Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Too Hot - But Not For Leopard

It is 31 degrees out right now...I am melting. I am also cranky because the laminate flooring we were ready to order and get installed in the next few weeks has been discontinued and the colour we want (a dark warm brown) does not appear to be made by any other company. Grr!
Don't mess with me when I'm wearing leopard! My hand is a blur because I'm fanning myself so hard.

I'm also grouchy because the grocery store had a power outtage so we couldn't get any groceries, and I had to walk home in this sweltering heat.

Grouchy! Cranky!

Calm....calm...take it down...

This is my new-to-me skirt, purchased for $4.29 at the Salvation Army last weekend. It's a silk-cotton blend and was very comfy all day.

The stuff:
You can see the nice detailing on the skirt. Groovy Chinese Laundry sandals, funky necklace. It's too hot to wear much in the way of accessories.

Top (Mario Serrani, consignment), cami (InWear), skirt (Ann Taylor, thrifted), shoes (Chinese Laundry, consignment), necklace (Melanie Lynne), double hoop earrings.


  1. I love the leopard up against the white. The shoes as fab (as always). Good luck with the flooring. I hope you find the right color with the amount you need.

  2. Love the combo. Loud leopard print matched with serene white skirt...brilliant!


  3. Sorry to hear that the flooring is not available. Maybe you can find something diferent that you'll love even more.
    The skirt is very cute and with the leopard top is a perfect combo.

  4. See when you wear leopard, everyone feels hot!

  5. Grouchy and cranky, but still sexaaaay!

  6. I am so jealous. It is 16C here today. You look great.

  7. Nice outfit! Very pretty necklace.
    It's 88F here with a real-feel of 106F with the humidity.
    Sometimes I miss living up north!

  8. I would be ticked over not getting that flooring either. Don't blame you for bringing out the animal in you ;)

  9. Great details in the skirt. I cannot do white, I'm too messy and I have dogs, they get me all dirty.

    I feel bad for you in the sweltering heat. I hate it when it's too hot!

  10. Thanks, Hillary! Fingers crossed for the flooring.

    Thanks, Jen - and welcome! I do love my leopard.

    Nurmisur, we'll find something - I'm just bitching. ;) Thank you so much.

    Wendy, you got that right!

    Sal, you are too kind! Thank you!

    Jane, you can have it. I am thoroughly sick of this heat.

    Kaylyn, thanks! It was nice and loose.

    Tina, thanks!

    Chris, I guess there's always someplace worse. :) Thanks for the reminder...and your kind compliments.

    Sher, yeah, it was annoying - rar! Don't mess with me, flooring people!

    Alison, I love the details on things. I am trying to be extra careful with the skirt so I don't have to clean it too often.

    Lesa, thank you! And welcome!


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