Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cats and a Summer Dress

I didn't really like today's outfit. The dress is too long, the bow at the waist is set a bit high for me, and the shoes didn't look right. Ruth said she'd hem the dress for me which I think will take the fuddy-duddy out of it. Here's a better idea of what the dress looks like, as I've deliberately obscured it with a cat (Othello) in the only picture of about twenty that even looked half decent. Bah!

The stuff:
The pin was worn at the bust, and I finally found some big pearl earrings! I have a bigger pair too, as they were two pairs on one card.

Cat pictures! Both cats were very accomodating last night and settled onto their scratching posts out on the deck.
Aw...so cute! This is Inigo. He's about 7 years old, I think.

And this is Othello, who is nearly 14. I love his funny pose with his feet hanging over. That's a 5 foot tall scratching post.

Dress (Connected Apparel), lace blouse (Express), shoes (Le Chateau), mink brooch (vintage, thrifted), earrings (Aldo Accessories), bracelet ("Gucci", gift from Mom and Dad).


  1. The cats are so cute! Love them. I am also loving the summer dress. Great colors!

  2. I don't think that the sash looks too high. I love the print! I'll bet that hemming it to closer to knee length would make the proportions work better for you and your long legs.

    Cute kitties!

  3. I really like the dress, but think it looks better with a dark sweater rather than the light. Love the shoes, where do you get such great shoes!
    The cats are adorable. I had 3 once including a black and white.

  4. Personally I love the dress on you.(I looked at the other picture)
    And your cats are adorable.

  5. I love the dress! And cats make great accessories.

  6. I think shortening the dress will be great. It will look all fresh again. The kitty pictures are great. They are really good look'n cats!

  7. That dress will be smashing a bit shorter - such a fun pattern.

  8. Love the print of the dress and I think hemming it would make it absolutely perfect!

  9. Yay cats!!

    Ok, I'm loving the print onthe dress and agree with the general consensus that a couple inches shorter would be perfect. About the sash - do you need it? I might consider removing it altogether. That would really emphasize your tiny waist.

  10. Thanks, Hillary!

    Kari, it felt high - I prefer it at my natural waist because I'm big-boobed.

    Chris, maybe you are right - I was trying to do something different with the lighter colour. Those are totally cheap shoes (Le Chateau is a Canadian chain store). Aw, I love tuxedo cats.

    Nurmisur, thanks so much.

    Thanks, Wendy! You can never look totally bad with a cat in your arms.

    Agreed, Alison. Thanks - I love my kitties.

    Yeah, I love the pattern of the dress, Sal.

    Thanks, watergirl!

    Tina, the sash is actually part of the dress - it's meant to tie over the buttons in front, but I like your idea of removing it altogether. I'll see if Ruth can do that - thanks for the suggestion!

  11. Nice pictures!! Red summer dress and high heel shoes both are very pretty!!


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