Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Brocade and Kraft Dinner Shoes

Okay, not a lot of chit-chat today - it's past 8:30pm and I've been working late to get the danged newsletter done. Today's outfit is what I would have worn last Thursday if I hadn't gone to emergency and been home in pain instead.
My second wearing of the Betsey Johnson top (first worn here in my Edwardian ensemble).
I layered it over my brown satin blouse, which I last wore in April here (coincidentally, when I was wrapping up the last newsletter - bizarre!).
This funky skirt gets another airing - it's definitely a keeper. I last wore it here in early June when I had a case of the steampunk blues.

The stuff:
My Kraft Dinner yellow shoes, last seen here in April with an otherwise Christmassy outfit.

Lots of vintage bling:
The only thing not vintage is my spinner ring.

Top (Betsey Johnson, thrifted), blouse (Esprit), skirt (Orwell, thrifted), shoes (Tsubo), necklace/earrings (vintage, thrifted), ring (Sarah Coventry, vintage), bracelet (vintage 60s, Mom's), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl).


  1. Such lovely layering! :) I'm glad you are feeling much better than last week!

  2. Love the brocade, and the exquisite jewelry (esp those earrings). You look fab, Sheila!

  3. Are you feeling better? I hope so. I have a bracelet just like this one.

    Today is OUR holiday. Happy [U.S.] Day!

    1. A bit better, thank you, sweetie. I don't like to grouch about things on the blog.

      That is so cool that you have a bracelet like this! I would love to see a picture of it!

  4. I love that top!

    Last time you wore it, it looks like your shirt was tucked into your skirt- may I ask if there's a stylistic choice in leaving this one untucked? Lower skirt waistline?

    1. Hi, Aya, thank you!

      Yes, the black skirt I did with the previous outfit has quite a high, tight waistband and the stiffness of the white shirt helped it stay tucked in when I wore it. With this slippery satin shirt, and the lower waistband of the skirt, I knew it would not stay in place, and I'd be fussing with it all day. I don't mind the look of an untucked shirt if the hem on it is rounded.

    2. Oh, good choice. I have the same difficulty futzing with my shirts whenever I tuck them into my skirts.

  5. Hi Sheila......what a tough few months you have had! Feel look lovely.

  6. Your vintage bling is stunning!!
    love this--that skirt is really cool!!
    Kraft dinner shoes-LOLOLOLOL

  7. JA! the moment i read the tittle of the post I knew what shoes you were wearing!


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