Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Feel Matchy, Oh So Matchy

First, I want to apologize for not visiting all of your blogs this week - I try to get to all of them every week, but with our bathroom being renovated (today was my first shower in over a week!), dragon boating and other social obligations, I've had no time. But I will visit soon!

Now, onto the fun stuff: clothes! When I picked out this outfit last night, I didn't think it would be quite as matchy-match as it ended up being:
Too much? I love the shoes, and they match this mustard cardi perfectly. Well then, I HAD to do the blue shirt, right??

The stuff (reminder that these yellows are more washed out than the ones above - which are accurate - due to excessive sunlight):
I love these shoes! Heh, you can see my Dr. Scholl's inserts (the leopard inside yesterday's shoes were also inserts, by the way) - gotta have those! My lovely Shi Studio jewelry.

Blouse (Do & Be), cardigan (Jacob), skirt (Suzy Shier, gift from Heather), shoes (David Dixon, consignment), skinny belt (forgot, from The Bay), jewelry (Shi Studio, gift from Mom).


  1. never too matchy! love love! the mustard and blue together is adventurous but works fabulously and the shoes tie it all in. tres bien!

  2. Oh, you look so pretty! Love the colors!

  3. Matchy, matchy or not, I love this! All the textures together. SO yummy!!!! On my screen it reads a little more like that greeny-mustard color, which I love. Anyways, it made me de-lurk and post to your blog for the first time. :-)

  4. I love the match matchy! Those shoes are awesome!

    So how do you like dragon boating? Got the rhythm of the strokes down? It's fun though. You forget your working out those arms sometimes.

  5. Oh, I think the matchy-matchy is perfect! You look great in this!

  6. those shoes=me drooling.

    i don't think you come across as too matchy matchy!! i like it!

  7. Not too much at ALL! Love it with my whole heart.

  8. Matchy, matchy? Not in my book. More like polished and pulled together!

  9. I felt too matchy matchy yesterday too, but I think you look nice. I really like how the shoes inspired the bright pairing of your top and sweater.

  10. I like the matchy, matchy.....love, love the shoes!

  11. I'm guilty of matchy matchy! Just love blue and yellow they just punch together!

  12. Wow, remodeling a shower in the summer (especially with the coming heat wave) is courageous! Hope it is coming along well.

    I love (love, love, love) mustard, so I am biased. *grin*

    How is your shoulder doing?

  13. Thrifty Stylist - thanks for the love! I liked it too.

    Alison, thank you so much!

    Bianca - thank you and welcome! I'm so glad you de-lurked. The yellow is more on the greeny-mustard, you're right.

    Thanks, Hillary - I found the shoes for $20, barely worn. I am loving dragon boating, but it is hard. My arms are like rubber after practice!

    Thanks, Beth!

    Eednic, yeah, I love the shoes too. Thank you!

    Aw, thank you, Sal. Your whole heart? Wow.

    Thanks, Wendy!

    Lorrwill - thanks so much!

    Tina, you looked great yesterday, what are you talking about? Don't you just love a "jumping off" piece that pulls everything else in?

    Chris, thanks very much.

    Sher, sometimes you just gotta go matchy, right?

    Kari, I thought of it this way: better to wash in the sink when it's warm out than when it's cold. It's all done now, just touching up the paint.

    I love almost any shade of yellow.

    My shoulder is a lot better, thanks! I am stretching and strenthening it and the dragon boating isn't hurting.


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