Thursday, July 30, 2009

Like Butter - "Mad Men" Inspiration

I don't watch "Mad Men" (I tried an episode and it didn't grab me, sorry, my taste runs more to "True Blood"), but I love love love the 50s look in women's clothing. Today's outfit was partly inspired by that show and partly by this very cool link that my friend Celia sent me: "Mad Men" Yourself , where you can play with the clothes and looks (even body type!) of that era. I enjoyed it, hope someone else might.

Anyway, I had this lovely butter yellow sundress that I found while poking around in my regular consignment shops this weekend, so I went a little "Mad":
Put it with a cardi for work, my bronze sandals, some vintage jewelry, and I am ready to sip martinis, baby.

Here it is without the cardi (just a wee bit too boob-tacular for work):
I felt very Doris Day all day, and flounced around appropriately. This gorgeous dress was only $22. It's fully washable and was so comfortable in the (slightly less) heat. I did, however, find out that it's pretty much see-through. Note to self: buy more skin-coloured underwear!

The stuff:
You can see the lovely eyelet fabric of the dress in the background. Mom's vintage bracelet, and Grandma J's 50s clip-on earrings make for pretty green accents to go with the herons on the cardi.

And look what I found in the side of my picture:
Who's a hot kitty? Inigo is!

Dress (tag cut out, consignment), cardigan (Lucky Brand, consignment), shoes (Naturalizer), bracelet (60s vintage, Mom's), earrings (50s vintage, Grandma J's).


  1. Cute dress! I love the silhouette!!

    I don't suppose your kitty is looking for the 6-fingered man is he?

  2. Holy moly, you are SMOKIN' in that dress, doll!

  3. You have really pulled off the vintage look here and it looks great on you! Very nice outfit.

  4. i really love this dress and it's almost identical to a calvin klein one kicking around TJ Maxx for $50! nice score!

  5. What an awesome dress! It looks so nice and comfy. And I have the same problem...I'm wearing a white skirt today and realized how badly I need more nude panties!
    And I love when we get to see the kitties!

  6. That dress is awesome!! I love it so much! I'm only sad that the tag was cut out so I can't stalk down one of my own.

  7. I did that Mad Men Yourself thin this week too. I thought it was hilarious too see them in their underpinnings to begin with. And that era is one of my fave clothing eras.

  8. Thanks, Bianca! Heh, he is indeed named after Inigo Montoya in "The Princess Bride." The six-toed kitty better watch out.

    Wendy, thanks! Of course you do.

    Thanks, Sal! I felt great in it all day.

    Thanks so much, Chris!

    Eednic, thank you.

    TTS, well that makes me feel great. I love a bargain!

    Kaylyn, thank you. It felt wonderful on such a hot day. Amazing how much your underwear affects your outfit, eh? The kitties have been very cute lately.

    Thanks, Kelly - yeah, me too. I like to know where my stuff is from.

    Tina, it's totally the best era.

  9. OMG I LOVE this outfit. So adorable! You look like a movie star!


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