Thursday, July 18, 2013

Forest Green and Grey with Ruffles

Well, I said I would wear flats today - and I didn't. Nope, I wore heels!
But first - this is really kind of a lazy outfit for me. I first discovered this skirt/jacket combo in the June all-neutral capsule, as seen here with orange as the "pop" colour and kind of a steampunk vibe going on.

I wore them together again here in April (which is when I last wore this grey jacket), with all neutrals in the clothing and the only colour being the purple booties and amethyst accessories.
I last wore the skirt here in May for my steampunk shopping outfit for the Vintage Fair. Such a bad outfit for trying on - but it looked good!

The top is a little above ordinary, although it is t-shirt material - I last wore it here in May (2nd outfit) as part of a casual weekend look. It replaced my last blouse this colour (this silk one) that got all ooky in the pits. I'm keeping my eye out for a replacement one in a different, better quality material. It's a useful colour to have.
It's hard to see, but the fabric of this skirt is striped and runs in all different directions. It's one of the coolest skirts I own. So swooshy!

The stuff:
Recently, Sal asked if we were "go"ers or "matchers" - I admitted that I like both, but matching is certainly the easiest! These shoes are an unconventional colour and shape (but so utterly comfy and commanding!) - they're tricky to match with because of that. I liked how they went with today's outfit and got several "oooh"s about them. I last wore them here in May (non-matching) with my purple lace dress and floral tights.

Bling things (and rings):
Silver as the metal, my one green accessory, and my Wendy Brandes rings. 'Cause they go.

Jacket (LeShop, consignment), skirt (Y Petites, consignment), shoes (Fly London), bracelet (Fossil), bangle (thrifted), earrings (vintage 80s, Joyce's), lapis lazuli/Fulvia ring (Wendy Brandes).

L and I - since we paid off the mortgage last year - have been slowly replacing some of our old furniture. Our current stuff is 15+ years old and rather cat-ravaged. We're hoping - perhaps overly optimistically - that Vizzini will not destroy these if they don't already have cat scent and claw sculptures already in place. He seems to be good with the new couch so far, although I did have to foil the arms for a week (he hates aluminum foil).

In addition to the new couch we got a couple of weeks ago, we went back to the second-hand store and got this awesome chair on Tuesday. It's another one from the Bombay Company (this one - linking for info only). Got it for $450 - and it's brand new! It sells in the stores for $1200! Score!

Someone claimed it right away.
"My chair."
Dr. Tony sits there when we play D&D and he has cats, so maybe that's why Vizzini has chosen it. Or maybe it's because it's in the sun.


  1. I just discovered that the cat has been scratching up a dining room chair! Scandal!

  2. Such a nice outfit! The green and grey go so well together :) And Vizzini in that chair is adorable, his little throne, haha!

  3. Love the lines on this jacket. Our kitties love a new chair too, they have to break it in : >

  4. Ha! Love the cat on "your" chair! And those green shoes. Love those too.

  5. Like the jacket and those shoes! Also, that chair is fabulous.

  6. Oh man, I adore the lines on your jacket. I love your style so much.

    And I hear you about skirts with that swooping to the side cut- I have one in stretch fabric that's covered with extra stitching and grommets and it is one of my very favorite things.

  7. Oh, how lovely, a throne for the cat! Now my cat is gonna want one :P

    You make easy look tres chic. That skirt is a keeper, and I could happily look at those shoes all day long.

    Love ya,

  8. Love the outfit with the teal!! Those shoes are stunning!!

    That's not a chair that's a cat throne for Vizzini~~

  9. I love the new chair! And Vizzini sure looks comfy on it!

  10. Ah, you bought Vizzini a chair! That's how he must see it, anyhow...

    Love the ankle straps on your shoes - and they look pretty comfy for a heel.

  11. You make the neutrals come alive here. Fantastic swoosh factor!
    Love Tamera's comment about the throne!

  12. I love how your "lazy" outfits are still dressier and much more stylish than my "dressed up" outfits!! Good luck with the new chair--long may it stay fur and scratch free!


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