Monday, July 20, 2009

Lazy Monday - Rust Dress and Leopard Shoes

Mondays...worst day of the week. And with this weekend being so action-packed, it came way too soon. So what do you do? Wear a dress!
I actually started with the shoes and was feeling lazy (I know, shocking), so put them with this lovely rust dress. Add the belt and some jewelry and it's all good to go.

The stuff:
New ring - the last of the 3 new ones I got a few weeks back. The earrings are two pairs that I combined; one was from Reitman's and one pair was a gift from Elaine from H&M. Since they had the same tiger-eye type of bead, it made sense to put both on one earring.

Inigo helped me pose:
Happy paws!

Dress (Le Chateau), belt (Le Chateau), shoes (Steve Madden), bracelet (Lucky Brand), ring (Fossil), earrings (combo of Reitman's and H&M/gift from Elaine).


  1. Man I love the new hair! Very cute out-fit too. I'm still on the look-out for leopard print pumps. Maybe I need the check and see if Clarks or Sofft have any. That way I can wear them anywhere anytime, so comfy.

    Very cute kitty! Inigo is such a great poser.

  2. Loooove those leopard-print shoes. You may think you're being lazy, but much of the world would've thrown on basic brown sandals and called it a day! Leopard is a fab choice.

  3. I didn't tell you in the other post but I just love your new haircut.It looks very good on you.
    That rust dress is very pretty,you did well for a monday morning :)(you always do well)

  4. Oh I love love love this! The dress and shoes are beautiful, and I love the accessories you put with it, too.

  5. awesome way to do a leopard shoe! *makes mental note to buy a red dress for her leopard shoes :) *

  6. Fab dress and I love the mini-leopard pattern on the inside of your heels. Yep, its the small things that I like. :)

  7. Indigo is so cute. And looks like a cat that knows exactly what she wants.

    Love a dress! Pull off a hanger and go!

  8. Thanks so much, Alison - I've had a lot of compliments on it. I adore leopard pumps - everyone should have a pair! Yes, Inigo is such a sweetie, so full of love.

    Wendy, you should have seen him before he lost weight.

    Sal, thanks! Gotta funkify with the shoes, oh yeah.

    Nurmisur, thank you! It hearkens back to my childhood - I had very close to this cut for a long time. Thanks...Mondays are so difficult.

    FashionAddict, thanks so much!

    Thrifty Stylist, thanks! This is a rust dress, by the way, but yes! to red!

    Watergirl, thanks - the leopard inside is actually Dr. Scholl's inserts (you buy a 3-pack in cream, brown and leopard). I like the small things too.

    Sher, isn't he a sweetie? He is such a lovey cat. You are so right! I love dresses!

  9. I love this dress so much on you. This outfit can go anywhere which makes me love it even more. And who can resist a leopard heel? Not this chick! You might feel lazy, but you definitely don't look it!

  10. Thanks so much, Kaylyn! It's a great dress - and it's even lined. And I am a sucker for anything leopard.

  11. Me too, lorrwill - he is such a lovey guy.

  12. You look so beautiful! I love leopard shoes and I have about five different pairs...that's a little excessive, maybe.

    Your cat cracks me up, too!

  13. Thanks so much, Erica! I don't know...maybe a gal needs 5 pairs of leopard shoes? Who am I to judge?? :-P

    Yeah, Inigo is such a funny cat.


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