this was perfect.
I didn't feel like being overly fussy with accessories, although I have a lot of them on, including this vintage scarf that Megan Mae sent me.
As always, the backs of the shoes are a wee surprise!

The stuff:
I last wore the orange/yellow shoes here, while being a daisy.

I liked how all the silver accessories went together.
All thrifted or gifts except for the Wendy Brandes ring.

I discovered that the scarf has a label on it.

How cool! 

Dress (Calvin Klein), shoes (Portia), belt/ring/cuff (thrifted), lapis lazuli ring (Wendy Brandes), earrings (gift from Aunt Kathy).

And now, some random catness from Vizzini. 
"I'm napping here!"
Lolling about in the sun under his scratching post. For Tanya who asked: we have two big scratching posts, each between 5 and 6 feet tall. 

He's decided that under the coffee table is a good nap spot:

"Flopping, napping...it's what a cat does."
He proceeded with attacking the pencil sharpener.

He had been sleeping at the top of the leopard, 6' tall post:
"Wait, I have to get down - are you going to feed me?"
He rarely stays in one place for long.


  1. Hi Sheila! You ladies who can wear yellow so beautifully make me jealous! I just posted about how I cannot wear it, at all! LOL. I love the gratuitous cat pictures. The scarf from Megan is great, and you are right the shoes are a surprise from the back!

    Happy Tuesday Evening,

  2. I love all the bright colours! Those shoes are pretty bangin'. Today was a bit of a challenge for me,too... Your kitty cat is pretttyyy cute. Oh, and in response to your question... I wore over the knee socks on one of the cooler nights last week. It was chilly!

  3. You look like fresh sunshine in your lovely yellow dress. I have been wilting ALL DAY, a rumpled grumpy sweaty mess, but trying to fake it. Fantastic scarf and I love the label on it.

  4. Aww Vizzini is so cute! :) Love that yellow dress, and the vintage scarf is perfect with it. such a beautiful gift :)

  5. You really shine in yellow, Sheila. The shoes are among my favorites of yours, and that it saying a lot b/c I adore your shoes! Hey Vizzini, looking handsome as ever xoxo

  6. Ray of sunshine Dress!! LOVe it!!1 the scarf is gorgeous and THOSE SHOES!!!

    But face it--as fabulous as you look you are no competition for the Cuteness of Vizzini!! I love how his eyes are so round!

  7. Such a gorgeous dress and a brilliant colour of yellow. And spectacular shoes. I hope you had a nice long weekend.

  8. Lovely and bright! I love the shoes, and the little blue accents in the scarf and ring.

    It's still hot here, but the humidity has dropped a bit. It was pretty sticky and over 90 (32C?) since last Thursday, so I'm glad it's cooling even slightly!

  9. Pretty yellow dress! It is a ray of sunshine! And our cats find lots of interesting places to sleep too, it makes me laugh.

  10. Beauuutiful (insert happy birds singing here) dress.
    I bet you got a ton of compliments !

  11. Beautiful dress! It reminded me of your yellow boots, just as happy.
    Thank you for the scratch-post info. I'll wait with the tall stuff because Lulu keeps falling off everything LOL

  12. Hope you are in less pain now? Fight it with beautiful yellow.

    My (newish) neighbour has a cat just like Vizzini! I am quite allergic to cats, so I am so happy she (lady, unlike V) comes and pads round the garden when I am out there - the experience of cat owning without the sneezing. Although, I caught her trying to get into the bedroom window tonight, bad kitty.


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